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'Cursed' trailer

Another take on Arthur, magic, a sword, fire and a lady in a lake. Is that Merlin? Is that Arthur? He's in the nip! There are fights, nah.

Best Line:

“In war, there can be no mercy.”

'The Trouble With Maggie Cole' 1x06 promo


'Molly's Game' promo


'Stargirl' 1x09 promo


'The Boys' season 2 trailer
Homelander is crazy.

French brie – nice.

Salted peanuts – nice.

I'll read 'Little Disasters'.

Who saw 'Jefferson In Paris'?

I thought my ex had deep commitment. He couldn't care less and has ungratefulness and fake behaviour. My ex is a detestable individual.

People who lie about others so people who will believe every word of it and think badly of you – those people are scum.

'RTE News' Quote:

“Public art being attacked.”

'Channel 4 News' Quote:

“An axe hangs over.”

'Star Trek: The Next Generation' Quotes:

“First stirrings of world government.”

“All Earth deep space launches.”

'Malcom In The Middle' Quote:

“Smut channels.”

'High-Rise' Quotes:

“Refusing to clean unless I pay her.”

“I'm not accountable to her!”

“Some of these people generate the most unusual garbage.”

“I didn't do it.”

“I'm packing to leave.”

“We are the owners.”

“I think he knows his place.”

“Out on a spree are we?”

“An agitator type.”

“Really smashed him up.”

“Who invited all these people?”

“Go down there.”

“Talk to that tart on 26.”

“Sweethearts and wives, may they never meet.”

“Shat in his attache case!”

“Sit there and think about what you've done.”

“Clearly some sinister dimension.”

“Eat the rest of the dog.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Driven by fear, rather than common sense.”

“Age of false innocence.”

“Promptly and politely.”

“Baiting squad.”

“Seeking validation through a group or cause.”

“Vicious angry zealots.”


“Lack of any credible rival.”

“Never addresses me with affection.”

“Ruined my life.”

“Left without any other options to survive.”

“Mocked for sounding incoherent in a radio interview.”

“See as a threat.”

“Intensifying suspicions.”

“Leave a place where they are not wanted.”

“Social unrest.”

“Outdoor drinking.”

“Won't stop that negative treatment of me.”

“Not is there anybody who will let her staywith them even for a day.”

“Unconditional, unending love.”

“Lead to a disclosure of the situation and , in this way, to cause a grave public scandal.”

'Law & Order' Quotes:

“I didn't know they still had cults.”

“Ordered every copy burned.”

“Cult is such a negative word.”

“You look vindictive.”

“I am.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Threatened to burn the house down.”

“Rage-filled relationship.”

“Threatened to jump out of the car.”

“World should function at your pace.”

“Do have the expectation.”

“Most important person in the world.”

“Hurts you desperately.”

“That's not reasonable behaviour.”

“Verbal, mental abuse thing.”

“Choose to stay away.”

“Emotionally modulated.”

“Hoping you don't upset him.”

“Unmitigated hell.”

“Feel loved.”

“Made her pee on it in front of them.”

“Not nice at all.”

“Real mad.”

“Do today differently.”

“Felt welcomed.”

“Stay away from the family.”

“Accepted or wanted or loved.”

“Felt important yo you.”

“Command tension.”

'Tvnow' Quotes:

“System hadn't shifted profoundly enough.”

“Her father was unemployed for a number of years, but remained the patriarch within the family structure.”

“Incredible supporter of her,”

“To have what's traditionally called friends.”

'Crime Stories' Quote:

“Not worthy to be remembered.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Drugs buddies.”

'Midsomer Murders' Quote:

“Made us his servants!”

'Virgin Media News' Quotes:

“Seem here in the red mask.”

“Had an agenda.”

“Manipulated him into marriage.”

“Fat old man.”

'Pluto: Back From The Dead' Quotes:

“Life beyond Earth.”

“Outbound from Pluto.”

“Mountains forged from ice.”

“Nitrogen frost and methane snow.”

“Really far away.”

“Radiogenic decay.”



“Biological interest.”


“World of little importance.”

“There is life elsewhere.”

“Concept study.”

Watched the 'Unsolved Mysteries' (2020) ep 'House Of Terror' which told the story of a French man who killed his family. There were subtitles, no voiceover, no Robert Stack and this was imperfect but okay. Xavier was the son of a French count and killed his wife, 3 children, stepson and 2 dogs and buried them in his backyard and then legged it. Friends deny he was a risk to those he 'cherished'. Why did the mother have a sleep apena machine? He shot his family and ran away. There was no blood, no fingerprints or DNA. How did he dig the hole in his backyard unnoticed? The heir son was in a seperate grave.

Xavier was in debt and had multiple problems. 3 months before the 2011 murders, his father died. The count lived in an apartment. Xavier had a penchant for losing money. He inherited no money but got a rifle. He lured his heir son home to kill him and put him in a seperate grave. Xavier has never been found.

Best Lines:

“Now he's a criminal mastermind.”

“Downward spiral of failure.”

“A count's signet ring.”

“Very sad end to his life.”

“Failed life.”


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