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Trailer, Quotes & Stuff

'The Boys' season 2 teaser

Blood, guns, violence and a horrendously cruel Homelander.

Spearmints – yum.

Milk chocolate with rose & pistachio – yum.

70% dark choc gin and tonic – mmm.

'Billy Madison' was unwatchable aimless idiocy and there is no reason why you should care.

'The Wedding Singer' was uninspired joy sapping.

I won't read 'The Mothers'.

'Agents Of SHIELD' was fanciful, fermented animosity and riled viewers.

My ex completely disengaged and stubbornly rejected me. I feel sadness and rejection. It's hard to get over. I mean nothing to him. My hope for an apology from my ex is gone. He was an inevitable disappointment. The wrongs and outrages done to me by the ex I once trusted. He has wilful disregard. There is an awful silence from him. I'm abandoned and forgotten. There is no possibility for reconciliation.

I want a ruby and platinum plaque ring and a diamond and fire opal dress ring. I want Valentino Born In Roma Donna perfume.

Loaf flour signatures are a thing?

TPTB yanked and unyanked 'The Germans' ep of 'Fawlty Towers'.

I'd try baked nectatines and choc mousse with sour cherry.

Feral chickens are wreaking havoc in Auckland?

Buffet breakfasts are a thing of the past.

'Dateline' Quotes:

“In a ditch somewhere.”

“Came with trouble.”

“Some of those impressions were not flattering.”

'Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich' Quote:

“Where the private jets are.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:
“Dropped with no apology.”

“How could he afford the things in his house?”

“You don't know what I do.”

“Financial restraint order.”

“Explained by assets.”

“Tainted items.”

“Enormous allegations.”

“This is what my son has amounted to.”


'Sky News' Quotes:

“Watching with concern.”

“Badly let down.”

'Talladega Nights: The Legend Of Ricky Bobby' Quotes:

“Tell us life lessons and stories about your childhood.”

“Help me Tom Cruise! Tom Cruise use your witchcraft on me!”

“Invisible fire.”

“Going downhill fast.”

“Help me Oprah Winfrey!”

“Tell us life lessons and stories about your childhood.”

“Someone didn't love you enough when you were little.”

“Acting like shiftless wild hobos.”

'What We Do In The Shadows' Quote:

“That thing needs to be gone.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Regional inaction.”

“Ideological crusade.”

“Irreversible decline.”

“Place no value whatsoever.”

“State conspiracy.”

“Reasonable rules.”

“Lives became unimaginably difficult.”

“Total and relentless exhaustion.”

“So little made sense anymore.”

“Imminent disaster.”

“Isolation and loneliness left me feeling totally alone in the world, abandoned and afraid of what the future would bring.”

“Chilling reality.”

“Suffered inordinately.”

“Desires to be protected against it.”

“Conditions exacerbated or created by all that we have been through.”

“Reconnecting our communities.”

“Tensions simmered.”

“Becoming more aggressive in their search for food.”

“Utter fatigue.”


“Rancid display.”

“Celebrated curmudgeon.”

“Aggrieved wannabe. And he's taking it out on the world.”

“Can find no word in my vocabulary to describe a creature as base as he.”

“Personal vendetta.”

“Explicit attempts to sabotage their work,”

“Shunned by a majority of people.”

“Muse openly.”

“Absolute terms.”

“Some time, possibly years, away.”

“Suggested a response as inadequate as the one that we've seen.”

“It wasn't a matter of if this was going to happen, it was a matter of when.”

“Nobody was paying any attention.”

“Intellectual devastation.”

“Once a premier organisation. It is not a prewar organisation any more.”

“Responsibility we have to wach other.”

“Nobody has robbed our hand-sanitiser from beside the door yet. I was expecting to lose it on the first hour of opening.”

“I'm good at taking compliments, in fairness to me.”

“Just a film. It never actually happened.”

“Would have the capability of doing it.”

“Did not want the stress of this scenario possibly playing out.”

“Seeking vengeance.”

“Not unaware of your judgment of it.”

“Made it abundantly clear that your comments are hurting, please stop making them.”

“Start changing your media intake.”

“Affecting the aesthetics of the future.”

“Performance of that emotion isn't deemed to be actually correct.”

“Anything you could conceivably react to.”

“Talks/shouts their subscribers.”

“Wealth-strewn lives;”

“Perform obnoxious pranks.”

“Prepared to put their lives at risk for the nation.”

