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The Orville (2017 - ?) 1x01 + Evil (2019 - ?) 1x01 + Supernatural 14x15 + Batwoman 1x16 Reviewed

Old Wounds

Finally got to see this Seth MacFarlane scifi show. It did not impress. Adrianne Palicki, Penny Johnson Jerald, Scott Grimes, Halston Sage of 'Prodigal Son', Victor Garber and Norm MacDonald costar. It's 2418 in this 'Star Trek' homage. A man (MacFarlane) gets command of the USS Orville an exploratory vessel in this bum juice.

There is bad acting and Sage cannot act at all which explains why she was cast as Dazzler in 'Dark Phoenix'. There is idiot comedy and people talk of heavy cruisers and the Union. There is a robot and the man's cheating ex wife is made his XO after she did injudicious stuff to him. The robot is from a legendary racist planet.

There is weird VFX and obvious unquestioning adoration for 'Star Trek'. Ed Mercer (MacFarlane) babbles about the quantum drive and hates his XO ex Kelly. Baddies called Krill in silly rubber masks lurk. The baddies are lame and are defeated by a redwood in this medicore ep. I think I'm done.

Best Lines:

We need captains.”

“Can I've one of these mints?”

“Those are marbles.”

“You're nobody's 1st choice for this job.”

Genesis 1

A woman works with the DA as a forsenic psychologist. She questions a serial killer and is deeply irritating. She is a mush mouth and has 4 loud daughters who talk endlessly. She also has a useless mother who dresses like a bar floozy. She also has an absent husband who is 'climbing'. She has debt issues and a priest in training shows up looking for the possessed.

This show has a nice title card, Mike Colter is the priest in training, Kurt Fuler is in here somewhere, Christine Lahti is the useless granny and Michael Emerson palys a minion of satan because of course he does. The mother, Kristen Bouchard, dreams of a monster. The priest wannabe David Acosta and his sidekick Ben Shakir look for demons.

There are night terrors and Ben Shakir explains away evil sounds as actually a clogged dishwasher house. The lead actress is a mush mouth because she is Dutch. She once climbed moutains and a creeper creeps. Who are the Sixty? The creeper/minion of satan reveals that Kristen resents her daughters and wants them gone so she can have her freedom.

The creeper/minion is a psychopath named Leland (Emerson). Her house is located near Hell Gate bridge. This was good. The serial killer has an absolute indifference to anything other than personal gratification. Leland has absolute conviction. I wonder if Kristen quietly resenting her daughters presence will be mentioned again after this ep. Would there really be relief and ease brought by their absence?

Best Lines:

“Can't trust his insistence.”

“Is my client possessed by a demon?”

“Never once mentioned demons.”

“An infestation.”

“You like having an audience?”

“Take that money I still owe you and burn it on my lawn!”

“I didn't know that was a job.”

“Always talk of shadow figures.”

“They never like it. None of them.”

“Was that scary enough for you?”

“Everything I do, I quit.”

“Everything I ever told you.”

“Pretend to be normal.”

“Gets others to do what he does.”

“Bad people are talking to each other.”

“Get used to that cell.”

“You're never getting out. You're 48 years old and prisons have good health care. So you'll die when you're a 100.”

Peace Of Mind

I've no idea what is going on. Jack bores. Sam and Castiel go to a town stuck in the 50s. Jack kills a snake. This show sucks.

Through The Looking Glass

Jacob is an ass even whilst digging a grave for the man Kate murdered. Sophie is back to annoy. Alice gets a nasty note. This was so boring. Another irritating blonde shows up. Luke is a jerk. Kate locks Alice up in Arkham. This sucked. Jacob finally hugs Kate, took him long enough.

Best Line:

“Do not waste your guilt.”

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