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Movie Reviews: The Most Hated Woman In America + Joy

The Most Hated Woman In America (2017)

This biopic of an infamous atheist agitator stars Melissa Leo, Josh Lucas and Vincent Kartheiser. This is a true story with hideous interior decor. Madalyn (Leo) was a useless, chaotic, slowly self-destructing burden who met a bad end in 1995 and whom nobody missed.

All Madalyn's energies and attentions were trained towards atheism and being a 'free spirit'. She was argumentative and woefully entitled and police didn't care she was missing. She was self important with flagrant disregard and astonishingly assured when when abducted at gun point by a greedy disgruntled man she fired. She was exacting. Her eldest estranged son (Kartheiser) wasn't extremely concerned or distressed.

Madalyn annoyed with ferocious zeal. Her story began in 1955 when she had a bastard son and annoyed her father by having another and joining in Jim Crow protests. This tries for moral equivalence. She ended up in a bad situation. She also took on tv preachers and in 1960: she used to law degree to go into social work. She yelled at her parents despite living with them. She berated teachers and sued to get prayer out of school.

Her ex-associate was the abductor. She ran a non-profit and had off shore accounts as she was embezzling money. She did this whilst protesting nativity scenes. She got custody of her estranged eldest son's daughter. They were one weird family. A reporter was contacted to draw attention to Madalyn's vanishing. She got daily death threats. What are dummy trusts?

In 1961 – there was Vietnam and she was a rule breaker. Her son was bullied by teachers and pupils. She caused large scale agitation and in 1964 – she got fired and she had no emotional intelligence. Her father died off screen. Money poured in to her cause. There were more odd family dynamics. There were odd levels of interaction and an angry resentful man. She caused hurt and resentment.

Madalyn failed to show affection and appreciation. She didn't dispense great wisdom or spiritual guidance. There was desolation and despair and no self reflection. Madalyn was on Johnny Carson and her hubby divorced her. This is no lovely anarchy. She had dogged pushiness. Her mother died offscreen. The rebel son drinks and looks younger than his younger brother.

How did Madalyn get custody of her grand-daughter? She appeared on Donahue and was a raging hypocrite. The eldest son went to AA and got god in 1984. Madalyn had an empthy deficit. This tale was told in bitty flashbacks. She hired the convict who would eventually kill her. The vacuous felon was morally lost and confued. Madalyn seemed permamently angry.

When the criminals had Madalyn, her younger son and grand-daughter held hostage in a motel room – why didn't they try to escape? In 1994 Madalyn celebrated winter solstice and she was notorious. The ex con got drunk and spewed his plan. There is a time of turmoil and the ex con is dangerous. Madalyn shamed him and dragged up his man whoring IN PUBLIC. How she made enemies of them all.

Madalyn's particularly bothersome and the murders aren't shown – mostly. In 1998 we see news footage of the discovery of the bodies. She faced a reckoning. There was rising resentment and did the son care about his dead daughter? There was another murder and somebody stole the money they murdered for from the murderers/thieves. The money has never seen found. Peter Fonda and Rory Cochrane co starred in this.

Best Lines:

“Building a better Texas.”

“Whose weeds you're pissing in!”

“Interesting living arrangement.”

“Don't you disobey your mother!”

“Why would I do that?”

“Not my life anymore.”

“Spiritual revolution.”

“I don't believe in prayer.”

“Hasn't spoken to his family in years.”

“Here comes the hate mail.”

“Expelled prayer from schools.”

“At it again.”

“I'm an awfully big body to hide!”

“Hidden accounts of yours.”

“Some freak put me in the hopsital.”

“To much protest.”

“A devil among us.”

“Overpowering shadow of mother.”

“Fighting the world.”

“Greatest motive of all: greed.”

“Getting wealthy by hating god.”

“I wish I could pray for her.”

“My mother pissed off a lot of people.”

“Rich dying athesists.”

“See anybody laughing?”

“No real effort to find them.”

“I can't say that I'm sorry that she's dead.”

“No prayers. She wouldn't have wanted that.”

Joy (2015)

Joy is a creative inventor with a useless mother, an aggravating father (Robert De Niro) and an unhelpful grandmother. She has children and an ex and a bitchy half sister. Joy invents a mop and nobody helps her. There is a happy ending. I didn't care.

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