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Movie Review: Unfriended: Dark Web (2018)

A bad sequel. The fundamental structure of this film annoys. People express antipathy and are particularly irresponsible idiots. There is no innovation or competence. The characters are self serving fools and there is no uncertain mood and this does not sound an ominious note.

Dead people are not of the greatest concern and is not found quite alarming. There is unfavourable treatment and there was no creative, innovative thinkers in this anathema. There is overweening hubris and this was wrong in principle and contrary to values and the characters are particularly irresponsible idiots.

People take personal umbrage and there is immaturity and egocentricity and inane babble and hysterical reponses. TPTB are breathtakingly dismissive of logic. There is no bloody complexity and this was not dynamic and a burk plays the victim card. There is posturing and no sinister features. There is moral revulsion. Cyber cafes are still a thing apparently and a burk stole someone's laptop.

There is mumbling and secret files on the laptop and bad guys looking for it and murder victims. There is also talk of a crypto currency account with 10 million in it. Dark web sickos lurk and this was simplistic and unworkable and it causes irritation and not amusment. There are murder files and I abhorred this. There are no social mores and there are no outbursts of camaraderie. This was not extremely interesting and one is throughly repulsed.

There is mad ferment and ugly pettiness and this was useless and the dork burk barely registers his galpal's presence and is unpleasant and sneering. There is ill feeling, rage and miserbale social realism. There is awful idiocy and pulp hokum and ghastly hyper amoral people. There is static, sepulchral gloom and this was unconvincing. Why does this thing exist? This was just awful, it is aimless and meanders and it was not captivating or fascinating.

This was not made in realist mode and there was lying. This was not dizzyingly dense and characters are congential morons. This was banality and was unjustifiable and unnecessary. There are dejected expressions and this was not genuinely upsetting and the burk is perpetually panic stricken and there is reputational risk. There is no growing concern and a credibility issue. People are not jocular and there is no extreme upset. This tests patience and credibility and has many unresolved problems.

Best Lines:

“Say that louder.”

“You're the product!”

“Sharks swimming below you.”

“You 2 aren't roommates.”

“I can't watch that.”

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