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Blood & Treasure 1x03 + Star Trek 2x23 + Batwoman 1x12 Reviewed

Code Of The Hawaladar

The thief sluts and we get flashabcks to nazis. The priest spews exposition. There is death and rampant stupidity. This was boring.

The Omega Glory

The crew beam down to yet another pre warp planet and bother them. A crazy starship captain is turly insane and a generic shouting, screaming, angry man. Kirk uses the phrase: star captain. The aliens are divided into tribes called Yangs and Kohms and then there is the flag and the big speech and endless fistfights. Subtle this is not.

Best Line:

"Fought the war your Earth avoided."

Take your Choice

Jacob's still locked up and there is mumbling and Sophie plans to murder Alice. Mary bitches. Mouse screeches. How will this show work in season 2? The whole show revolves around Kate. Sophie is a bitch and this ep has no semblance of believability. Sophie has withering scorn and selfish indolence. There is narrative presposterousness that flaunts its improbability. Jacob gets shanked. Nobody bothers to tell Kate.

Evil pervades Gotham. Sophie is an all round loathsome human being. Alice lurks. Sophie has defiant intent and trenchant hostility and an unashamed commitment to being horrid, absolutely horrid. This ep was hopelessly inept and shamefully bad. Kate has impulsive responses and bad life decisions are made. Sophie is completely unapologetic.

One is bored of Alice's legitimate rage. Jacob gets his head shoved into a toilet and he is lectured by Alice's boyfriend. Jacob pretended to be a heroic figure. This was all general incompetence, this was not even somewhere around mediocre. There is no building drama. This was desperately bland. Jacob doesn't care about Alice's psychotic break or how she's emotionally wounded. This serves no good purpose.

Sophie does unwelcome meddling. I couldn't be less interested. Mouse's crazy dad shows up. Mouse and his dad discuss Alice like she's property. Mary fights Alice and is Mary ever in school? Sophie's life and purpose is to be smug, she responds gleefully. Catherine haunts Alice. Nice try TPTB. Nice try. Sophie has a nasty repuation as a leech, she's such a bitch and gets Beth killed. Why does Kate have extreme devotion to Sophie?

Best Line:

“I hope that guard won't miss his face.”

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