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Movie Reviews: Uncovered: The Cult Of Yahweh Ben Yahweh + Colette

Uncovered: The Cult Of Yahweh Ben Yahweh (2019)

Where the cult went, death followed. A cult showed up. How it formed and where the leader came from isn't really explained, it just shows up fully formed. I think I saw the 'FBI Files' ep about this cult. He cleaned up the ghetto but there is talk of sex, disillusioned members and multiple murders.

There is talk of defections and schisms and hostile gestures and this was not going to be a good situation. There was social disorder and the cult took over an apartment complex. What is racketeering? There were trials, the cult leader was acquitted in one trial but still served time and is now dead. A replacement leader took over. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Gonna have some problems.”

“Ritualistic ear cases.”

“You can't convict god.”


“Convinced these people to follow him.”

“Run that guy down.”

“Wasn't to be messed with.”

“Look angry.”

“Not the holy man he said he was.”

“Sought retribution on them.”

“Go bust in there.”

“Bizarre acting.”

“Room of understanding.”

“The crib was on fire.”

Colette (2018)

Fiona Shaw appears in this biopic of the French writer. We see a cat. This film begins in 1892 and Colette has plaits and is to marry a man with a glued on heard. He's her gentleman caller and she has no dowry and they frollick in a stable. In 1893 they are married and where is her cat? Did they have toothpaste in 1893? There are jokes about the Eiffel Tower and parties.

Colette sees a tortoise covered in diamonds on a tray. Why? Let it go! What became of it? The couple attend salons. Her husband does reviews and has a 'literary empire' but no money. He publishes novels that others wrote. Her husband is a sexual velociraptor.

He has no money and isn't extremely supportive of her writing. He's selfish and reckless. In 1895 he is ever more useless with money and she wears her hair up. She writes her school stories as the wolves are at the door. There is metafiction and she writes in French. Her hubby is jealous and says her book is too feminine. There is singing. In 1898 – there is no sign of children but there are balliffs. The book 'Claudine' is published and is a sensation and even a nun reads it. Her hubby gets credit.

The wife is left outside as he talks business. She wrote herself into history. Yawn. The literary salon types are affected and whimsical. No character is afforded much by way of development or traits. Revelations make absolutely no impact coming from characters we haven't encountered before or don't care about.

Best Lines:

“Seeking to say something profound.”

“The wild days are done.”

“Just amuse yourself for a moment.”

“What one does.”

“Enough filth for the great unwahsed.”

“She never wears a corset.”

“Sublime talent.”

“More spice, less literature.”

“She's not a disreputable woman!”

“She's no rival to you!”

“I have up my inheiritance for you!”

“What's he done to upset you?”

“How can we spend so much money?”

“Don't worry about the facts.”

“Sap is rising almost indecently.”

“Louche sells.”

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