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Prodigal Son 1x03&1x04+TroubleWithMaggieCole 1x03+LaMante 1x02+TNG5x13+Star Trek 3x09+Evil 1x13

Fear Response

In a flashback to 1998 Jessica (the mom) visited Martin in lockup. He was and is evil and sly and wasn't a very good example. Ainsley (the sister) wants psycho dad's attention. Did Jessica know about psycho dad? Jessica tantrums in the street and she owns Malcolm's loft. Malcolm nearly hurls himself out of a window to his death during a night terror. Jessica acts like it's nothing unusual.

Jessica sneaks and psycho dad bends minds to his purpose. Nobody called the police on Malcolm's glass shattering high dive? Malcolm has a shrink, his child shrink. Malcolm shakes with fear and the quirky coroner is quirky. Psycho dad has a tv.

There are unusual events in NY. This is not a stirring depiction of deep dysfucntion. This is not surprisingly affecting. Malcolm is no stranger to violence. A man's brain is stolen and Malcolm smiles. This was camp and not a classy edifying affair. Psycho dad rings a NYPD precinct to harass his son. HOW?

A shrink (a 'Timeless' actress) caused all this. Ainsley whines. The shrink's psych department were doing experiments. Malcolm shoves a man off his head on LSD off a building. Jessica wants to control Malcolm and did Jessica know? When Malcolm called the NYPD on his dad aged 10; why did they believe him? Why didn't they think it was a prank? What did he say? Malcolm endured trauma as a child. Jessica is as bad a mother as the 'Gilmore Girls' bint.

There are reasonable concerns but no fevered interest. There is a violent clash and this was ill lit. There was and is a poisonous culture in Malcolm's family. Pyscho dad alludes and Malcolm says the NYPD is the arbiter of right and wrong. Ohhh, I wonder what season 2 will be like.

Bad guys do bad things for no good purpose. The dark realms of psycho dad's mind are hinted at. One has lowered expectations for this show. Jessica's family has the money. Jessica's drama is a stupid distraction. Malcolm continues to act in 'perfectly normal' fashion. This was goodish.

Best Lines:

“Overlooks things.”

“Never getting out of here.”

“Never come back here.”

“Gin also works.”

“Lot of letters after his name.”

“Cause of death is no brain?”

“Arbiter of the human fear response.”

“Capable of that level of sadism.”

“All I know is what you want me to know.”

“Socially immature.”

“Complaint letter.”

“How off the books?”

“Latent psychosis.”

“You knew what I was.”

“You have no idea what your father is capable of!”

“Regrets can evolve into fears.”

“Flush your ashes down the Port Authority's most disgusting toilet.

Designer Complicity

Malcolm has family memories and he has no fear of arousing Jessica's anger. An influencer is murdered. Did psycho dad marry Jessica to buy his way into society? People talk of stalkers. Malcolm handles things badly and wants to see his father's case files. Jessica lurks and annoys unrestingly. Jessica is intrinsically involved with and emotionally abusive to her son. Psycho dad plays games and Malcolm has no injuries from hurling himself through the window in 1x03. His sister bitches, oh get a real job bint.

Jessica has no loving solidarity and she does not apologise for hitting her son. This was arduous and not stirring, chilling or unsettling. Jessica is shady about the bitter dissolution of her family. This was not tense or gritty. There are more flashbacks. Malcolm lies and the sister whines and annoys and is a flamethrower reporter.

What is Malcolm's rationale? He watches a videotaped interview from 1998. Jessica hasn't aged since 1998. Psycho dad contributes to a sense of chaos. This was not good. Jessica claimed she didn't know and I don't believe her. Malcolm gurns and has a huge tv. What is Jessica's drive? She is just a rich bitch with a marble facade. She hangs out at a homeless shelter. She was complicit and is bitchy and vile. She makes Malcolm say sorry to her. This was medicore. The sister visits the father for some notice. Psycho dad is a notorious case of relentless cruelty. Jessica was on 'Scandal', the quirky corpse cutter was Lane on 'Gilmore Girls' and the guy who played 'Iron Fist' was supposed to be Malcolm until the recast.

Best Lines:

“Loved her back a little too much.”

“Keep that promise for 20 years.”

“Cosy winks.”

“Did my mother know you were a serial killer?”

“Which answer do you want to hear?”

“Truly terrible idea.”

“Vicious whispers.”

“Creepy profile vision.”

“Can you not touch me with your shaky bandage hand?”

“All kinds of weirdo.”

“Reeked of discount perfume.”

The Trouble With Maggie Cole 1x03

People want the principle to resign because of his chatty wife. Maggie nags and bullies her useless thick husband. The unbearable school secretary is unbearbale. This was flaccid. Maggie is droll and chases after people she offended expecting forgiveness. This was bland. Maggie won't stop flapping her gob. This and she are irredemably awful. Maggie is racist some more. Gangsters show up to bore. It's always all about Maggie.

Best Line:

“Provide for their woman.”


Episode 2

Jeanne is held in a big remote house in the countryside. Jeanne is heartily disliked. People take terrible risks. She has clear aggressive intent and lies. Damien is reacting very hostilely. Nothing about this is memorable. There is talk of e-codes. Damien has furious anger and the cop makes all knowing proclimations. There is conniving and Damien's bimbo wife has militant incommpetence.

Things are divisive, ugly and consequential. This was a blundering misstep and the fat killer has a family hostage and he bores. Another creep shows up. One has lowered expectations for this. Damien broods and this ep did not go down well. You can see a cameraman reflected in the new nutter's laptop screen. Damien has another stalker in new nutter. This was ridiculous. I'm done.

Best Line:

“Time the blood spoke.”

The Masterpiece Society

The ship is meant to look for a stellar core fragment when they encounter a lost colony that practices eugenics. Riker does his weird cowboy leg up posing. Picard wears his fatboy jacket. The colony lot are rude and smug. LaForge rants about the transporter ignoring all the mishaps it has caused. Picard orates and Troi romances. There is an anti choice agenda. This was dull and the ending where people want to leave their colony and Picard won't help them is vile.

Best Line:

“Tell our children such ghastly stories.”

“Done too much to help them.”

The Tholian Web

Kirk talks about mental disease. McCoy talks about a message tape. Spock and McCoy sneer at each other after Kirk is feared dead. This was okay.

Book 27

I haven't seen the rest of the season, yet. The 'heroine' has 4 loud daughters and an annoying mother. A woman thinks her unborn child is possessed. 'Lost' and 'Person Of Interest' guy is a a minion of satan or something. 'Luke Cage' does quasi profound speeches. There is an evil fertility clinic. The heroine may or may not have gone evil after killing someone. This was iffy.

Best Lines:

“Go sow it somewhere else!”

“So tired of people not listening to me!”

“A serial killer sits outside of my house.”

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