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Movie Review: I Am Legend (2007)

This is the chronically awful 3rd take on the classic novel. And it is no more faithful than the Charlton Heston and Vincent Price versions. A plague has ruined humanity and Will Smith goes nutozid. This was not deliriously enjoyable just ludicrous and implausible. This was made with varying degress of incompetence. Plague victims are inherently malign. Reshoots are obvious and there is no high drama or extreme emotions or inherent worth. Smith makes abysmally unwise chocies.

The last man on Earth is not alone. This tries for relentlessly grim and despairing. There is no admirable intensity. How is there running water and power in Smith's house? Smith antagonises everyone as he tries to fix the disaster which he helped create. This is not a feverish narrative.

Moon Bloodgood of 'Journeyman' plays Smith's doomed wife. As he hides from the survivors at night, how did he get from the tub into his bed? It's 2012 in the film, 3 years after the cancer cure went bad. There is no miserable terror. Smith makes very stupid decisions and this was not incredibly evocative. Smith is hoplessly alone with palpable longing and regret and he persists in the pursuit of a cure.

This was perpetual nonsense. This fails to deliver fully on the promise. This was wretchedness. Smith is despairing and has an aggressive approach. Smith's cirumstances drastically and inexplicably changed. How did it sweep across the world? This was eerily premonitory in some ways. There is nothing intelligent going on here. Wouldn't the petrol go off? How is he broadcasting? Why do people say the plague victims have rabies? They're vampires!

Best Lines:

“If anyone is out there...”

“Decreased aggrssion response.”

“Make the monsters go away.”

“They're sealing off the island.”

“Is it airbourne?”

“Military quarantine.”

“God be with us.”

“Once hailed.”

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