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Trailer Fun

‘I Don’t Believe You’ song by Pink
This ballad is dull and makes ‘About A Girl’ grow on me.

White Collar’ trailer
Matthew Bomer of ‘Chuck’ and ‘Traveler’ is hot but this looks insufferably smug. There is a reason I don’t watch ‘Lie to Me’ or ‘The Mentalist’ and that has to do with the over abundance of smug. This show similarly reeks of smug.

‘Buried Alive’ trailer
I like this horror b-movie but the trailer doesn’t do it justice and it leaves out Tobin Bell’s best line: “Lester ain’t got no cable.”

‘Sanctuary’ season 2 clip
I haven’t got to see season 1 yet and I see they’ve killed off a main character in idiot fashion. Plus what accent is Amanda Tapping trying to do?!?

‘V’ Ep 2 promo
Now that looks so much better than the weak pilot ep. Plus bad things have to happen to Chad; I remember the idiot custody case Scott Wolf’s character put the viewer through on ‘Party of Five’

Stargate Universe’ Ep 7 promo
Looks interesting but why doesn’t somebody shut Telford up already?

Salt’ trailer
This has to be better than ‘Wanted’. I’ll see it.

‘Trinity’ season 1 ad
Posh oiks, poor oiks, rampant promiscuity, horrible murders, a shotgun, Charles Dance and weird goings on in college sub basements. This looks funny and creepy. I’ll watch it; nothing could be as bad as ‘Demons’.

Paranormal Activity’ trailer
This looks creepy. I’ll be there.
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