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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Order' season 1 trailer

A secret society and this looks like a total 'Magicians' ripoff.

Best Line:

“All magic has a cost.”

'The Sinner' season 3 trailer

A car crash and Matt Bomer is a psycho.

Best Lines:

“Don't play this game with me.”

“It's too easy.”

“I'm trapped. Nobody seems to care.”

'Reality Z' trailer

A South American remake of 'Dead Set'. Dubbed. A plane is crashing. Zombies.

Best Line:

“Out there is worse.”

'APB' trailer

A cancelled show about a rich guy buying justice.

Southern Comfort Lemon & Lime – mmm.

Peanut butter bar – yum.

Clemtine choc – nice.

Cherry Dr Pepper – mmm.

Chipotle coleslaw – nice.

Super fruity peach & nectarine low fat live yogurt – watery.

No more 'Paperbacks From Hell' reprints?

I want a Lina Ballerina clip and a Fendi swimsuit and a Zeus Dione swimsuit and a Gabrillea Hearst dress.

My ex is not interested in my absense, he was not charming and jovial after all. I thought my ex adored me. I'm fateful and confused. I thought there had been a terrible misunderstanding with my ex. But no. My sense of abandonment was cataclysmic. There was pain, deceit and rejection thrust upon me. My ex said he imagined a relationship with me. He caused hurt. Being rejected by my ex tragic. He left me, wrote himself out of our life in a selfish act – altered our course. I don't know how to forgive. My ex firmly rejected me. My needs to make restitution – he cared so little. My ex is absolutely detestable. He disregards me and is coldly silent. I hope my ex dies lonely and miserable. I'm not worthy of my ex's time. I've a deep sense of sadness, there is no sense of perosnal responsibility from my ex. He did a wilful flight and is defined by absence. Things with my ex were destined to end unhappily. My deceptive ex has made no offer of amends. He did incalculable damage. My ex's emotional disconnect hurts.

What is tomato ash salt or Columbian bacon?


Inneve Schweinehund.

I want a ribknit shirt.

I want to try tres leches cake.

'Gifted' (2017) – no.

Financial infedility is a thing?

RIP Bob the street cat.

There is pineapple sauce?

I'll review 'Our Little Cruelties'.

Yet more reports of shady goings on on 'Sleepy Hollow'.

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Wallow in his supporters adoration.”

“Stop tweeting and listen.”

“Severe miseducation.”

'HowToSpendIt' Quotes:

“Hand-dived scallops.”

“Ice nerds.”

'Virgin Media News' Quote:

“Grim milestone.”

'Man V Food' Quotes:

“This is what we get now.”

“The Irish don't add molasses.”

“Irish brownbread.”

'Our Little Cruelties' Quote:

“She measured her success by the size and placing of her photograph in the Sunday Indepdent.”

'Merlin' Quote:

“I don't think she means well to any of us anymore.”

'O'Casey In The Estate' Quote:

“Say words that way.”

'All Walks Of Life' Quotes:

“Need help to fit into society.”

“Settlement crack.”

“Put on us.”

'The Zoo' Quote:

“What lives in the park.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Not a man to tolerate upstart rivals-”

“Need to proffer a good reason.”

“They would face big trouble.”

“Behavioural control.”

“Grim their predicaments,”

“Stopped my daughter choking on the sink plug after she popped it into her mouth like a dinner mint.”

“Pulling down a full clotheshorse onto herself.”

“Social aspect of life here is not necessarily a priority for people;”

“A sense of community is almost non-esistent.”

“High trust society.”

“Strange sharing your house with a stranger.”

“Ripping apart my home, my family, my life. The perfect world I had known shattered before my eyes.”

“Despised dishonesty.”

“It was 1987. Affairs happened on TV. In Dallas.”

“The irony of his choices has been lost on me.”

“Lifetime of unmade memories,”

“Cultural impossibility.”

“Benevolent vigilantism.”

“Popcorn in lampshade-sized containers was largely an American phenomenon.”

“A sombre reflection on the fragility of civilisation.”


