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Movie Reviews: Leave No Trace + The Boys From Brazil + Murder On The Orient Express (2017)

Leave No Trace (2018)

Ben Foster stars and is a woodland recluse who lives with his daughter in the woods. They're inextricable. There is a sense of despair and they see prison inmates on work release and they nervously ready themselves to run. He stifles her creativity and she's hungry and what she does for tampons whilst living in the woods is never explained. This life is an imposition on her. They have no future hopes just a self-restricting life of eternal vigilance.

They live in a tent in a park. They go to town for supplies. There are no cultural gatherings and they're deprived. They have a self image as survivalists through sheer resilence. They're actually near Portland but are not part of the cultural ecosystem.

Urgent questions need asking and the dad sells his VA pills to homeless men. They face daunting tasks and they've adapted to this reality. He has PTSD. One wonders about his psychologcal fitness and his well intentioned life. This film has a notable absence of women. Their life is all precariousness. Her mother is dead. This film is strangely devoid of women. They have solidarity and hide from people.

Then they face an unprecedented disrutption to their lives. They have a collective ability to live in socially unacceptable ways that imperil them. They're found and their precarious life ends and this wasn't innovative. They cannot engage collectively and one is not fully feeling this. They're deeply entwined. He has no desire to do anything and is disconnected and has a lack of connection and is all stillness and slowless. Living a normal life elicits agitation and unease and turmoil.

There is stuckness and inertia and isolation. She is briefly in foster care and she doesn't want to be called homeless. There is a sense of resilience and self-preservation. Her father taught her to read and write. They face complications. People worry about their emotional wellbeing and people express concern and he had disruptive losses and there are social consquences and negative experiences. The less silence is left.

They are reclusive kin. This was not a satisfying emotional punch or an expectedly sincere existential contemplation. There is an unnerving quality about the dad. This was not wildly imaginative. Dad is outstandingly irritating. Dad is frustrated and angry – they want her to go to school. They're actually part of the community. The looks they get, the perception.

There is coercion by the father. The dad is unstable and she joins the FFA. He's not reconcilable with life so he runs off and drags her with him. This was unimaginative. Dad is hostile and encourages distrust and is rampantly paranoid. There is recklessness and ludicrousness. He endangers her life and he's aggrieved and he injures himself. He dun fall down. The end up in a trailer park . Did people not look for them? He plans to run again. She stays. It ends.

Best Lines:

“Do it well.”

“Makes him act strange.”

“Tools and important papers.”

“I wasn't where I was supposed to be.”

“Why else would you be living in the woods?”

“Think about things that are too bad to talk about.”

“Not a crime to be unhoused.”

“Would not be pleased with that.”

“Devotional dance.”

“Believe certain things about you.”

“How important are their judgements,”

“Did you even try?”

“Not that kind of trouble.”

The Boys From Brazil (1978)

Gregory Peck and James Mason star in this take on the Ira Levin movel. Laurence Olivier, Lili Palmer, Denholm Elliot and Steve Guttenberg co star. Josef Mengele (Peck and his black boot polish hair) clones Hitler. No reallly.

A nazi hunter (Olivier) dismisses a tip from Guttenberg about nazis plotting in South America. Peck is scary in a white suit and whiteface makeup. Olivier derides and Peck is an ominious character. There are contrived plot turns and Peck looks down with contempt.

The nazi hunter is an idiot who doesn't listen. Nothing good came out of this. Nazis run around and the the hunter is not inquisitive. This was not intriguing and the boy clones are being groomed for something nefarious. This will only end in misery. Nobody seems overly concerned about nazis. There is no raging curiosity. People act embarassed to be seen with the nazi hunters because they are jerkasses.

There are grim thoughts and this causes a lack of enthusiasm. The nazi hunter is widely derided and the nazis run free as karma houdinis. Peck has a board of crazy. The clones are obviously evil child(ren). There is exposition and obvious fake blood. Peck monlogues at the ridiclious ending. The nazi hunter smokes in his hospital bed. Bruno Ganz and Prunella Scales were in this!

Best Lines:

“Run to the American embassy.”

“Hate to bother such a famous nazi hunter as yourself.”

“What does he want? Applause?”

“Men of minor authority.”

“Killing this old mail man.”

“Undistinguished company.”

“Young Jewish Defenders.”

“Shut up you ugly bitch!”

“So god like a father.”

“Oh man, you're weird!”

Murder On The Orient Express (2017)

Kenneth Branagh is Poirot and looks like a fool. Poirot talks of a lost love. Penelope Cruz, Derek Jacobi, Michelle Pfeiffer, Judi Dench, Willem Dafoe, Olivia Coleman, Daisy Ridley, Johnny Depp and Sergei Polunin co star. WHY didn't the arch criminal notice who his fellow passengers were? This was bad and there was a sequel hook. NO!

Best Lines:

“Three religions bent on riot.”

“Your capers.”

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