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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'La Mante' trailer

Thsi 8 part French thriller has subtitles and is about a copycat of an infamous serial killer. An ugly dude lurks. The serial killer is a mother who looks younger than her son. An old cop lurks. What is her son hiding? Would the French really call a killer: the praying mantis? Are there such things in France? The washing machine! How'd he fit?!?

'The Great' promo


'Prodigal Son' promo


Rainier cherries – sweet & yum.

Choc gelato – shrug.

Mint choc – nice.

Dreadnought means fear nothing.

My ex was once dependable. He has selfish disregard and I'm of no use to him. My love life is a barren desert of disappointment. My ex let me down so fundamentally. My ex pays me no heed, he never wanted me. My ex is without anything like an explanation.

I had a lack of guidance.

Who saw 'The Messenger' or 'Buddy's Song'?

There is an unmistakable sense of before and after.

Who read 'Little Girls In Pretty Boxes'?

I miss things that used to be.

I'm done with 'Black Spot'.

I want sapphire and diamond pendent earrings and a Madagascar lavender filled silk eye mask and a yellow Fali wine glass.

'Harley Quinn' Quotes:

“Unkelp me plant witch!”

“Evil efforts.”

“What did that dolphin say about me?”

“Grenade vending machine.”

“Drank cereal out of a blender.”

“Noise making abomination.”

“I needed love then.”

“They blew out 3 electric shock machines at Arkham trying to get through to me.”

“Dead without you. Like, a lot.”

“The goons and the henchmen.”

“Get fainty.”

“Goon pool.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Dominant all island force.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Recovery of liberty.”

'Disappeared' Quotes:

“You might want to stop asking those questions.”

“Bikini dancing.”

“Wasn't doing very well.”

“Chosen to leave her life behind.”

“Desperate state.”

“Found myself in that job.”

“Difficult times.”

“Hanging out with vampire cults.”

“Putting herself in really bad situations.”

'Staged' Quotes:

“What's the point of you really?”

“Just because you're mumbling, doesn't make it good.”

“Stomps his ass out.”

“Doesn't like you very much now.”

'Great British Railyway Journeys' Quotes:

“Go backwards and die.”

“Instead he won scholarships.”

“Narrate those experiences.”

“Origins and aspirations.”

“Received an education.”

“Between 2 worlds.”

“Centrally concerned.”

“Now lost to us.”

“Radical writing style.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Trade blame.”

“Fire words”

“Adopted the path of less resistance.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Made an accusation of that gravity yet nothing was done.”

“Blinded by the possibility of their child achieving glory.”

“Train through the pain.”

“Need less punitive restrictions.”

“Denounced as fat.”

“Long list of international targets for his derison,”

“Survived PR blunder after PR blunder.”

“Amicable if not amorous reunion.”

“Life-long bad luck with both love and money.”

“Last European country able to carry on fighting.”

“Ignorant and malign media.”

“Taking military orders from a child talking to a cloud.”

“Prevent an inadvertent escalation of violence.”

“Mutual disengagement.”

“Escalate matters.”

“If provoked it is capable of giving a befitting reply.”

“Alleyway he sleeps in.”

“Have a reputation for thievery and crime.”

“Long muttered.”

“Lack of sense of belonging.”

“Even if you ask no one can help.”

“Got involved with a bad group.”

“Smells like bad decisions.”

“Reduced opportunities.”

“Mentioned and quesitoned.”

“Money and greed posioned any pure notion of that.”

“If princes who have been publicly labelled as committing human rights atrocities are saying you're the bad guy, it kind of says something.”

“Under any cirumstances.”

“Voicing concern.”

“Successive rejection.”

“Admit it too freely.”

“Weren't up to the task of competing at that level.”

“The cacophony could clearly be heard by those sitting in the car park outside.”

'Dr Phil' Quote:



“Need this chaos out of my life.”

“Passenger on the rage train.”

“Memories too terrible to forget.”

“I just jog around the coffee table.”

“Don't want her angry with me.”

“I want my old daughter back.”

“What was done about that?”

“Resistant to talking about it.”

“A relationship that was unkind.”

“Behaving recklessly in your life.”

“Trying to love you and help you.”

“Respond with rage.”

“Chinbone shaved, cut off and reattached.”

“Always cheat on me or reject me.”

“Nice stalker.”

“60,000 dislikes.”

“Hate messages.”

'Virgin Media News' Quote:

“Defenders of the rule of law.”

'What We Do In The Shadows' Quote:

“Absorbs human screams.”

'BBC News' Quote:

“Resonated through the decades.”

Watched a 'Hollyoaks' repeat: Craig was not an exemplary friend to John-Paul. TPTB committed a betrayal of JP's character by turning him into a jerkass lacking all moral virtue. Recall when a drugged up Nancy nearly killed Charlie as a baby? No. This was not emotive and I find Craig weasely. He and JP were not the people you wanted them to be.

Best Lines:

“All a bit cliched.”

“Do lad stuff.”

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