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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Scooby-Doo!' ad

From Playmobil. I kinda want this.

'Murder In The Outback' promo


Smirnoff Cola – no.

Strawberry & Guava wine seltzer – nasty.

Gin Spritz with tonic water & a grapefruit citus twist – no.

My ex turned into a resentful stranger. My ex is conspicuous by his silence. My ex's absence is a pervasive theme. My ex did a complete abandonment of me. How could he abandon me? My ex treated me with disinterest and disrespect and there is still no declaration of remorse from my ex.

24 years since 'TNG' ended.

Horror vacui.

Recall pogs?

Saw the SpaceX launch.

I recall Liffey Valley shopping centre. Haven't been there in 12 years.

RIP Richard Herd.

Vir simplex.

'Porterhouse Blue' was sexist bilge.

What is salt paste?

I want Emerald & Diamond Art Deco drop earrings and a lavender candle and a rainbow locket gold, sapphire and diamond braclet with charms.

What are marsh rats?

What is falcon racing?

There's a Dutch school without lessons?

What is air based meat?!?

The 'Dracula' ballet was not good.

I'd cry cucumber ice cream and sea salt, rosemary & pine nut icecream and strawberry salad icecream. I'd also try tomato and white peach icecream and blood orange & bergamot icecream and an apricot noyau icecream. I'd try butter brioche with black truffle and sugar and orange zest. I'd try green lemon ice cream. I'd try lychee & bean, olive oil with sea salt and strawberries & mint gelatos. I'd try roast tomato traybake and tomato toasts with dukkah. I'd try blackberry & thyme infused, black garlic infused white balsamic vinegar.

What are cerise, abricot, cassis, groseille and nocciola?

What are salty chocolate sable biscuits? What are loquats? What are Vietnamese pancakes?

'Strange World' was an okay paranoia fest.

Best Lines:

For some ominious purpose.”

“Charged word.”

'The Southern Book Club's Guide To Slaying Vampires' Quotes:

“The responsibility of inheriting Great-Grandmother's silver,”


“The bane of the neighborhood.”

“All the care he showed.”

“We just read a wonderful book about life in a small Guyanese town in the 1970s.”

“She didn't mention that it was Raven: The Untold Story Of The Rev. Jim Jones And His People.”

“Endless hymns of praise.”

“Gratitude and praise came nonstop.”

“We are not a society that lets people roam around with no fixed address. Not anymore.”

“Takes her upstairs and does things to her for days.”

“As a child he sang French cabaret songs and covered his walls with words and phrases he found “pleasing to his ear”. Imagine his poor parents.”

“Once you've washed a man's underwear you realise the sad truth about hidden depths.”

“Praying that he hadn't been kidnapped by Moonies.”

“Ask why you look like A Street Person.”

“Chronically unable to read social cues.”

“A snake came out of the toilet in the garage room and she had to beat it to death with a rake,”

“The kind of grand home, suspended in a state of gracious decay, Patricia thought all the best Charlestonians owned.”

“Yet another epilogue updating the reader on the feud between the author and his subject.”

'Channel 4 News' Quote:

“Won't ever go away.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Seven days of grass left.”

“America has launched.”

“Growing fury.”

“The public's patience.”

'BBC News' Quote:

“New generation continuing to dream.”

'Celebrity Damage Control' Quotes:

“Went from megastar to punchline.”

“Stairstep her.”

“Maturational phases.”

“Sexual choices.”

“Too weird a name.”

“Most hated person in Hollywood.”

“Does not make mistakes.”

“2 worst possible people on earth.”


“With a shifty past.”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“Crap dog.”

“A woman can only scoop so much poop.”

“Rings of the dead.”

“Sniff a butt you don't know.”

“I'm embarrassed to have it in my viewing history.”

“Took him from his mother forever.”

'AEW' Quote:

“Beautiful glorious violence.”

'Space Force' Quotes:

“Committing mass shootings on the moon.”

“I don't understand what that is.”

“Re-entry capsules.”

“Shame on us.”

“Not nice.”

“He has a different morality.”

“NASA riddled with ex nazis.”

“Banana there!”

“No die.”

“Got to stop wiring money to scammers.”

“No smash!”

“Drill for banana!”

“Giant metal space friend.”

“Resist the enemy at all costs.”

“Dog eating bastard.”

“Do not go willingly.”

“Steaming pile of vomit.”

“My history teacher gave me a c. So I planted drugs in his desk. And now he lives under a bridge like a troll.”

“Ability to chug Mountain Dew.”

“The best restaurant in town also known as the strip club.”

“Own filtered urine.”

“Please defend it.”

“Your best is terrible.”

“Moon tent.”

“Feelings survey.”

“Triangle of spite.”

“Repress and displace everything.”

“Why am I in a cape? She knows we're not Avengers.”

“Try to scream slightly less.”

“Planet killing laser.”

“Scream into the darkness.”

“A zone of wonder.”

“People need feelings.”

“Mr scientist.”

“Why do you ask to be ridiculed?”

“Power in conformity.”

“Fight the poor kids in the neighborhood.”

“Regular shot.”

“Only the dead have seen the end of war.”

“I smell a nerd.”

“I hate him so much.”

“I understand.”

“Convict wife.”

“Morally questionable.”

“Don't be that way.”

“Sex is only for winners!”

“Sex visit.”

“Chased through the Bosnian woods by the entire Serb 3rd army.”

'48 Hours' Quotes:

“Looking for buzzards.”

“Fussing and fighting.”

“Create evidence for you.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Life admin.”

“Embracing responsibility.”

“Insidious duties.”

“Relentlessly blaming.”

“Simply hurl abuse in response.”

“People would lose their connection to dusk and its contemplative moments.”

“Undermine family togetherness.”

“Everything to fear some some who are charged with protecting them.”