“Annihilate all culture.”

“A DVD (how 2011!).”

“Highly disruptive of old ways and old elites.”

“Outsider's revenge.”

“Fixated with the unsavoury.”

“Sites of memory.”

“War flag.”

“Crotchety element.”

“Any divide is not necessarily generational.”

'Agents Of SHIELD' Quotes:

“Such an ugly person.”

“Escaping this horrible place.”

'Expedition X' Quotes:

“Screaming about conspiracy theories.”

“Made a provocative claim.”

“Look at this cool thing.”

“Night noise.”

'The Other One' Quotes:

“Why is she dressed like she works in a cattery?”

“I'm pissing wine!”

“I'm anti fresh air.”

'The Queen And The Coup' Quotes:

“Wise to British scheming.”

“Would not come free.”

“Scheme against me.”

'Strange World' Quotes:

“Mysterious mountain men living in their lands.”

“Walk the same terrain as the missing.”

“What might exist amongst us.”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“Wait lifetimes to see such manuscripts,”

“Earliest cities on Earth,”

“Something must have suggested talent.”

“Go and work in a shop like everybody else.”

“The myth of difference.”

“World thinks evilly of them.”

“Grubby episode, with tragic consequences.”

“Bleakness of his vision.”

“Losing confidence in their own cultural narrative.”

“Self-confident view.”

“Amoral pessimist.”

“Irresponsibility of its own people.”


“Refuses every opportunity to save himself until it is too late.”


“Clouting an abbot on the nose.”

“Venomous mass booing.”

“Trying to turn her life around before it's too late. That we know it is too late.”

“Vanished entirely from history.”

“The exceptional human who determines the course of events,”

“Deter them before they act.”

“Violence infects over generations.”



“Continue to hold him accountable.”

“Performing sincerity.”

“Held rather a negative view.”

“Sensed from her tone that this was not a good thing.”

'Tormented' Quote:

“Crotch Eating Bears.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Hospital level sanitisation.”

“Decontaminate the air.”

'The Wedding Singer' Quotes:

“You suck!”

“Licking the microphone like David Lee Roth.”

“I want them to be miserable.”

“Town nutjob.”

'Evil Online' Quote:

“Dirty talking to each other.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“People viewed you very differently, very quickly.”

“A screen for people's projections.”

“Struggles to have her career taken seriously.”

“Eliminated nostalgia.”

“Whose classic status looks to be assured the longer it has been off air.”

“Sinless soul.”

“Consoling morally certainty.”

“Sumptuously bleak.”

“Staunchest defenders.”

“Defiant supporter.”

“Resolutely unchanged.”

“Call to be listened to.”

“Perceived loss of status,”

“Unsolicited critical opinion.”

“Unsavoury traits.”

“Calamitous response.”

“Astonishing irresponsibility.”

“Dubious friend.”

“Global reckoning.”

“Persistent harassment.”

“Uniquely demanding.”

“Reacted in despair.”

“Pandemic B-movie.”

“Could hear coughing and crying through the thin walls.”

“Driven under police escort.”


“Without the subtlety, focus or dedication.”

“Seems to end in comical failure and/or pandemonium and disaster.”

“Horribly serious.”

“Leaving can be lethal.”

“Trying to trigger a fight.”

“Situation was escalating.”

“Could not see a future.”

“Actively managed.”

“Current grimness.”

“Remove him from criminal influences.”

“Venomous dispute.”

“The threat that rose from the rubble.”

“Outcast perspective.”

“Seize on discord.”

“Falsely portray himself.”

“Generational awakening.”

“Ominious development.”

“Resignation watch.”

“Hippie crack.”

“Appetite stimulant.”

“Utterly relentless.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

“Failed relationships with high-profile women.”

“Something very unpleasant happening in a toilet.”

“Strangely unconcerned.”

“Devil craft.”

'Lyric FM' Quotes:

“Threw a chair at Nora.”

“All spirit of creativity is completely banned.”

“Might have had a different fate.”

'The Queen's Big Night Out' Quotes:

“Destined for the throne.”

“Doomed to fail.”

“Ill advised love affair.”

“Country will never accept it.”

“War leader.”

“Piles of burnt deck chairs.”

“One chance to go wild.”

“Drunkness, fighting and pick pocketing.”

'RT' Quotes:

“Really have nothing better to do?”

“Dictatorial control.”

“Absurd theories.”

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