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Trailer, Quotes & Stuff

'Circus Of Books' trailer

“Organic chicken farming.”

Who saw 'Reindeer Games' or 'L'Haine' or 'Jesus Of Nazareth'?

I want to watch 'The Hunt', 'The Lodge' and 'For All Mankind'.

I want a green amethyst and diamond pendant.

My ex rendered our relationship so worthless. I created an identity to suit my ex. It's always there, that fear of being rejected. I thought my ex was a constant source of support.

What is treacle butter? What are compressed nectatrines?

Clark Gregg and Jennifer Gray were married?

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Hated fashion accessory.”

“Lost to the system.”

“Rival monkey gangs.”

“Fighting and biting each other.”

“Haven't a clue how to hunt.”

“Took to like crack.”

“Dangle off their dad's tails oblivious to the world's tribulations.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

“Terrifying agenda.”

“Collapse of western society as we know it?”

'Unfriended: Dark Web' Quote:

“Get on the damn ground.”

'The Kemps: All True' Quotes:

“Nun sex.”

“Reformed nasty bastard.”

“Robbed a Woolworths pick and pick with a sawn off shotgun?”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Ensure the toilet blocks remain queue-free.”

“Sprayed between uses.”


“Significant street disturbance.”

“Threatened locals.”

“A shovel and a pitchfork were also produced at one point.”

“Angry drunks.”

“Knew how to calm him.”

“Moving into the final phase of language shift.”

“Monolingulisation of community language practice.”

“Do not have the demographic or societal resources.”

“Cease to exist as a community language.”

“Heritage language.”

“Unearned access.”

“Driven by good choices.”

“No one knew disaster was waiting,”

“Ravaged by plague and riven by division.”

“Often talked about, but rarely listened to,”

“Suppressed, refuted or denied.”

“Invokes the pity of some and the rage of others,”

“One of the oldest countries on earth.”

“Their own projections.”


“His apology was not for me.”

“Pull factors.”

“Living as a tramp behind the 7-11 in Malibu?”

“Gazing meaningfully.”

“The very first audition I had was for Remingston Steele.”

“Hilarious manifestation of fan idiocy.”

“Famously bellicose.”

“Unequalled talent for creative communication.”

“The zipping up of a body bag is an awful thing to hear,”

“Grim task.”

“National mythos.”

“Dwell time.”

“Entirely without depth other than in relation to his need for approval, a yearning which is bottomless.”

“Conventionally nuanced personal motivations.”

“Power over others.”


“Democracy fell out of fashion.”

'Welcome To Killer Town' Quote:

“Wants to fit in and that means hanging out in the town bar.”

'John McEnroe: Still rocking At 60' Quote:

“The homeless guys knew who he was.”

'HowToSpendIt' Quote:

“Crash axe.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Defame its heroes.”

“Suits the state narrative.”

“Crowd became hostile.”

“Frightened of the world.”

“False theories.”

“I will not back down.”

“Want no help from no government.”

“Anger is having a big impact.”

“Toxic legacy.”

“Angry mobs.”

“The hospitals, they're murdering people.”

“Makes them a villain.”

“Come for the children with their vaccines.”

“Bit worse than we actually thought.”

“False opposition.”

'The Summer Of Love' Quotes:

“Biggest cultural shift in living memory.”

“Unsavoury characters.”

“Inventing the way they wanted to live.”

“Let it down and be hippies.”

“Built upon the motives of greed.”

“Provide free food to hungry hippies.”

“Just discovered social change.”

“That's injustice!”

“Media creation.”

“Totally unprepared.”

“No way to live.”

“Do these people bathe?”

“Who hadn't come for peace and love.”

“Easier to make fun than to emulate.”

“Not something I wanted to see in particular.”

“Sunbeams and flower, folky crap.”

“Deranges you.”

“Political revolution that was not to be.”

'The Other One' Quotes:

“I am excellent at organised fun.”

“Waffle making station.”

“I don't do that stuff.”

“He introduced me to Harrissa Paste.”

“Is that a sex thing?”

“No. It's a North African marinade.”

“Just orange bile.”

“Fun overkill.”

“Oh bums!”

“I'll drag you to the woods and feed you to the badgers!”

“Sex pesto.”

'FTWeekened' Quotes:

“New found status of essential worker.”

“How his characters should look and sound.”

“Scathing references.”