“Formed society as we now know it.”

“Degree of expulsion.”

“Permanent takeback of the courts from liberal control.”

“Not worth supporting.”

“Legal turning point.”

“Promising a generational shift.”

“Responded with typical outrage.”

“Abandoned by the state.”

“Stayed silent.”

“The schools didn't want them.”

“Would have cared more.”

“This really bad reaction on line.”

“Cultural shift.”

“Resenting his absence.”

“Missing narrative.”

“History of compliance.”

“Tend not to question the government or speak ill of those making the big decisions.”

'Dateline' Quote:

“Please refraine from laughing in the courtroom.”

'Killer Families' Quote:

“How bitter she was.”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“Publicly shamed as devils.”

“Negative headlines.”

“Cool urban space.”

“Faintly hippie feel.”

“Now familiar minimal mode – exposed brick, reclaimed wood, low-hanging bulbs – served by a seemingly impossibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic barista.”

“Cellar master.”

“Rejection of the idea that I needed to wait for someone to give me opportunities I felt I was long deserving of.”

“Fandom is more than a lesiure-time pursuit: it's a perimary source of identity.”

“This was the place so brutal that it inspired communism.”

“Dodging dangerous-looking people.”

“Leering inimically.”

“Beach was invaded by 'youths'.”

“Concepts that seem to be lost forever.”

“Empirically false.”

“Unable to express their emotional needs,”

“Mistake your professional contacts for your friends.”

“If you were interesting, you were 'in'.”

“Pursued across oceans.”

“His character and motives are obscure,”

“To be a pirate meant that you were simultaneously beneath contempt and on a thrilling road to respectability – even to knighthood.”

“Predicted great things for it.”

“Ordered the police and the National Guard to disperse the crowd. In full riot gear, they did just that, ruthlessly;”

“Expressed anguish.”


“Vengeful expose.”

“Feels rejected and excluded from his friends.”

“Collectively fume.”

'The Other One' Quotes:

“Gratitude journal.”

“Does Adele covers.”

“What triggered you attacking a chair?”

“Went psycho over a chair.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Play a knowing part in the incident.”

“Public perception is quite poor.”

“Proved themselves resistant to all sorts of moral and ethical issues.”

“Difficult situations.”

“Not offering what he wants.”

“His sense of having being wronged.”

“Protected one.”

“Manic refusal to admit defeat.”

“Lived a precarious life.”

“Whose intentions may not be honourable.”

“What you're known for and expected to do.”

“Creating this reality that you're not unwell.”

“You can go from being a functioning member of society to living in a tent in Skid Row...once you're in that environment, you're lost...see someone on the street corner yelling at the sky, they might have been with their families three days before.”

“Shawl-clad matriarchs and capering drunks,”

“Verminious misery.”

“Why risk the fan wrath?”

“That this love is the special love.”

“Trapped in their live, there is nothing else left.”

“Go through the charade of pretending they still like it, that they still find each other interesting, that they have things to say, that they don't find themselves and each other shabby and reduced.”


“Criticise me for being too antagonistic.”

“Deliberately engineered to damage his re-election prospects.”

“Trying to be a more exciting version of myself.”

“Global social unrest.”

“Gods of all.”

“Control the emotions of the crowd.”

“Unpleasantness from the public.”

“Righteous violence.”

“Profoundly foolish.”

“Nothing but bad options.”

“Whose foot rarely leaves his mouth.”

“Penitential public climate.”

“Fell outside what was regarded as normal society.”

“Fondness for attention.”

“Stop jogging so loudly.”

“The 1990s insult of choice.”

“When I hear 'followers', I think of Charles Manson.”

“Hostile places.”

“Why I find daily life so ardous,”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

“Possessed little in the way of personality or humour.”


“Viewed with suspicion.”

'The Sinner' Quotes:

“He was my fate and now I'm yours.”

“Highest form of man.”

“No proof of ill intent.”

“Local family man.”

“That's what he wants everyone to believe.”

“Blood all over the table.”

“Living in the goddam suburbs.”

“Ignoring morality.”

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