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The crew get amnesia and a new XO. Data gets too much screen time. 3D chess is played and Troi is expected to remain silently grateful to be allowed to contribute. Riker yells at Ro with an aggression that can actually be quite frightening.

No adventurous thinking went into this ep. Why is the engineer on the bridge? Data makes a cocktail and there is no Guinan. This was not deeply fascinating. Riker has petty animosity. Picard should be running a fried chicken shop given his competence level. Michelle Forbes guest stars. This is a wholly unremarkable dull narrative. Picard has utter ignorance and embodies everything that I hate.

How do they end up in a situation like this? This was deathly dull and utterly forgettable. If the aliens have the power to wipe the crews' memories and meddle with the workings of the UFP flaghsip – why didn't they carry out their evil plans themselves?!?

Thanks to Riker: knickers are soon off. Sigh. The ship has 250 torpedoes. Worf tries to be the boss. This was unfathomably stupid. One cannot give this enough scathing critique. Picard is petty, dejected, sad and lost and ends up at ops. TPTB were not careful how Worf was perceived. There are outdated power structures and Riker shags Ro: eeewwwww.

Data is the bartender. Ro bitches, because TPTB thinks that is sassy. There is no stark reality. There is a fundamental mismatch of powers and responsibilities. The crew face no consequences for their actions. Were the missing files recovered? There is no instinctual affinity. This is a wretched time. Riker has uncomplicated desires and there are no glimpses of something good in this trash. Nobody wonders why the flagship has gone silent. This show was dowdy looking.

Riker has Troi and Ro panting over him. WTF, why? He's a man ape and a man ho. There are no grave consequences to this ep. This franchise continues to fascinate. This incident should be famously infamous not never mentioned again. There is no agonising havoc or solemn reverie.

This was execrable. Books tell and retell 'Trek' tales.This franchise has continued allure. Something is a bit skew whiff about this Picard notes and it rankles him. The new XO can't act. Riker sits in Troi's chair and she sits on a railing or something. The command chairs look like easy chairs. The Enterprise's attack on an alien race's central command goes unmentioned.

Riker is impetuous and self serving. There is no tense panic. Worf gets smacked around and one wasn't enamoured with this horrible ep. Riker wanted a threesome at the end. Troi says she has an office. What became of bathing suit girl (Liz Vassey of 'Maximum Bob')? Nobody thought about their actions – just shrugged them off.

Best Line:
“He's in Ten Forward, waiting tables.”

Katarina Rostova
This isn't the hot new show anymore and hasn't been for a long time. Liz berates her mother, this from a woman who ditched her daughter and perpetuates stupidity with disastrous consequences. There are mischief makers and Liz has an inexhaustible capacity to annoy. Ilya is mentioned and there is no sudden burst of enthusiasm. Agnes can talk.

Brain Dennehy and Brett Cullen gues star. The grandmother heads off with Agnes and has no Russian accent. Ressler is useless. It's absolutely prohibited by TPTB that Red help or make sense. TPTB's fevered imaginings can only be derided. Red does not convey both menace and charm. Ressler recalls a time he was a chewtoy – when did that happen? Where is Red's entourage?

There are smothered aspirations, mental unravellings, thwarted dreams, futility and ridiculousness. Liz lives in an apartment. What happened to the townhouse? There is moaning and stupidity is unrelentingly oppressive. Red's vendettas multiply. One is tired of this and Red is not a propelling force anymore. This was not acutely watchable. This was baggy and wince inducing.

Agnes is always being abandoned. There is no pain or complexity. This was not greatly interesting and lives are unlived. Victim has become Liz's identity. This was not wrenching and Red has monstrosity and Liz's mother is predatory. One is dismissive of this. This was not compelling and Liz has fretful pettiness. There is no deepening heroics. Liz still thinks Red is Ilya.

Has Liz had fillers? Liz's family is warped. This was sad and nonscary and full of thinly drawn characters. This was not ingeniously done and there are contrivances and characters don't have personalities to speak of. This does not captivate. There are unwholesome conclusions and looming awfulness. There is no heady menacing atmosphere. Season 1 was hypnotically watchable – this season is cold as Pluto. Liz's mom is vindictive.

There are comedy accents and one is unsatisfied. Liz has a horrible history and a painful present. This show is a foul stain and things are really not good. Liz's mom is 100% ruthless. This show has catastrophically fallen. Liz's mother is a violently volatile reckless tyrant. People treat each other with sadism and malice. It's impossible to work out what is happening. Who is Agent Park? Liz and her mom con Red.

Best Lines:
“You shot your father.”

“Alone 23 hours a day and he seems to like it like that.”

“Recovered memory thearpy.”

“Debate it in the street.”

“Revenge doesn't suit you Donald.”

“If they know, Reddington knows.”

“We give to get.”

“Feigning kindness.”

“I have a gun. Does that count as an appointment?”

Off With Her Head
There are flashbacks and stunts and no voice of reason. There is an obvious set and Jacob finally deigns to talk to Kate after she reaches out. Jacob is extremely unhelpful and spews angry discourse. Alice obsesses over Mouse. Where is Alice's boyfriend? Alice's unreasonable obsessions annoy. Mouse screams. Jacob got bored with his old family very quick and he replaced Kate with trash.

Alice is scared of an evil old biddy. Why didn't Alice run out of the door of the pervert's house when she had the chance? Why is Jacob so stupid? Petulant Jacob is more concerned abut the reputational blow he suffered than Beth or Alice. We get flashbacks of Alice being abused. Why didn't Alice run away from the people who abused her endlessly for years?

Kate uses a staple gun on a man's cut throat. Under the influence of fear gas, Alice hears Jacob say the world is better off with her dead. Lord what a tool he is even as a hallcination. Alice snapped (a second time) after seeing earrings. Jacob screams at Alice. Kate and Alice's mother's severed head was never found because the perv kept it in his freezer! Alice killed the perv's mother and Kate has a rage blackout. This was good and Sophie free!

Best Lines:
“The bucket goes away.”

“I'm friendly.”
“I'm not.”

“Skin pirate minion: Gotham has seen some crazy things.”

“My greatest fear is you!”

“Begged for your mother's face from the day I fished it out of the river.”

“Never loved me and took too long to die.”

“Siphoned her happiness.”

“Your dear mother is carting an oxygen tank and you greet her with an open flame? I can take a hint.”

Buried Things
There is gold and south shore surf punks and guns. This was bad.


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