“Sort of countryside it would to be easy to lie low in.”

“Unnerving near-miss.”

“Trapped within the police cordon.”

“Attributed the regular attention he received from law enforcement to outrageous persecution rather than the reuslt of his own criminal activities.”

“Unlawful non-citizens.”

“A couple reaching the exact point where they no longer bear the sight, sound or thought of each other-”

“Reputational collapse.”

“Distressing legacy.”

“Cans, wrappers, wet wipes and even underpants. It was horrific.”

“Ode to humbler pleasures.”


“Rewards narcissists.”

“Incompetent people don't realise their incompetence.”

“We think we know.”

“Harboured misgivings.”

“Yokels gape.”

“Continually confounded.”

“Who uses such appalling language to his wife that his publisher refuses to visit him at home is shown attempting to have a girl imprisoned for swearing in the street.”

“Moral reordering.”

“See the economy as a system to which they do not belong, rigged to benefit others.”


“Why such nostalgia resonates.”

“Told in no uncertain terms to leave.”

“Undercurrent of concern.”

“Snitch live.”

“Attracted local ire.”

“Reorient societies.”

“Moral clarity.”

“Lacking any ideology.”

“Epically ambitious.”

“Bittersweet zone.”

“Creeping sense of a crisis and a failed response.”

“Endlessly ravenous.”

“Perform and re-perform.”

“Most interesting city in the entire world.”

“Sometimes I am nostalgic for them. Sometimes.”

“Some city in the world is at the epicentre of everything – the generator of creative waves that crash around the globe.”

“Stunningly depraved.”

“Committed critic.”

“Finally express their anger.”

“Came to be seen as a financial burden by families, and sexually available by local men.”

“Work in service to them.”


“Vehemently rejects the idea of working with or within the existing systems.”

“Overthrow of the social structure.”

“Judging - entirely wrongly – that the public would be on her side.”

“Serious purpose.”

“Making quesitonable interpersonal contact decisions.”

“Celebration of connection.”


“In Britian, an indifference to pets is considered a sinister stain on one's character.”

“Avoid emotional entanglement.”

“Allows them to retreat.”

“He loved it even more when someone nearby almost started a fight by relieving himself in the middle of 90,000 people.”

“Glastonbury was for CND and crusties.”

“Defining dates.”

“Vain imbecile.”

“When a small town takes collective, shared exception to a class or community of people, we've all seen enough movies to know that things get ugly.”

“Telling outsiders to stay the hell out of the village.”

“Driven walkers off hills with drones.”

“Pitchfork-waving little Englandery-”

“Justifiably terrified.”

“Bringing infection.”

“Desperate reliance.”

“Most memorable outrage.”

“Avoid all social contact.”

“Never knowingly opted for an outing if there was an option to stay in.”

“Astonisingly unkempt.”

“Disillusioned with the state as a vehcle for meaningful change.”

'Pride And Prejudice' Quotes:

“Others are culpable.”

“What a letter to have written at such a moment.”

“Let her triumph over us at a distance.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Accrued resentment.”

“Something larent and ugly that was there in our country.”

“Ugly possibilities.”

“Disengaged journlism from its purpose.”

“Telling him on Twitter, he should die of boils.”

“Threw me off the internet. That was considered to be a physical threat.”

“Cease to exist.”

“That supreme loser.”

“Coming back in a mood to consume.”

“Vehemently denied.”

“Virus-laden caves.”

“Making foes of friends.”

“More dreck.”

“Normally you hid this kind of chicanery.”

“There's no shame any more to my country.”

“That's what America's programmed to enjoy.”

“Wanted to matter.”

“They hate us. They love The Shield. Let's get more violent!”

“Audience that appreciates being tlaked to, not talked at.”

“It was never the way he had hoped it would be.”

“Consequences best not revealed.”

“Just forget their utter hatred of each other.”

“Secludes himself within the home and he rarely comes out,”

“Arouse the kind of antipathy.”

“Repellent lair.”

“Heralded as a hero.”

“Received trenchant criticism.”

“Abanonded the normal considerations of loyalty and service.”

“Enemy of all the values we hold dear.”

“Impose his will.”

“Irrational rage.”

“Ruined anything good and decent.”

“Enmity has escalated to such a level.”

“Unnerved by what they see as a pattern of conincidences and events.”

“Great family feuds-”

“Spectacularly fell out with him.”

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