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Yellowstone (2018 - ?) 1x01+Trouble With Maggie Cole 1x05+Reality Z 1x04&1x05+Prodigal Son 1x07&1x08


Kevin Costner is a big deal rancher. There is talk of an oil boom. Costner is obsessed with being a landowner and has a lawyer son. There are loads and loads of characters and exposition. Danny Huston growls. Costner does not speak, he orates at his kin and at a developer.

Costner's character has manly men sons. Some bitchy slut sister hangs out. Blow-ins are unwelcome and they cause trouble. Dutton (Costner) sends out a posse to move a river. There is gunfire and death and drama. This was okay soap.

Best Lines:

“Who wants to live in a condo in Montana?”

“Till I was 18 I thought I was Mexican.”

“Look what you've reduced us to.”

“Equally as unimportant.”

“Your way was the only way and the world was better for it.”

“Choosing wrong.”

“We are not your people.”

“You've always asked too much.”

“Nibble of his approval.”

The Trouble With Maggie Cole 1x05

Maggie instigated all this trouble. Maggie's in a huff with Peter her husband. Why's she upset? I've no idea what she's whining about. Maggie is stupid, stupid. I've literally no idea what the issue is until exposition reveals the son put someone in a coma and gave them a TBI.

Maggie perjoratively referred to people in discreditable fashion and now runs off due to manic egotism. She demands validation and is despondent and trenchant in her awfulness. Maggie's not conscientious. She's ghastly. Alex is ghastly and a thief and the money (now burnt) belongs to his demented grandmother.

People eat raisins from 2007 and this show is in dramatic decline. Will Maggie piss off? There is no lasting resolution. There are disastrous consequences to Maggie's gossip girl carry on. Nobody is guided by humanity. Maggie is ignorant and deluded. Alex does a pre-meditated attack.

Why are people pandering to Maggie who raged and defamed people with her deluded theories and she spewed conspiracy theories on a platform? Why nobody has sued her is shocking. The landlord reveals he is AWOL. Alex has general purpose hate/rage. Maggie's profoundly harmful and has a mission to disrupt and distort. Alex is also profoundly harmful. This was slow and nonsensical.

Alex is horrific and this ep was repetitive and dull. There is no massive upheaval or change. This was all mundanity. The school sceretary, Karen, kisses Peter in this grinding emptiness. This was ineffectual and Alex screams incoherently, burgles and attacks Roxy and a child. Alex is erratic and yet the police aren't called.

Best Lines:

“Some film on: 'Jaws', I think.”

“Which one?”

“The one with the shark.”

“Loads of make up, fake ID.”

“Teenage deliquent.”

“Don't want to be at home.”

“Gone off her nut.”

“Refusing to leave.”

“I am not part of the East End mafia!”

"Proud family tradition.”

“Look at what she's caused.”


Divina must be taken care of. Why is there power? There is an absence of strategic vision. The police show up. The producer plans to kill zombie Divina. A congressman lurks snorting cocaine with other survivors. Nobody has skills or common sense. The director rants and rarely if ever reaches a place of contentment. There is corpse defilment and bad and evil thoughts. No.

Best Lines:

“Put a gang together?”

“He pooed in a trashcan!”

“I don't speak foreign.”

“Stupidest idea I ever heard.”

“Beyond that gate lies hell itself.”

“Hell delivered up the dead.”

“Most useless people in the entire history of television.”

“Shaking your ass on tv for 2 months straight.”

The End

Levi's group show up at Olympus. The tv dream has turned to dust. The director is tied up. The city is ruined and there is gunfire and a sense of uselessness. The director is disgusting and eaten. This is not traumatic as the cast all die at the hands of biters. People are trapped and new unscrupulous morons will take over the plot I suppose. No.

Best Lines:

“Useless idiots!”

“Little late for regrets.”

“Old crazy guy we got locked in the bathroom.”

“You're on bucket duty.”

“Community of hippies.”

“That door isn't gonna hold!”

“I had sex with you on national television!”

“Band of idiots!”

“The Oracle room.”

“Slander each other.”

“Fight and live.”


Malcolm babbles about bad things happening in the psycho mobile. Bodies are found in a junkyard. Psycho dad has been chained to a wall for 20 years. They are looking for another serial killer, who used the junkyard as a dump site. Psycho dad is interviewed by his bimbo daughter. Malcolm has a freak out. Ainsley done goofed. Malcolm and Ainsley hang out with their serial killer psycho dad at the serial killer nutward. Malcolm hasn't been in stable relationship in years. Psycho dad turns into a screaming lunatic. Psycho dad causes a riot at the nutward and he had a protegee. Ainsley gets her boyfriend stabbed and turns Malcom's life into news fodder. Ainsley films psycho dad operating on her dying boyfriend. I didn't care for this. Jessica has a basement phone she does not know about. Who pays the bills?!?

Best Line:

“Anti social parasite offender.”

Family Friend
There is a flashback to 1998. Some new loon bothers Malcolm. Ainsley is wretched. The FBI show up and they don't like Malcolm. Eve returns. Ainsley wants a story. A bloody box is delivered to the NYPD. The loon du jour bores. There is no acceptable truth. Are psycho dad's kids capable of doing something awful? Ainsley is dumped. Jessica whines. Why don't the FBI like Malcolm? This was not good.

Best Lines:

“Somewhat ill advised.”

“Wretched little tattle tale.”

“Despite what he was.”

“Let him pop you like bubble wrap!”

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