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Movie Reviews: The Square + Filmworker + Night Comes On 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

The Square (2017)

There is screaming, foreign speak, Claes Bang of 'Dracula' and Elisabeth Moss of 'The Handmaid's Tale' in this dull tale of 'art'. This had no extraordinary resonance. The 'art' are abomininations are not fit to mention. This was especially mediocre.

Best Line:

“A zone of trust and care.”

Filmworker (2018)

This a documentary about Leon Vitali who was Stanley Kubrick's bitch. We see clips of dreadful films Vitali appeared in before he went to work for the up his arse Kubrick. People discourse without end on the dreadful Kubrick who Vitali formed a one man cult for. After Kubrick's death the obsessed Vitali was squeezed out. This was unexceptional and causes bemusement. Vitali comes across as an obsessive sad creepy man.

Best Lines:

“Doors are not easily opened.”

“Insolent Irish upstart.”

“Low bred ruffian.”

“You're not hitting him hard enough...we did it 30 times.”

“He makes me sad...chosen his path.”

“Dedicate his entire life.”

“Foaming at the mouth hysteria.”

“Peeing off the porch.”

“Like Leon didn't exist.”

Night Comes On (2018)


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