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Movie Reviews: 1985 + Born Rich + Viceroy's House + Trick 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

1985 (2018)

Virgina Madsen stars in this homage to 80s issue movies. This was black&white dullness. This takes ages to get to the point. The hardass dad is tired of his son's lies. The son is dying and didn't meet the right people. The son is the Riddler from 'Gotham'. The deeply Christian lower middle class family are sad and feel abandonment.

Best Line:

“No forgiveness in hell.Whatever goes to hell will stay in hell!”

Born Rich (2003)

Rich brats talk about being wealthy in this documentary. One of those interviewed was Ivanka Trump. Apart from her the rich brats are tone deaf. What is a palm pilot? The brats are teeth grindingly awful and they have obliviousness to irony. Ivanka had interesting taste in music. The void should swallow them all.

Being around these people wouldn't bring you joy. They are predictably unlikeable and purposelessness. They are sexist and racist and obsessed with prenups. They are gleefully determined to be grubby. Why are they deemed worthy of attention? There were lawsuits over this. The rich brats look like sweaty Dutch cheese and cause furious frustration as they do rich brat stuff. This was trite and the self righteous entitlement and towering arrogance stuns.

Best Lines:

“All I did was inherit it.”

“Beat the crap out of me at a Quaker school.”

“Madonna clock.”

“Flaunting to the world.”

“Little ungrateful bitch.”

“Not like I wasn't warned.”

Viceroy's House (2017)

Gillian Anderson of 'X Files' and Hugh Bonneville star in this true story set in India in 1947. There is exposition about the British leaving India, the end of the Raj, coming independence and partion. There are posh accents, casual racism, mock aghast people, morally appalling depressingly predictability, braying morons and no attention drawn to the terrible fates that awaited several of the characters.

There are the ashes of conquest, the Raj's days in the limelight were past and this film was not universally loved. There is the creation of Pakistan and people narcissistically complaining. India is a trouble ridden place with fault lines of depedence and resentment. A dog gets silver platter chicken but the owners eat the chicken due to war time rationing. The Raj is undeserving of commeration.

Couldn't they get Colin Firth for this? This was particularly awful and there were negative consequences and no goodwill. The Viceroy and his wife bluster, their daughter is wet and Gandhi shows up. So much for safety or peace, there are massacres and riots and talk of oil and a buffer state and the USSR. There are conniving types and 14 million displaced. Michael Gambon and Simon Callow co star.

Best Lines:

“Freedom is coming.”

“Under valet.”

“Our time comes.”

“Burma was the worst job in the world.”

“Man in a loincloth.”

“Bringing the future.”

“Stop making mischief.”

“Undermine us as we fought the nazis.”

“Not have won without their sacrifice.”


“What our fathers fought for.”

“Land of the pure.”

“My uncle Nicholas, he was Tsar of Russia.”

“Rarely born in peace.”

“1/5 of the world's population.”

“Reason will prevail.”

“Worse than Glasgow on a saturday night.”

“Face the misery of the situation.”

“Refugees overnight.”

“Many will never reach their new land.”

Trick (2019)

There are fraught cirumstances as a killer in a pumpkin mask strikes at a party and hacks up party goers. There are costumes and decorations and a belligerent killer and blood and fretful fears. He is stopped with a fireplace poker. The killer, Trick, escapes from his hospital bed. He gets shot, falls off a building and into a river. Is he dead? Well; murders happen on an annual basis to the horror of cop Omar Epps.

The killer was known as Trick. There are some good ideas in this at first, then the plot changes. There are unanswered questions and time passes. This film is not life defining. Someone is restless to build on Trick's legacy. There is woe and there are bizarre semi-supernatural occurances which are never explained.

Killing is such a life statement. There is animosity and groupies and there is no DNA. There is mumbling and some good ideas doesn't make this any more logical. There is a sorta epic crisis. Trick perpetrates and perpetuates and is actively aggressive with a blatant disregard for life. Trick does an enormous amount of harm with appalling viciousness and joyful fascination and sadistic relish. This film is not overloaded with talent. The cop quits and there is death and wilful maliciousness and a callous and reckless killer and this film is a non-contender. This film becomes unwatchable and there is a twist and Jamie Kennedy. Oh lord no.

Best Lines:

“Died in surgery.”

“Didn't have beef with anyone.”

“Parental permisison is a courtsey.”

“Jump on the devil wagon.”

“Don't last long in priosn.”

“The old quiet one cliche.”

“Graduated 4 years ago.”

“I hadn't noticed.”

“I need you daddy.”

“Did they know he was like this?”

“Murdered your deputy with the gravestone of a fed I got killed.”

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