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Movie Reviews: Doom + The First Purge + Red Joan + They Remain

Doom (2005)

This is a nigh-unwatchable movie version of the crappy videogame. A young looking Dwayne Johnson and Karl Urban of 'The Boys' run around in this underlit cheap looking dreck. This was not a dark exploration of macho swagger. There are low standards, a dystopian Mars and this was not a terrifying insight into the ugly side of humanity.

This was not a completely believable universe. There is no painful insight just demons and monsters and bad lighting and militaristic men. There are so few women in this film which is a male dominated militarized hegemony. The story is told within a militaristic framework and there is no familiar reality just marching automatons. There are no conflicitng loyalties just idiocies and a BFG. Reaper (Urban) and Sarge (Johnson) brawl in profoundly irritating bad lighting while yelling exposition. There is bad acting in this trash hole film which costars Rosamund Pike, Ben Daniels of 'The Exorcist' and Dexter Fletcher.

Best Lines:

“So Reaper? As in Grim?”

“How come they're so dead?”

The First Purge (2018)

This 4th 'Purge' film is a prequel. We learn how it all began and one is not incredibly invested. We see news footage of protests and some signs are blurred. Why? People look as if they are auditioning for the role of shifty pantomine villains.

A 3rd politican party: The New Founding Fathers rose and the POTUS appears to be a NFFA member. This tries for chilling similarities with current day events. The Purge (not called that until the end of the film) is an experiment in legalised crime or so TPTB say.

The Pope and French president condemn it. This tries for a prophetic tone. The Purge is meant to be a social outlet or so they say. People have to sign up to take part. People convey their concerns. Many leave rather than take part. There is green screen and taking part in the Purge isn't the best course of action. Drug dealers lurk as do 3 older guys. There would be continued participation in the Purge for 26 years, which was justified leading to escalating violence. Risk wasn't calculated and responsibly assessed.

As the Purge begins, things are drama free. But attacks escalate and threaten stability. There is failure to control the violence and an almost complete breakdown in trust. The community is in a fragile state. There are no questions as to the validity and lawfulness of the Purge. People react unfavourably. People are legally permitted to use force. People make bad excuses in a still worse cause. There is no amused admiration. The Purge is a dubious ritual.

There is excessive excuse making and rowdy argument. The Purge had unfortunate popularity. Why did the Purge have an offical flower? People wear contacts to record the Purge night. A crazy woman with a sign is seen.

People seek sanctuary in a church, there is 'Halloween' poster and unprecedented situations and difficulties. The Purge is not a positive measure. There is a real sense of isolation and the Purge will bring about great change. What are weapons of Class 4? There is beightened anxiety and people say the Purge is “necessary”.

There is the inevitable burning drum and drones. The bridge is closed and there is additional fear and a crazy man and difficult challenges and a long term impact and toll. A guy tries to rob an ATM and gets stabbed. This was not insightful and convincing. There is widespread reflex hostility and deeply concerning things happen. The night is well lit and people are horrified that elected representatives pushed this.

Is there no reputational damage to America from this? Debate is sparked and threats grow and there is atonement, pride and guilty debate. There are also IEDs and people imploring a rethink. The Purge is not a quirk of history. People have Purge parties and there are signs of desperation. Inital confidence and optimisim prove horribly misplaced. The Purge is a huge generational change. This is a grimly ironic grim milestone.

A sign says 'Pray Not Purge'. There is a serious response and brzen interference and this was not comprehensible. This was hardly convincing and no unifying set of principles or values. The Purge is not a collective vision. But it is a transition. There is no sustained focus. This went from regional and local to national. There is no sense of cohesion. At the end it is ensured that all citizens can participate and 'derive' the full benefits. There is no strong engagement. People are impacted and this is not fair or equitable or inclusive or participative.

There are specific place based solutions. Women fight in their underwear. People can't identity solutions. There is a particular and sutained focus on certain residents. There are killing opportunities for all. Acceptance of the Purge is sped up. There is diversity of inputs and no strategic decisions. There is some unnecessary groping.

There are frustration points and women sexually mistreated and the Purge happens openly and Purgers wear masks. The Purge does not psychologically soothe. The implementation of the Purge leads to the church being massacred as morals are revoked. The Purge was not borne of necessity. This is just a people hunt. A woman is doggedly curious. People never had a choice. This was not subtle. TPTB want to dramatically curtail the poor. People shout slogans.

