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V (2009-2011) Ep 1 review

This remake of the classic 1980’s miniseries seems to be doomed by network meddling and the fact that the first ep just did not live up to the promise of its fantastic trailer.


Aliens arrive en masse on Earth and promise friendship but FBI agent Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell of ‘Lost’) uncovers an alarming secret about these seemingly friendly visitors. Visitor leader Anna (Morena Baccarin of ‘Stargate SG1’ and ‘Firefly’) promises technology, healing and peace but she is obviously malevolent. Baccarin does creepy staring well but that is all she gets to do, stare ominously.

Father Jack Landry can’t trust them even when the Vatican decides overnight that the aliens are part of God’s plan. Smug reporter Chad (Scott Wolf of ‘Party of Five’) becomes a source of visitor propaganda to further his career. Meanwhile Erica’s snotty son Tyler joins a visitor organization and becomes a Peace Ambassador as he fancies Lisa, some alien totty.

Questions about why the visitors look just like humans are brushed aside as they set up healing centres to cure illnesses. Erica is a dull lead character and her non-reaction to the alien encounter is a bit much. She doesn’t even react much to the news that there is a visitor presence on Earth and has been for years preparing the way for the visitors to exterminate humanity.

Naturally Erica’s partner turns out to be a visitor, the fact was made clear by the fact they cast a well know sci-fi actor to play him. Even when Erica sees his true reptilian face after his skin is torn, her face hardly moves. She’s too stoic even when she and Father Jack decide to set up a resistance.

This was kind of dull. The fact the visitors are here already isn’t well done even with Ryan the nice visitor who wants to stop his own kind from their plan. TPTB also seem to have changed the meaning of the phrase V as it was used in the 80’s miniseries. Tyler just annoys and his signing up with the equivalent of the Hitler Youth just has me hoping that Lisa eats him before ep 2 airs. I don’t care about these people except maybe the priest, only he seems to be real. This show is just flat. Maybe it will improve.

Best Lines:
“We are of peace, always.”

“Gratitude can morph into worship or worse, devotion.”

“The visitors didn’t just get here. They’ve been here for years.”

“Don’t ask any questions that would portray us negatively.”

“We can’t be seen in a negative light.”
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