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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Ghosts Of War' trailer

Brenton Thwaites v nazis and ghosts. Maybe.

'Witches In The Woods' trailer

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Maybe.

'Stargirl' 1x05 promo


'Murder In The Outback' 1x04 promo


'Prodigal Son' promo

He necks pills and how did he get into the FBI?

'Prodigal Son' promo

A serial killer is arrested and his tormented son gurns.

Best Line:

“Psychotic inclinations.”

'Prodigal Son' promo


'Murder In The Car Park' promo

A new true crime series about an axe murder.

'The Hunt' clip

The kitchen fights goes on and on and on and on and on. It's impressive and wildly successful.

Red currents – nice.

Orange juice – nice.

70% dark chocolate with lime zest & black pepper – okay.

Milk chocolate with Irish honey – okay.

Patria Memor.

My ex was vicious, cruel and abhorrent and he just lost interest in me.

''Googlekids' Quotes:

“Play with a puddle.”

“Puddle followed Bill into the Doctor's office.”

“That isn't real life.”

'Merlin' Quote:

“Blood guard.”

'Marple' Quote:

“I never speak lightly of murder.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Divergent approaches.”

“Self-regard is surely only second to his capacity for self-delusion.”

“Yet again exceed his constitutional constraints.”

“May even lead to public violence.”

“Grudging tone.”

“We're the only place that New Jersey looks down on. You can see the garbage dump from space.”

“Trying to pick up the story through overheard conversations with nearby drinkers who have just emerged from a screening.”

“Taken our peace...taken our joy.”

“Competing with each other shouting at the top of their lungs oblivious to everyone.”

“Start a calm discussion.”

“Stop telling us stuff and do something!”

“Professional rich person.”

“Differing views of the life activities.”

“Most feared man.”

“Eccentric quotes machine.”

“Don't understand their function.”

“Threatens to become his most dangerous rival.”

“Hate you even more.”

“Had a different surname.”

“Holiday hunger.”

“Mindful of changed environment.”

“It's made by House Of Creed. And Prince Charles wears it. It costs E280 a bottle.”

“Said some unprintable things about Boris Johnson and his special friend Dominic Cummings.”

“Sanitiser that smelled like vodka.”

“Hate you in six months too.”

“Distressing afflictions.”

“Offical silence.”


“Nothing really is their fault,”

“Went away when they should.”

“Are so deeply offended about.”

“Presented with such little conviciton that it was largely ignored.”

“Cross-community perplexity.”


“No explanation for that fear is necessary.”

“Some things simply do not deserve an honoured space in the public square,”

“Suspicious of heroes.”

“Knowing full well the consequences,”

“Needed no assistance to rouse the crowd.”

“Shouted from a passing car,”

“Felt harassed,”

'48 Hours' Quotes:

“Quaint family place.”

“Outcomes that are bad.”

“Evil mind.”

“Realise what was done.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Church friends.”

“You did nothing to help those conditions.”

'BBC News' Quote:

“Placed on a target list.”

'Harley Quinn' Quotes:

“Screw you better guy!”

“Troll that should be living in a well.”

“Dumb twisty twist.”

“I damn still am.”

“I killed that guy. Then everyone saw we me kill that guy. So i killed everyone. You gotta end the bloodline to prevent revenge killing.”

“The mayor upgraded us from nuisance to scourge.”

“Oooh! We skipped over meance?!?”

"Doing the this.”

“Not Appalachian hillbilly close.”

'The Purge: Anarchy' Quote:

“Protest posters.”

'What We Do In The Shadows' Quotes:

“Did you make a messy toilet again?”

“Street doo doo.”

“Knob lord.”

“Pale desperate wretches.”

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