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Movie Reviews: The Hunt + The Lodge

The Hunt (2020)

45: he's everywhere, like sh*t in a field. There is no honest intent in this contrived infamous movie. This wasn't evocative or provocative. Red and blue states are mutally incompatible. Really traumatic things happen to rednecks who are disliked by liberals. There is a toxic legacy and people have ideological lassitude.

There is a version of change as defined by liberals. There is GORE. This is a wannabe damning critique and a tragic prophecy. Liberals hunt rednecks and Emma Roberts of 'Coven' and 'Apocalypse' is a dead star walking. Liberals are a crapfest and they hunt deplorables. Hilary Swank, Betty Gilpin of 'Glow', Ethan Suplee and Justin Hartley costar.

There is a pig, weapons, horrible possibilities, liberals provoking retaliation, conspiratorial liberals, incessant lies and no moral complexity. There are demented rants, sheer unredeemed moral squalor and Crystal (Gilpin) gets deliverance from the nightmare of being hunted by becoming the hunter.

There is no moral ambiguity but there is blood and one wonders about the ramifications of these plans. Paranoia is fostered and there is panic and a mean spirit. Crystal's life as defined by other people is not valued. Athena (Swank) is utterly selfish and has a sneering manner. There is death and Athena is not known for sound political judgment.

Nobody is brimming with good intentions. This is mind boggling and Crystal has savvy and liberals make proud assertions and aren't self questioning. There is impending doom and terrible consequences and violent absurdity. Athena is a malefactor and things get spectacularly chaotic. Liberals are relentlessly delusional and there are very dark complexities. Liberals have annoyance and entitlement.

There is a toxic power dynamic and Crystal is a vet with PTSD and is heroic seeming with resigned annoyance. This can be thought provoking as the liberals see Crystal and co as ignorant irrelevant scum. This takes place in Crotia which is depicted as a rural hellhole full of indifferent bastards. The pig is called Orwell and this was okay.

Athena didn't understand 'Animal Farm' whilst Crystal did. The 7 minute fight between Athena and Crystal is a long time coming. Crystal heads home in Athena's dress, bloody shoes and steals her dog and food and champagne and private jet. Sequel hook?

Best Lines:

“War is war.”


“What is this 'Avatar' sh*t?!?”

“I own 7 guns!”


“I'm a godless elite!”

“Cigarettes in Arkansas only cost 6 bucks! YOU F**KED UP BITCH!”

“Crisis actors!”

“Are you out of your mind woman!”

“Why is the sun crying?”

“Tooth deprived.”

“It's a gate now?”

“Big game Shane.”

“Dropped out of school at 12.”

“Country belongs to the uneducated and unemployed.”

“Inability to stay employed.”

“Grilled cheese speech.”

“Dealing with it, drugs, alchol, like a normal person.”

The Lodge (2019)

A man (Richard Armitage) abandons his wife (Alicia Silverstone) for his whore (Riley Keough). After he smugs about marrying his whore to his wife, she kills herself. He leaves his grieving children with his whore at the remote house at Christmas. The father could care less about his kids. The whore is Grace, the only survivor of her crazy dead father's death cult. The man was her shrink! He and Grace have loud sex so the grieving children can hear. He gives Grace, his dead wife's things to wear and fawns over her and ignores his children. He's hilariously terrible. Things happen and she screams about her pills. They all look like a poodle's dirty backside. This was stupid. The 'twist' is obvious. How did she get them back into the house? This just ends. Shudder.

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