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Star Trek 2x21&2x22 + Star Trek The Next Generation 4x21 Reviewed

Patterns Of Force

This is the nazi planet ep. Why is McCoy always on the bridge?!? Isn't he Chief Medical Officer? Kirk and co look for a missing historian. They find he's meddled in a prewarp civilization and it now has nukes and nazis.

There are military confrontations and again the Prime Directive has been completely disrespected. The planet has been adversely affected. Kirk and co must thwart evil. Kirk and McCoy and Spock have camaraderie. McCoy uses implanted transponders for the 1st and only time and then later in the ep they are forgotten about. Kirk wears jeans which undercuts his mystique. What did Shatner and Nimoy think of this ep? They never said. There is bad acting and the historian is the fuhrer of the planet. Which makes you wonder what sort of nutter he was. Kirk does karate chops on nazis.

Kirk and Spock get a shirtless whipping, there is painfully obvious fake green blood on Spock and fake whip marks on Kirk. The whole prison scene is BDSM tinged and Spock and Kirk walk off their whippings. They hook up with rebels and get some cameras and lights to fake being a camera crew. Curing the planet's hatred and intolerance isn't mentioned. McCoy is beamed down with no medical kit. The absolutely merciless nazis will just shrug their beliefs off.

So many awful possibilities and so many traumas and disruptions are possible. There is an unexpected ally. The historian is killed off and the bullets miss Kirk somehow. How did the spacefleet not see the Enterprise? This was okay.

Star Trek, season 2, Patterns of ForceStar Trek, season 2, Patterns of Force

Best Lines:

“Attacked by a thermonuclear missile from a planet which should have no such weapon.”

“Defiled for the last time.”

“Cultural museum.”

“Evil psychotic men.”

“Not one of us.”

“Mind probe.”

“Pledge him our lives!”

“Lived for 5 hours while they walked past her and spat on her.”

“The eliminations have started.”


By Any Other Name

Evil aliens take over the ship. McCoy uses the phrase mind touch. Kirk yells at McCoy. Kirk stimulates aliens. This was silly.

The Drumhead

No ugly dress uniforms in this ep. Picard attending Spock's wedding is still not explained. Jean Simmons guest stars as a retired admiral who boards the ship to investigate possible sabotage. A Klingon officer on the ship is suspected of spying for the Romulans. This tries for a profound impact. Picard tries to be a moderating voice to the admiral who is brimming with hostility.

Worf slaps around a suspect. There is bad acting. The Klingons and Romulans are allying again? This is an enduring franchise. There is exposition and no JAG. Suspicion has poisoned the admiral's personality. People are much mistrusted. There is an ethical quandry and devastating perceptions and ambivalent feelings and people put in perilous positions.

Does the admiral enjoy provocation for its own sake? She takes a moral stand unopposed. Romulans are seen as a moral threat. Picard has growing concern. The admiral does not augment her reputation and uses a language of blame. There are impossible happenings and people are shocked and appalled and Picard's souring relationship with the admiral is greeted with dismay.

A minor character, Simon Tarses, is under suspicion. He never appeared on the show again but was very popular in the books. Picard is a hypocrite and reasonable points are made. Things get comically awkward as there is shouting. It is publically revealed that Tarses has a Romulan grandfather whom he claimed was Vulcan. How does he have a Romulan grandfather?!? It's never explained. How did the admiral find out the grandfather was Romulan?

There is intolerance and legitimate opinions shouted down and people are deemed to be on the wrong side of issues. The UFP has a constitution? There is erroneous rampant paranoia and disastrous hearings. Tarses was born on the Mars colony. Considering what happened to the Mars colony in 'Star Trek: Picard' – oops. Advocates of various positions are not favoured. Freedom is negated. The stars they supposed to yearn to explore aren't explored.

There is discriminatory harassment. Picard would have more Romulan problems in 'Star Trek: Picard'. Suspicion is combated. A 'Battlestar Galactica' season 1 ep was similar to this. Picard is openly criticised. There is deeply disturbing problematic speech and unwanted negative attention. People look for a guiding hand and Patrick Stewart makes a speech. Conspiracy theories flourish and there is a scene of chaos. Picard violated the Prime Directive 9 times?

The Borg are brought up and how Picard helped kill 11,000 people and destory 39 ships. There is an urgent and dire situation. The admrial has a freakout and something is deeply wrong with her. So her entire stand is undermined. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Powerful friends on the homeworld.”

“Spectre of conspiracy.”

“Subtle point of logic.”

“All that I am, I owe to him.”

“Did not make friends easily.”

“Covering a lie.”

“Re-evaluate behaviour.”

“Come onboard the flagship of the Federation and accomplish what he did without help from within?”

“Just because there was no sabotage doesn't mean there isn't a conspiracy on this ship.”

“Scurrying for the dark corner.”

“Travelling the stars.”

“I have no friends but I have a purpose.”

“They came to regret it.”

“I do not need your permission or your approval.”

“Now stands in ruins.”

“Carries the blood of a current enemy.”

“I was following orders.”

“Stood proudly on the bridge of a Romulan ship.”

“Consort with Romulans!”

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