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Le Mante (2017) 1x01 + TNG 5x12 + Legends Of Tomorrow 5x12 Reviewed

Episode 1

Some say this French drama inspired 'Prodigal Son'.This is subtitled not dubbed. There is dreadful adversity and unbearable pressure and a woman viewed as a monster and GORE. This tries to be unnerving. An unimaginable serial killer is in jail but a copycat is loose.

The female serial killer has been in jail for 25 years, a cop caught her. There is naff opening credits. The copycat copycats. The female serial killer has a very nice cell for a woman who killed 8 men. She has a tv and a kettle and a clothes rack and a window. Her cell is very white. She has books and a son. She never had her photo published. She can send mail. She offers to help the cop who arrested her find the copycat. That seems dodgy.

She behaved in jail until she assaulted a guard the previous month. She gets no visitors and has Lecter like security. The cop, Dominique, wears an ugly suit and the killer, Jeanne, stares. She wants out and to see her son. The existence of her son was not publicised. She confessed. Her identity was hidden. Who is the son's father?

The son, Damien Carrot is an undercover cop with a wife and stepdaughter. Does Jeanne know he is a cop? Or that he has a family? There is a web of danger and murder weaved by her. There is security and a flashback to lil Damien and the police raiding their house to arrest Jeanne.

Damien's wife is younger looking, 'sexy' and pillow lipped. Jeanne was arrested in 1991 and how did she get a man's body up a tree in 1984? Damien's father vanished 9 years before her arrest. She denies killing him. Who was he and where is he?

Damien doesn't want his coworkers or wife knowing about his psycho mum. This was intimitable and labyrinthine. A doctor lurks. There is great peril and considerable concerns and bitter conflict. Damien's wife, Lucie, bitches and wears mom jeans. Things are fraught. Damien's grandfather lurks – is he Jeanne's father or his father's father?

Damien was in a nut ward with violent episodes at one point? The grandfather asks what possible rationalisation is there for Jeanne's deal to be acceptable. He has sense. Some creepy guy in glasses wanders around Damien's home as he sleeps and stares at him. Is Damien morally fallible? We see a police photo of a man tied to a tree in tiny Spanish underpants.

Jeanne troubles the son. He feels tainted in name and purpose. Is he? Why is Jeanne being indulged? How did she set up all those elaborate murder scenes? She's potentially damaging to Damien. She's emotionless and did she have her eyebrows done in jail? There is no carefully argued case. Someone stole The Mantis' files years ago. Lucie cheerfully bumbles. A cleaner disputes a man's version of events.

People denounce Jeanne as unacceptable and insulting. It is impossible to prove or disprove claims. The cleaner's adopted son is the creeper. This was okay. There was no competence, rigor or propriety. Damien who went undercover with gunrunners can't stop a fat civil servant on a moped?!? There were violent melees, violent brawls and confrontations. Jeanne has email. She is accused of mentoring the copycat. There is no way to prevent her crap. She's very unhelpful, sinsiter and disguised. Damien does a purse mouthed sulk. Jeanne did incitment. This was banal. Damien can't prevent disorder. This causes some general interest.

Best Lines:

“These are The Praying Matis' methods.”

“There are firearms.”

“You dare suggest that to me.”

“Asked awful qestions.”

“Drowned in his car.”

“Do you wish to express remorse?”

“They're in collusion.”

“She made her copycat!”


A telepathic mind rapist in on board. Oh ffs. Riker obsesses over Troi, all her life could have been without him. Sigh. People are emotionally coerced, Picard could care less. This was a yawner.

I Am Legends

What happened to Rip Hunter and Brandon Routh? The LOT scream all their lines. WTF is a time demon? There are zombies and a downer ending. This show sucks hard.

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