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Movie Review: Precinct Seven Five (2015)

A documentary about NYPD corruption in the 1980s and 1990s focusing on infamous cop Michael Dowd. We see lots of vintage footage. Dowd did drugs and committed theft while on duty. People talk of a crime wave and crack and how there were 3500 murders a year. NY was a warzone in the 1980s. Parts of NY looked like Beriut. Dowd had deep dark secrets.

There is a dangerous disortive lens of nostalgia. There are talk of guns and a past too terrible to contemplate. East NY was the worst of a damn bad lot. What led to up to Dowd's inevitable reckoning? He tells us, gleefully. Dowd and others had a complacency about IA.

There is compensatory mythology. Cops feel it necessary to forge bonds for survival. There was bitter conflict on the street and emotional consequences. They felt like they weren't steming the flow of crime. Dowd was a ruthless operator with arch-pragmatism. He had a deep antipathy for the rules. He couldn't be uncongenial and had contempt. He and others increasingly defined themselves by money.

Dowd finds it amusing, like he's Ray Liotta in 'Goodfellas'. He bought a condo in Myrtle Beach. There was deep antipathy and collective responsibility and things got uncongenial. Dowd had his own analysis of where his destiny law. He had a sense of superiority. He thought being busted was inconceivable.

There was deception and nonsense. There was no peace and contentment. There is talk of low pay and greed and temptation and violent paternalism pathologising behaviour, thoughts and emotions. Dowd had absolutely no mercy, we never hear about him doing his job. There was social stability. There was indoctrination and people living in dread. One pays solemn attention and things are contentious. There were very few voices of dissent and there was no damage limitation.

Dowd's 'career' was a series of disasters. People are dismissive of violence. The privileges of male domination comes at a terrible price. Things have a negative effect. Dowd was a source of damage and he was toxic, useless, brooding, bitter, abusive, monstrous, neglectful wastrel. Joyful good riddance to him, the monstrous, cruel, violent bully.

This causes a kind of emptiness. There was superfluity, unnecessary, unforseen, unwelcome, unimaginable and anger rages. There was a capacity for acceptance of crime and unwelcome memories. There were complicated relationship with criminals. Things got compellingly dysfunctional. Dowd had a very public fall from grace and he couldn't stay ahead of the craziness.

There were negative comments and a slippery slope and the stakes were always perilously high. He got validation from his cruel and harrowing acts. One runs a gamut of emotions. He drove his drug corvette to the precinct where he worked.

There was murder and whsipers and caustic observations and this was a chaotic and riotous retelling. He had cocaine in his wife's kitchen and no pragmatism. He felt no responsibility and intensely rationalised their behaviours. Dowd deserved berating and things were not harrowing and events were hugely impactful. It is asked why his coworkers didn't turn him in. His fall after his partner turned on him led to hearings. Dowd was drinking on the job.

Dowd developed a reputation over town. There was a long, unbroken history of denying this was a problem, of minimising it and covering it up. People were recalcitrant in instituting change. Dowd and his partner were busted and they were on the brink of ruin. There was cultural catastrophe and urgency and coherence. Dowd is genuinely appalling. There was cultural coding and ignorant psychopaths. This was a communal experience. Hell is forever other people.

There is bad behaviour and Dowd whined pathetically. There were unreasonable beliefs and corruption = social experience. Dowd has subsequent banishment. He achieved mediocrity at so many levels. Cliches fly so thick and heavy. Dowd is incredibly creepy and clearly lying every time he opens his mouth. He was trapped in a conspiratorial web. Things were dark and joyless.

Things got truly weird. This was gripping and enlightening. Dowd created mischief. This was all about a gallery of cads. This was all slow, misanthrophic bitterness, pain and ugliness and cynical and disaffected people. This was desultory and mired in stereotypes. Melodrama proves unsurpassable. Dowd looks like a caricature of a caricature. This was beguiling and earnest. There were pitfalls and a snitch. This was very bleak and it had grim inevitability and uncomfortable ambiguities.

Unacknowledged harm was done by famously terrible people with relative impunity. Paragon of virtue that Dowd wasn't. He did not compell observation of the law by moral force. The partner regrets his detrimental association with the shameless Dowd. No one is solid. He was brought down with gruelling practical effort. Things were desperately sad. Crisis point was reached and the subject is sombre. One is exhausted with this worthless man. This was a damning denouncement of Dowd. He defied all precedents of decorum and responsibility. There was no psychological complexity. Dowd was an apostle of the gutter who talks in punchy in your face style. He played a pernicious role and I hear no regret.

Things were chaotic and shaped by socioeconomic cirumstance. One must win, the other must lose, the tough will prevail; all that is his vision. There is no meaningful discussion. There was a shortage of social cohesion. Things need social transformation and Dowd got vicarious thrills and creepy obessions and tragic cirumstances. Allies turned meancing. There were compromises and wlisons and uneasy relationships.

It was 1992 when long laid plans to enrich himself led to a period of frustration, cynicism, opportunism and ill tempered falling outs. There was no beacon of good governance. This was without nunace. Dowd embraced corruption and worked with a drug lord with fervour. There were dubious types and humilating breaches of trust and insults. Dowd didn't implicate anyone but himself in court. He got 16 years but served 12 for racketeering, drugs and criminality. He's a celebrity criminal now.

Best Lines:

“Sworn duty to uphold the law.”

“Heyday of crack.”

“Remember who you were.”

“Daisy chain of cops.”

“Flee bail with a kidnapping and murder scheme.”

“Less culpable of the 2 indiviudals.”

“Looking at 25 years.”

“Would scare Clint Eastwood.”

“Backlog of 200 jobs to answer.”

“Did you receive integrity training at the academy?”


“Police jargon as you know it.”

“Hurting the flow of crime.”

“They had a reputation.”

“Prove it.”

“None was more notorious.”

“Wanted to own cops.”

“I regret I ever met Mike.”

“Corrupt acts.”

“Undetected and univestigated.”

“VIP entourage.”

“Stealing money and guns.”

“Honour to be arrested by you.”

“Under the gun.”

“Coke house.”

“Using the axes to break down the doors.”

“Dubbed The Alamo.”

“Huge rumours.”

“Never give me up.”

“End up in trouble.”

“Accepted it willingly.”

“Street sweeper.”

“50 grand in drug money and 5 kilos of cocaine.”

“Not saying I killed him.”

“Gave you your shield.”

“Go against his own friends for me.”

“Screaming for his life.”

“Horribly wrong.”

“Armed robbery robber.”

“Delivered to Columbians.”

“It's over. Again.”

“Rounds popping off.”

“Keeps everybody worried.”

“It's not like TV.”

“Doesn't happen like that.”

“Give my life to save a complete stranger.”

“Never enough.”

“Depend on one another to survive out there.”

“Do what I want.”

“Typical undercover cop car.”

“Even then they remained silent?”

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