There is excessive and indiscriminate use of force and utter disregard for human rights. The drug dealers protect the people. There is death and tensions escalate and there are unprecedented moves and widespread criticism and extraordinary measures which are claimed to be necessary. Here are secret overtures and no rules based order. Things gets particularly aggravating and there is a cold and ruthless pursuit and indifference and breaches of trust and no insight into the harm caused.

Nothing is resolved and the intention is to cause grave offence and stir up hatred. This seizes every opportunity for distraction. Heroes are unscathed and this was a completely delirious fantasy. There is no moral authority and Marisa Tomei's character deeply regretted noting something. I'm sure she was very sorry for getting involved in the Purge. There is adversity and more to come.

Best Lines:

“Deemed ineffective.”

“We never have anything for anything.”

“Who are you angry at?”

“Purge. Interesting term.”

“You may have a chance to purge soon.”

“Are you an angry person?”

“Who ain't?”

“Drug and street gangs.”

“Their fists are raised.”

“Do not purge!”

“A lot of people have a lot of concerns.”

“Without worry of consequence.”

“A freeing violence?”

“Ain't got no money.”

“Protect what needs protecting.”

“Put money in their pocket.”

“Why is there blood on the floor?”

“Stash house.”

“Hooking school, working the corner for the past week!”

“Works my corners.”

“Sick of struggling.”

“Destroy this community.”

“Stay far away from us.”

“Last bus off the island.”

“Candlelit vigils happening all over the country.”

“Last ferry left minutes ago.”

“Night America needs.”

“A Nation Reborn.”

“For our country.”

“You see me NFFA?!?!”

“Christmas in March.”

“Violence fighting violence.”

“Basic tenets of morality.”

“It's starting.”

“How and how much.”

“Purge party.”

“There's nothing happening.”

“Find that psycho.”

“Purgers everywhere.”

“Where are these gangs coming from?”

“I don't know how to die.”

“Never to step foot on this island again.”

“Badasses for hire.”

“Purging going on all over the city.”

“Something needed to be done.”

“Sell this on a countrywide scale.”

“I thank you.”

“American people don't need this.”

“This night will not win.”

“Off each other.”

“Make that footage disappear.”

“No! I'm not okay.”

“We're safe.”

“For now.”

“Mounting a resistence.”

“Considering a ntaionwide Purge.”

“It's over.”

“For now.”

“What the hell is going on now?”

“Ain't getting in no closet.”

Red Joan (2019)

This is inspired by a true story. Judi Dench and Ben Miles run around. Joan (Dench) an old woman is hauled off by the cops and accused of spying. Her tale is told in flashback. We see a Knit For Spain sign. People cast judgement and there was a costly death and Joan had an attachment to homeland and family. She was befriended by a slut named Sonya and shagged Leo (Tom Hughes of 'The Game' and 'Trinity').

There is talk of the Jarrow marches and we see a nice view and young Joan was obviously played by Sonya and Leo. Young Joan worked on the bomb. What became of Sonya? Leo asks her to leak data. This was okay if not audience skilled. She ended up a libarian in the end. There was sexism. She went to Canada on a destroyer in a convoy via bad VFX.

She spies and Leo gave her a suicide pendant. There was death and a mint and a reveal. Who developed that photo? How did she make a copy? There was an arrest and a twist and we see who Joan married. Joan reinvented herself in the image of her choice nbut the ending was an asspull.

Best Lines:

“I was never a member...of anything.”

“Put me under a control order.”

“A superbomb.”

“Your name will be released to the House Of Commons.”

“Sherry evening.”

“Everybody did it back then.”

“Film shows.”

“Cared for the ordinary man.”

“Dragged into the future by dark forces.”

“I wanted it to be rousing.”

“Members of the Western press.”

“Plant confusion.”

“We recruit by perosnal recommendation only.”

“Don't trust anyone.”

“Now what?”

“They'll use it.”

“We're allies.”

“For now.”

“God! I'm ashamed of you!”

“Husband material.”

“Did you know what the bomb would do?”

“How will we sleep at night?”

“Stopped sharing research.”

“Thank god Hitler invaded them, not us.”

“Do something dreadful with it.”

“Posion kisses.”

“We should have used it on the Krauts.”

“In the lavvy.”

“They have your name on a list.”

“Sorry doesn't quite cover it.”

“You're a traitor.”

“To what?!?”

“Make such a ghastly scene.”

“Falling out of clubs.”

They Remain (2017)

A man and a woman live in a tent and look into a killer cult. The duo talk about what the killer cult did. There is talk and nothing happens really slowly. Based on a short story I don't think I've read; this was dull.

Best Lines:

“Anyone down and out and desperate.”

“People here before the cult?”

“What are you doing?”

“Standing around, thinking about death.”

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