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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Trouble With Maggie Cole' 1x04 promo

Maggie is upset at being called on her racism.

Best Lines:

“It'll be fun.”

“Will it?”

'The Rezort' trailer


'The Babysitter's Club' trailer

“I'd rather have headlice. Again.”

'Stargirl' 1x07 promo

Looks like 'Gladiators'.

'Unsolved Mysteries' promo


'Irresistible' promo

“You're the DC elite.”

'Viceroy's House' promo

“Divided India for oil.”

Beer battered chips – nice.

Sparkling Mexican lime & lemongrass presse – nice.

Someone burnt the Tree Of Life in St Anne's Park. Bastards.

RIP Joel Schumacher.

Who saw 'Cousins'?

I want to read 'Dceased: Hope At World's End', 'Red Mother' issues 4 to 7, 'Dceased Unkillables' issue 3, 'Pandemica' issue 5, 'Dceased: Dead Planet' issue 1 and 'Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity' issue 4.

'Mancs In Mumbai' was annoying.

'Disappeared' Quotes:

Money may be in jeopardy.”

“Full of implications.”


“Told him to go away.”

“Greed is a horrible thing and it makes people do ugly things.”

“Fighting a guy in the street.”

'Gilmore Girls' Quotes:

“Disgraceful behaviour even by your standards.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Exists in a live environment.”

“Stands widely accused of complacency.”

“Hugely needed confrontation.”

“Moral mantle.”

“Onlookers watched as the medical team performed a rough Caesarean on Aida Maria's corpse in the middle of the hospital hallway.”

“Long overshadowed his legacy.”

“Expressed regret and sympathy but little contrition.”

“Disturbing developments.”

“Meant to unite.”

“Sincere intentions.”

“Hard-fought position.”

“An emphasis on loyalty.”

“Triumph of his life.”

“Make civilised life impossible in many parts of the globe.”

“A bumbling idiot who visits us far too often.”

“Treats our home as his own.”

“Never brings anything to contribute to the household.”

“Encouraging anger and division.”

“Ethics of acceptability politics.”

Sometimes retainers do their best to discourage custom.”


“Agenda list.”

“A wife in a courthouse who shot her cheating husband and said she regretted only that she hadn't been able to get “the other woman”, too.”

“A pseudo intellectual who spouts quotes or soundbites from literature he clearly hasn't read,”

“Find his personality very irritating.”

“Shouldn't feel driven out of my home.”

“Clearly defined seperation of living spaces.”

“The impact this possibility might have on your life and relationship.”

“Induce seriousness in the discussion.”

“Challenge of school attendance was removed from his life.”

“Court-granted annoymity.”

“Outrage begat outrage.”

“Character was so cruelly tarnished by their spiteful lies.”

'Designated Survivor' Quotes:

“I told you that in confidence.”

“That was your mistake.”

“Every shred of your existence scrubbed from the public record.”

“You were the least qualified to be president.”

“What kind of friend?”

“The kind with security clearance.”

'Panorama' Quotes:

“Wanting means nothing.”

“Social distress.”

“What they're going to encourage.”

“No saving the system now.”

“Wouldn't come out of his bedroom.”

“Societal collapse.”

'Evidence Of Evil' Quote:

“Coastal fields.”

'Our Little Cruelties' Quotes:

“We started to call him Saint Luke but that backfired because he seemed to like it.”

“That was the day it stopped being funny.”

“Seemed like he was almost normal, whatever normal was,”

“He made a crucifix out of planks of wood and stabbed himself with a bread knife in the hands and feet and went as Jesus Christ,”

“Cinema was still the apex of our enterainment experience.”

“Let Brian out of the car to pee. The first time, he couldn't go 'because there was a cow watching'.”

“Harbour grudges for weeks.”

“The family joke.”

“Became a figure of either pity or ridicule in the media when he was photographed shoeless, busking on Grafton Street, being heckled by teenagers.”

'Arranged' Quotes:

“Lose them from our culture.”

“Why is your wife mad?”

“Cry faces.”

'The Mindy Project' Quote:

“You burned down the church at my grandmother's funeral.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Strong accusations were flying.”

“Learn to say the right things.”

“All going to be whores.”

“I know who the liar is.”

“What on earth is he promising her?”

“Depraved sinners.”

“Horrible person.”

“Spanking room.”

“Fearful room.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“I don't think he has the competence to carry out the job.”

“Lacked an awareness of world geography.”

“Isn't any guiding principle.”

'Killer Families' Quotes:

“Priest of the evil.”

“Female type clothing.”

“Time to be a better mother.”

“Not your average person.”

“Notorious history.”

“Black magic, witchcraft books.”

'Thatcher: A Very British Revolution' Quotes:

“Take them back.”

“You can't.”

“We've got to.”

“Condemning totally.”

“Militarily take back.”

“If the fleet doesn't sail, this government will fall.”

“Digging for Norman.”

“8000 mile journey.”

“All the awful things that could happen.”

“British stock.”

“Encirclement force.”

“Weakness would tempt him.”

“Right wing agenda.”

“Flying pickets.”

“Stage a major encounter.”


“Defining herself in terms of her enemeis.”

“Faithful supporters.”

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