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Book Review: Synthesis

Star Trek Titan: Synthesis by James Swallow

The 5th ‘Titan’ novel continues the pattern set by the 4th novel in that it is an awful mish mash of technobabble and liberal moralising.

The Titan encounters a civilisation of smug sentient computers. These Artificial Intelligences are fighting The Null, a destructive force from some Lovecraft dimension.

One of the AI’s bonds with the crew in-between self righteous speeches on machine life. The Titan crew put up with this for some inane reason despite the interfering AI causing Titan to become self aware.

Enough already. This book has way too much technobabble, too much inane character interaction, too much smugness, ugly cover art and bizarre plotting. For example the ship’s doctor has been officially forgiven his multiple assaults on and kidnapping of Troi, patronising her, violating the Prime Directive by running madly around on a pre-warp world and general jerkass behaviour. All this is forgiven cos hey, that’s how he rolls.

I’ve lost almost all interest in reading any future ‘Titan’ novels after books 4 and 5. Well done sirs, well done.
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