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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Mrs America' promo

The 1970s and hair and the ERA.

'The Trouble With Maggie Cole' 1x03 promo


'Sands Of Modesto' SNL skit

“This is Modesto bitch!”

'Stargirl' 1x06 promo


Peppermint pattie – okay.

Black truffle & olive oil crisps – rich.

Cream cheese with French sea salt – nice.

Babe Ruth bar – nice.

I felt a hideous fear yesterday.

Who saw 'Michael' or 'Mickey Blue Eyes'?

My ex has casual indifference and a lack of willingness and he just discontinued engagement and he's not supportive.

I want to see 'The Lodge' and 'Evil' season 1 and read 'After Long Silence'.

I'll review 'Devolution' and 'Gwendy's Magic Feather'.

Rewatched some of 'The Flash' 1x01: Barry was a jerk even then. Poor forgotten Eddie.

Watched 'Louis Theroux: Behind Bars' (2007) and there was no respect and care just tiny cells and gangs and turfed up types. There was no cause for optimism. There was a scared looking new inmate and this prison is grim. There was an inexorable slide and no shame in their eyes. There were pointed stares and fear and visible mistrust and Louis is so polite. There is a toxic pattern and this was insightful. People are devalued and there is complacency.

Best Lines:

“500 years in prison.”

“Unnecessary attention.”

“Danger and a threat to the safety and security.”


“Spraying unpleasant substances.”

“This is calm for me right here.”

“Gang dropouts.”

“I don't do none of that.”

“521 years...11 life sentences.”

“Very very long.”

“Hate on us.”

“Of course people judge me.”

“Make allies.”

“38 years.”

“Take care of our own.”

“What kind of drugs.”

“Done something very serious.”

“Real bad guys.”

“50 to life.”

“Stab life.”

“In trouble all the time.”

“Badger section.”

“Prey on weakness.”

“Brown bag lunches.”

“Strange codes of conduct.”

“Gang loyalty.”

“Stop the threat.”

“Hit and run with injuries.”

“Made the wrong choice.”

“Opening the door to satan.”

“Get our yard.”

“Walk alone.”

“Restricted for his own protection.”

“There'd be conflict.”

“Gang active.”

“My name goes onto a list.”

“Bad news list.”

“Haven't got your back anymore.”

“Can't function on the streets.”

“I'll do what I'll do.”

“Would never leave prison.”

'Arranged' Quote:

“I'm not texting nobody.”

'Designated Survivor' Quote:

“Airblast resistance.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Power comes with a price.”

'Disappeared' Quotes:

“Grim possibility.”

“Very unsettling phonecalls.”

“Drug related people took her out.”

“Judged so easily.”

“What you drive.”

“Her reputation.”

“Serial killer might be roaming the region.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“There is no normality.”

'RT' Quotes:

“Big Donald don't.”

“What a horrible human being he was.”

'Tvnow' Quotes:

“Big disaster episode.”

“Long simmering tensions.”

“Wants zero contact with any human being.”

'Merlin' Quotes:

“Can do no wrong.”

“I will not save her!”

“Something I've told no one.”

'Inside Monaco: Playground Of The Rich' Quotes:

“Something goes horribly wrong.”

“Give to the government.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Sudden downfall.”

“We don't speak of him in the home.”

“Is no joy.”

“His decisions and his life.”

“The fact she knows his name horrifies her.”

“Insightful or remorseful.”

“In a gang in prison.”

“Multiple fights.”

“After somebody's gone and shot up a place.”

“Not a stable individual.”

“Be allowed in.”

“High risk situation.”

“Terrible parent.”

“Ass beat.”

“High risk relationship.”

“Expectancy set.”

“Perpetrated violence with in this family.”

“Getting a gun and shooting this guy is not a solution.”

“Has the victim hat on.”

“Object of attack.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Distinctly uncommerical.”

“Despite being written off by the entire country.”

“Towering monument to western civilisation, the Daily Express.”

“Defined themselves in terms of not being the other.”

“Multiplying security threats.”

“Start of her undoing.”

“Forced into exile for what they wrote, said or believed.”

“Societal prejudices.”

“A society that hates all that is different from the norm.”

“Angry about everything that had been done to her.”

“Struggled to secure social bonds.”

“Embrace great texts without fear.”

“Common parlance.”

“Terribly weary.”

“Infinite error.”

“The seediest bar I have ever frequented.”

“Tough-looking characters.”

“The attiude of the local youths towards authority.”

“Felt so aggrieved.”

“Ably explained.”

“For use on any customer who started to cause trouble.”

“Increased accountability.”

“Systemic change.”

“Commendable aspirations.”

“Unprecedented challenges.”

“Public memory of conflict.”

“Justice facilitation.”

“A rejection is hardly impossible.”

“Compassionate listening.”

“Fear or intrusive thought that becomes obsessive.”

“Avoiding going out.”

“Someone you know almost nothing about.”

“Increased risk and vulnerability.”

“Entrust your loved one.”


“Extraordinarily damaging precedent.”

“Necessary and undisguisable role.”

“Socially dangerous.”

“Ceaselessly monitor.”

“Seriousness of the deed committed and absequent consequences,”

“State ideology.”

“Highest obligation.”

“Beside herself with agitation.”

“Huge amount of unhappiness.”

“Next stage of life choices.”

“Offering an resistance.”

“Tolerate this kind of situation.”

'Agents Of SHIELD' Quotes:

“Things didn't end well.”

“You are literally inhuman?”

“What did you see when I died?”

“Don't get to chose who cares about you.”

'Run' Quotes:

“I knew you wouldn't chose me.”

“Make you like me enough that you miss me.”

“Love me even though you're with him.”

“Leaving me. Again. For good.”

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