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This documentary is about the 2009 serial killer case of Anthony Sowell which I had never heard of before. A sex offender released in 2005 had 11 bodies in his house and garden by 2009. People seemed to aggressively ignore all the evidence he was a serial killer. The 11 missing women were not investigated and at first the bodies were not IDed.

There is talk of crack, hookers and addiction and robbery, all taking place in Ohio. There is creepy CCTV of Sowell chasing a woman who threw herself out of a window to get away from him. WTF are Chore Boys? A shopkeeper says Sowell cleaned up the garbage. Charming. Children were neglected. Victims friends and family speak. A pastor orates. The area smelt and nobody noticed. What is EBT?

An attacked woman was not helped or deemed credible. Sowell's sexual predator evaluation said he was low risk. There was another live victim and it took 3 weeks for a cop to talk to her. The FBI finally showed up when the bodies were found in his house. Sowell was 50, he called his sister and admitted it.

This was good, disturbing, horrifying and anger inducing. Nobody had any sense of urgency despite multiple reports of missing women and Sowell attacking people. This tragedy was a grotesque spectacle and people are anguished and Sowell had no shame. He pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. Victims were IDed by DNA. He was tried in 2011.

The psycho killer had a sick life pattern. Another escapee was ignored. She was terrified, bleeding, battered and people ignored her. The jury deliberated for 15 hours and he was convicted and got the death sentence. His house was torn down. One escapee got sober and a masters degree in social work. Another is still troubled.

Best Lines:

“Moral judgement.”

“Since Jesus walked.”

“My dad divorced us.”

“Father would never show up.”

“Boas and little hot pants.”

“Do everything to get it.”

“Turn people into bums.”

“High on the drug.”

“They not normal.”

“Smoking that crack.”

“Not that right.”

“Respect level is somewhat different.”

“Screamed, fought or tried to get away.”

“Street people.”

“Fit in with that lifestyle.”

“Very caring person. When she was sober.”

“Some sick people out there.”

“Spirit of God.”

“Social ills of our community.”

“Had to leave, I was bleeding on their floor.”

“They don't listen to women.”

“Do 15 years my way.”

“One of his many faults.”

“Deeply disturbing questions.”

“How did you not see this?”

“Body get dug up out of your backyard!”

“Body! Had no head on it!”

“Tell what?”

“Nobody helped me.”

“People don't take serious.”

“Didn't want to see.”

“Wasn't very careful.”

“Horrific memory.”

“Church people turned the other way.”


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