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Star Trek 3x02+TNG 5x08+Batwoman 1x13+Reef Break (2019) 1x01+Blood & Treasure 1x04 Reviewed 🖖

The Enterprise Incident

Kirk acts crazy. Spock asks as if the cloaking device is a new invention. Kirk is mean to McCoy again. The female Romulan commander sneers and featured in many books. Scotty utters threats and Kirk is declared dead after he does mouth breathing. McCoy rages. Kirk isn't in the morgue because he ain't dead. This was okay.

Unification Part 2

Picard has no respect. Picard never resists the temptation to feel smug and act smug. Spock has painfully lived experiences. Picard is never grateful and he is a pernicious contemptible man who was against all logic and reason. Picard has near pathological resistance to sense and is maddening. There is no narrative economy.

This ep is ill lit and Picard has habitual reluctance to listen. This was undistinguished. There is a 'Star Trek VI' reference and its epochal events are referenced. Kirk's name is uttered. The plot is implausible. The baleful Sela shows up. Neither she or Spock note that they are both half human hybrids. Sela does not look Romulan at all. Spock is vague and sombre and Picard acts as if some aspects of Spock's life are considered less worthy of commemoration. There is no wry respect.

Denise Crobsy and Daniel Roebuck are in this ep. There is a petty, resolvable dispute. Spock cultivates his legend. He's an eco-pacifist. Spock sees being on Romulus as a moral necessity. Picard makes bad life decisions and there is slack storytelling. Are Picard, Data and Spock speaking Romulan when they hang out on Romulus?

Spock knows something about bad guys. Sela is hostile and alienating. There are shifting alliances. Picard reacts hyperbolically. Sela makes shrill sounds and is always up to no good. Spock is understatedly profound. Picard has distressing dispassion. Picard has disdainful expressions and makes direct provocations. People like Sela do not listen to reason. Spock wants to normalise things between Vulcan and the Romulan Star Empire.

Riker has a propensity for playing the hero. This ep had an infamous blooper in which a crew member was reflected in a prop. They've fixed that blooper. Romulans love gray clothing and bad haircuts. Spock wanders around Romulus unnoticed. Or does he? What is it with Romulans and massive shoulder pads? Spock plans a global movement. TPTB want to rub in that Picard had a better relationship with Sarek than Spock. The Romulans think themselves the intrinsically superior centre of the galaxy and want to overpower Vulcan. Will Picard shut up? He lacks personal decency.

This was innocuous. Picard does not cherish or care for his crew. Picard is crass and Sela has unrelenting hostility. This was contrived and there is no irrational reconciliation. A friend of 80 years betrays Spock. This has no mighty significance. Where's the bright implied future of 'TOS'? Sela plans a existential threat: the Romulans plan to invade Vulcan. This ep was not an acclaimed achievement. Does Spock miss the self-ironising Kirk? I'm deeply unimpressed by Picard. Sela and her malignity is seething. She relies for her self image on a certain amnesia.

Picard has righteous indignation and sombre pseudo intellectual piety. Troi is useless. This was not meaningful. Spock wants to be a unifying force. Romulans = disputatious. Things would end badly for them. Spock choses to stay on Romulus. This was not highly engaging. There is no moral accountability, no moral language or reasoning. This was deathly ponderousness. What does Picard contribute to the world? There is no apparent adoration of Spock's era. By the time of 'Star Trek: Picard': Spock and Romulus are a memory.

Best Lines:

“Another captain of the Enterprise I once knew.”

“History is aware of the role you played.”

“Generations of distrust.”

“Must eventually come.”

“Vulcan seperation.”

“Which husband?”

“I've tried to make it sound Vulcan: a lot of unnecessarily long words.”

“Very difficult to get us out.”

“Finally to be heard.”

“Speaking with another man's voice.”

“I will miss the arguments, they were finally all we had.”

“Respect in battle.”

“It was I who committed Captain Kirk to that peace mission. And I who had to bear the responsibility for the consequences to him and to his crew.”

Drink Me

It's a fraught moment. Jacob's out of jail. One feels deep hatred for Jacob and Sophie. Jacob will deny Beth her name even in death. One feels obvious disgust for Sophie and Jacob; who are never supportive and affectionate to Kate. Alice rages. Things are ill-omened. There are bad cirumstances which are made infintely worse by bad choices.

There are unresolved conflicts and there is a vampire in town. Sophie and Jacob made such terrible decisions. Nocturna vamps. Kate endures and endures. Jacob and Kate have a toxic pathology. The vampire is a malign presence. This was okay if not fateful. Sophie has no accountability. She's such a bitch. It's not possible to feel any pride in how Sophie has lived her life. Jacob is not overtly concerned. The vampire uses K. Jacob runs the Crows soley for his own benefit. He has insistence on his own rightness.

Kate has vulnerability. Jacob feels no responsibility to his daughters. He has no connotation of shame. There are no moral abstractions. Jacon never ever accepts responsibility. One loathes Sophie and Jacob.

Jacob has purifying zeal. Kate has a buried accumulation of anger. Jacob and Sophie are pernicious and vicious and are a moral problem. Sophie flirts with a woman in front in Kate. There do not have love across time. Kate has no harrowing sadness. Things are not painfully turbulent. Luke bores and Alice rages about Mouse. There is no moral purpose or purity. There is an uncertain future. Kate's idealised version of Beth is gone. There is no abundant charm. A stranger has come to town. Sophie and Jacob fail utterly. Jacob does not care to know Kate. Alice does cajoling. Why does Jacob stubbornly reject Kate?

Sophie is not worth holding dear nor is she a person of worth. I want Kate's cumulative rage to come out. Alice sets up Mary as a payback for being held accountable for her decisions. Jacob has obvious distain. There is lawlessness and Jacob cannot chose to do the moral thing. Jacob has nonchalance. Alice is fantastically boring. Jacob deserves punching and makes a tireless effort to be a fascist annoyance as he tosses Sophie out of the Crows. He's not emotionally complex just satanic. Mary knows Kate is Batwoman. Sophie and Kate make out. Jacob is grossly ineffective.

Best Lines:

“The wrong Beth lived.”

“Making an entire city your enemy.”

“No one wants to learn about zoning laws sober.”

“Checking out motel bedspreads.”

“Blood guzzling serial killer.”

“Two fanged meance.”

“Choose me for once.”

“I never will.”

“Kate's needy.”


A thief gone straight smugs and shags and surfs. An ocean resort is shady. She gets punched in the face. She's asked to help in a case. She has an ex who is an FBI agent. She mocks a fat guy and yells at POC. This was iffy with a twist. She steals a house, once murdered someone and gets a job as a fixer. This was so ew.

Best Lines:

“Cruising a hotel bar.”

“A few years without shanking anyone.”

“Camping out at that junk yard. “

“What's with the hostility?”

The Secret Of Macho Grande

There are more nazis. Enough with the nazis! This bored.

Best Lines:

“Looks appropriately ominious.”

“Crazy white people history.”

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