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The Flash 6x18 + The Cult Of The Family 1x03 + Supergirl 5x18 Reviewed 👎🤮🤢🤮🤢👎😠

Pay The Piper

Barry mumbles and tantrums. Joe bores, I wish he'd go away. The gang have finally figured out the mirrorverse deal. Godspeed shows up, wasn't he from the future? Will Ralph the dudebro piss off? Pied Piper is needed to help the gang but he hates Barry. Drama queen. Killer Frost is injured. She pants over Ralph. Oh FFS! The writers want us to know what a Nice Guy Ralph is and how Pied Piper is just a drama queen who needs a good beating.

Barry tantrums and never does any work. Various people do boring motivational speeches that bore. 'Crisis' has had no more seismic change than the limp rag that was Flashpoint. Cisco whines. Dude leave the show already, nobody would miss you. This was ghastly. Someone kill Pied Piper! He's a selfish evil meance who needs shooting. Godspeed shouts like a Power Rangers baddie. The mirrorverse baddie and plotline bore.

There is a smashy smash finale and this was unforgivably bad. This show has became catastrophic and Barry is all severity of moods. This ep was tonally jarring and Pied Piper is not impressively repulsive and Barry is all unintentional creepiness. So much for moral destiny.

Best Line:

“Good for you. You did something.”

In Search Of Justice

The cult was a formative and all encompassing experience. There is talk of adoption fraud and no vague sense of normality. Anne was awful and adversarial. There was no credible legal action just nefarious incidents, bitter whsipers and hissed accusations.

There was no harmonious domestic life. Anne arranged an icepick lobotomy for a cult member. Why was there such zealous collective belief and personality dynamics and lack of rationality concerning Anne? This ep was not revelatory. There were unpalatable decisions and this was a wannbe searing depiction. There were major implications and Anne was the mastermind behind all of this.

There was no utopian pursuits just evil crazies scheming behind the scenes. Why did people not dare contrdict Anne? Legal charges were undoable for reasons. This was not eerily brilliant and a former FBI agent speaks.

When arrested, Anne was balding and looked like a melted Donatella Versace and had teeth that made her look like she could eat apples through a tree. Cats are seen in vintage footage and Anne and her useless husband got bail after being returned to Australia. One nutjob supporter still supported her and one 'child' now grown invited Anne and her useless husband to her wedding! FFS!

There were sullied reputations and this was not substantive. Indisputable facts were ignored as were the serious implications. Anne got a new wig and lawyers and had escalating responses and intentional actions. This ep drives you to distraction. A judge called a charge trivial and Anne amugged. The verdict came in 1994 and the cult still supported her. Morons. There was no jail just fines and the judge was paltry. There was 90s hair.

There were cats and pretty scenery and adults knew what was going on and did nothing. People wonder how the cultists fell for it. A man abandoned his son to the cult. There is talk of failure, adoption and trust. We see footage of a newborn ward where babies slept in shopping baskets. Anne's burk husband died.

There was no headstone for Anne's hubby. Someone promised money for loyalty to the cult didn't get it and that made him turn on the cult. Scumbag. Anne's hubby disregarded his 4 children aka his real family from his 1st wife. One sect 'child' became a doctor. We see footage of Anne on a tv show yelling about lies.

Anne and his followers berated their victims. Anne got dementia and died in an age care facility and her followers sold off her real estate empire. The vile greedy scumbag smirked about the abused not getting any money. The sect members fight over her money. A jug earred cop thinks little of Anne. The 'kids' are now parents themselves.

The scumbag changes his name and seeks out his birth mother's family and he looks and dresses like a drug dealer. Anne lied and denied before dying at 98 in 2019. No headstone for her either.

Best Lines:

“Practicing certificate.”

“Owned by religious movements.”

“Something bad had happened to us.”

“Saying nasty things at us.”

“Never ever give evidence against us.”

“Made a fundamental mistake.”

“We've got the bitch.”

“Deeply ashamed of my grandmother.”

“Powers from the devil.”

“On and on it goes.”


“Sect case.”

“No justice.”

“She needed things to love. Little things.”

“Powerful people really didn't want this known about.”

“Terrified of Anne's retribution.”

“How much sorrow could I have stopped?”

“Never saw any sign of what was to come.”

“Demonstrated such monstrous behaviour.”

“My father saw through it relatively early.”

“I'd like to think I'm over it now.”

“Lunatic cult.”

“Hurt by some bad people.”

“Chose to abandon their family.”

“Hit you across the room...deny you food for days.”

“Rev up signals.”

“Talking about experiences doesn't heal anything.”

“Lack of love's still there.”

“Trained to spend every moment serving others.”

“Paid for it!”

“Level of honesty that she wants.”

“I would not make them again.”

The Missing Link

Fat Sean Astin guest stars. Brainy screams and there is no emotive atmosphere. Kara and her annoying platitudes is irksome. Kara badmouths Lena. Shut up bitch. Kara does abandonment of her friends: James and Lena. Kara needs a smack in the mouth. This was not incredibly satisfying. Kara and Nia have Luthor Derangement Syndrome. William bores. Andrea yaps.

Kara is bigged up. She ruined this show when she brought in her seksbuddy Mon-El. This show is worsening. Nia bitches. There is no social responsibility and Alex is useless. Kara has no sense of decency. She's fiercely opposed to Lena. Kara is morally indefensible. TPTB have conditioned us to expect somewhat low standards. Kara's not contrite for her crap.

Kara misinterprets everything and brushes off troubling altercations and is a malcontent. This was a spectacular failure. Kara treats Lena with derison. Kara's a bimbo. Nia stole her sister's birthright. Kara tantrums and a boring untalented guest star blows up the DEO. There is bad acting. Can Kara just not act like a massive c word.

Best Lines:

“How grateful?”

“Consider finding the door.”

“Freeing us from rage.”

“Do not waste my time with this again.”

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