“Veneration and honour.”

“Weird, infantile maniacs.”

“Rage and hate.”

“Violent escalation.”

“Preservation of the values, language and culture.”

“Prevent them stirring up discontent.”

“Difficult, violent and mentally impaired.”

“So short of shame.”

“Dark foreboding snapshot in time.”

“Real unacknowledged essential stuff.”

“Sometimes I wonder was Sorcha raised on this side of the city at all.”

“I'm glad I missed that. I might never have had another sexual thought again.”

“Concerned about the awful contemplative novels and (worse) theatrical monologues the pandemic is set to generate.”

“Every second he was onscreen i wanted to drag him out of the tv & beat him to death.”

“Arts workers will be forced out and likely never return.”

“Ranting about his ex-wife.”

“Meaning has recently been obscured in public discourse.”

“Wilfully misunderstand.”

“Reactionary bore.”

“Felt such a profound sense of isolation my entire life despite trying so hard to be part of the team.”

“Takes me to places where nobody else lives.”

“Not here to collect your pity.”

“Her critics – and there are quite a few, many of the venomous kind.”

“Most Renaissance paintings that featured women had them in groups of three, standing around naked and just holding random things for no apparent reason.”

“Validate the discovery.”

“Seemingly unending failure to prove its discovery actually worked.”

“We never hear if family members or friends are embarrassed by his actions.”

“Conform to society's view of who I am.”

“Erecting barriers between family members in their own homes.”

“Retail as recreation.”

“Social facilitation.”

“Falsification of cultural history.”

“Pre-failed state.”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“Because nobody sincerely seeks virtuous ends.”

“Conservatism was treated as a psychosis.”

“Oppression antennas.”


“Openly penitent.”

“Tudor ghosts of Hilary Mantel.”

“Their grandchildren will find them kitsch.”

“Sometimes one sentence is somebody's four-year PhD.”

“Deliberately inducing others to believe he is more capable and powerful because he dresses unconventionally.”

“Easy to hate.”

“Suggests that British foxes spread rabies.”

“Raged against the fading of imperial power. Yet they knew it to be inevitable.”

“None of the ministers involved would let him anywhere near the policymaking machine again.”

“Any narrative set in Elizabethan england must feature an apperance by Dr John Dee.”

“Everything is just so strange lately.”

“Amplification of that hate.”

“Alternative imaginings and parallel universes.”

“Mutual blame.”

“After been seen behaving strangely in a bathroom.”

“Errors of unfamiliarity.”

“Recreated dialogue.”

“Star variance.”

“Sod off.”

“Performative relatability.”

“A rabid enthusiasm for calling out supposed examples of intellectual property theft.”

“Seemingly sincere belief.”

“Made us question whom we idolise, and why.”

“Cultural dumbing-down.”

“Fethishises clean marble surfaces, artfully placed pot plants, barely thumbed books laid open on crumpled bedding; Diptyque candles burning next to stacks of glossy magazines,”

“Increased respect for medical science.”

“You can never change your nature or learn from mistakes, all your subsequent statements are invalid.”

“Dramatic dispalys of wine bottles.”

“A four-storey wine display above the bar with bottles picked out by young women suspended on wires-”


“Shared historical legacy.”

“Shared determination.”

“Purposeful action.”

“Never been a struggle that united all peoples of the world against a widely acknowledged common enemy.”

“Shattered the comforting delusion.”

“Appalled by the conformity and suspicion.”

“Adherence to the rules.”

“Covid-era hair.”

“Global public intellectual.”

“General will of the people.”

“Reliable, never-changing products designed for instant gratification.”

“No portable skills.”

“Bandit screens.”

“Rigid single-role flavours.”

“Authentic winemaking.”

“Clean taste.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:


“Amazingly churlish.”

“The joke or the setup is still fundamentally the same.”

“Saying and doing terrible things.”

“Rendered more glamorous in absentia.”

“Merciless precision.”

“Rueful reminiscence.”

“Frittered away the charm of the original.”

“Now that a movie such as The Hunger Games plays like a socialrealist documentary,”


“Gauge artists' popularity by their social media stats.”


“Haughty responses.”

“Relocation Act.”

“Vigorous criticism.”

“Malevolent fantasist.”

“An expression of popular will and collective agency.”

“Had a clear view of the sort of state they wanted.”

“Tried to impart some of his wisdom, accumulated from half a century of serving Plantagenent kings.”

“Lectured Henry from his deathbed ,”

“Anointing a child supreme ruler of an entire country does weird things to their psychological development.”

“Ostentatious courtly show.”

“One of thsoe television landmarks that seems to have fallen through the cracks of our cultural memory.”

“Canonic notion of a connected culture.”

“Battle of the narratives.”

“Not shown themselves to be allies.”

“They are vindictive. Even in death.”

“Dying in revolting wyas.”

“Making a tiresome point.”

“Being taxed the hell ot of it in LA.”

“No-sail order.”

“Threaten violence upon his own citizens.”

“Threatening language.”

“The extraordinarily long list of enemies that he had acquired during his decades in the public eye.”

“Don't scream too loud,”

“It's a disease lottery.”

“Look for trash bags moving by themselves,”

“Catch dogs.”

“Predictable derison.”

“Such informality would have undermined his authority.”

“Verbatim critique.”

“Obvious falsity.”

“Wilfully not work.”

“Reduced trust.”

“Educational potential.”

“Mountainous waves of moussed and lacquered hair.”

“The life-changing power of the right dress at the right time.”

“Had mothers like mine conficating magazines she featured in.”

“Plating up.”

“Theatre of the room.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

“Wretched multitude.”

“Thinking it's somehow acceptable.”

On 'Neighbours': Naomi is back and fatter than ever. This show has zero cultural capital anymore.

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