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Stargate Universe Ep 6 Review


The ship’s water reserves run critically low due to alien bugs and the crew attempts to harvest ice from an ice planet. Rush reveals that the ship isn’t fully recharged despite flying through a sun last week. Young and Scott stagger around an ice planet which is obviously a set and they wear space suits which were conveniently found on the ship.

Speaking of Young, all of a sudden he is healed. In the first ep he was thrown violently through the stargate and clear across the gate room on the other side. He had a head injury, a seizure, neuropraxia, cracked ribs and bruises. In fact he was so seriously injured that he couldn’t walk for the better part of a day and then he had to use a gun as a crutch. And all of a sudden he’s on an away mission on an ice planet?!?

TJ is left in command to deal with whining civilians, the useless Chloe, alien bugs from the sand planet and the sulking Eli. There is a blatant rip off of ‘The Abyss’, Young is suddenly antagonistic, the bugs plot was already done by ‘The X Files’ in its first season and there is way too much Young/Scott grunting. It you listen to their scenes with your eyes closed it could be slash fic. This was dull. Still I like TJ getting to command but Eli needs to shut it.

Best Lines:
“The last planet I was on exploded.”

“I have a problem with everything you just said.”

“Not that I’m counting but this is the third time in almost as many weeks you’ve been willing to kill yourself.”

“And Sergeant? No torching.”

“That’s good thinking. There’s no way the bullets will ricochet into your ass.”

“Millions of tiny flying razor blades floating around the ship like piranha.”

“That’s just as stupid, Sir.”
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