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Book Review: The Unsettling Stars

Star Trek: The Unsettling Stars by Alan Dean Foster

This is based on the JJ Abrams films, this was shelved for 10 years and maybe it should have stayed there. This badly written, exposition filled book is set after the 2009 film and sees the crew encounter a 'helpful' race with a horrifying motive leading to an escalating row. This was bereft of purpose and the characterisation is way off, I've read better fan fic on AOOO or LJ. This was wildly misjudged, wildly out of character, wildly dull and it was struggling and lost. McCoy so faultless in his loyalty to his undeserving friend Kirk is ill used. This was deathly dull and nigh unreadable. This was really truly awful. A Voyager probe features and the ship is not a functioning social unit.

Best Lines:

“If the science officer needed any further proof the doctor had been drugged, McCoy had just provided it.”

“Actual thinking was no longer required of them.”

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