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Lost Season 5 on DVD

Got my Lost Season 5 DVD. The disc art and menus are ugly, just like the season 4 box set. The only exception is the menu on the bonus disc which is a beautiful scene of The Lamp Post station. It’s very cool. There are about two commentaries and the extras aside from two exceptions are crap. The good extras are ‘Mysteries of the Universe’ with its wonderfully OTT voiceover and the really enjoyable ‘An Epic Day With Richard Alpert’.

Upon rewatching season 5, I don’t miss Daniel and his twitching or Charlotte and her whining and general all round uselessness. Plus I am sick of Sawyer and his overly dramatic confidence and poses and the fact that Matthew Fox seems to be in the ‘cool’ scenes by contract. Still Widmore did mention a war and with the big death revelation, the implications for season 6 are terrifying.

Season 5 Deleted Scenes Quotes:
“How the hell does a hostile tip toe through our security, grab Ben and get back without any of us seeing them?”

“You’re head of security and I’m not feeling very secure right now.”
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