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Movie Reviews: Patti Cake$ + Hidden

Patti Cake$ (2017)

A white trash loser wants to be a rap star, this film's quirk is that the wannabe is female. There are street corner rap battles. Nobody builds their brand on youtube. She dreams that her talent fills stadiums. Her grandmother (Cathy Moriarty) is a bad mood. Her mother can sing.

Patti's mother was in a band that nearly got signed and she blames getting pregnant with Patti for ruining her 'career' and life. She's a bitch. Patti and some friends make music. This didn't have an original idea in it.

Best Lines:

“Toilet's still clogged and the karoke ain't going to set itself up.”

“The face that sank a 1000 ships.”

“White Precious.”

“Wein crabs!”

“The herp.”

“Like a bum behind the dumpster.”

“Now I know why dad left.”

Hidden (2015)

Alexander Skarsgard stars in this tale of a family who hide in a chained up bunker. They hide from Breathers and don't want to talk about them. The daughter whines and the mother bitches. The 'twist' is obvious. There is bad child acting and talk of sick people. This was not good.

Best Lines:

“Beans are the worst.”

“The door is not the only way in.”

“Let them come.”

“Never be loud.”

“I already have nothing.”

“We're not hidden anymore.”

“Never ever open the door.”

“This is our life now.”

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