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Star Trek The Next Generation 6x23&1x16 Reviewed

The Host

'Trek' is an eexercise in familiarity. But that risks it turning into a self-referential genre so disconnected that only initiates can find value in the tiny irrelevant genre which is jealously guarded by hardcore fans who push away the newcomer.

Crusher shags a Trill ambassador. The Trill are a bit different than they were on 'DS9'. There is a beauty shop on the ship and this show was rampantly sexist. Odan was cute but then the Odan symiont is transferred into Riker who mansluts. Piss off Riker. The Trill taboo of reassociation is NEVER brought up by Odan. Troi says Crusher should shag Riker, you know the man she will eventually marry and have children with. Do Troi and Riker sit around and recall how he boffed Crusher? This was okay but the ending is an asspull.

When The Bough Breaks

A lost planet shows up. Riker can read? Tasha acts like a bimbo. Crusher is shrill. The lost planet steals the ship's children. Picard seems stupid. This is like 'Children Of Men'. Troi is dumb. Wesley is one of the children stolen, he's such a goob. The acting is bad. Picard goes on about staff officers. The aliens are morons. This was moronic.

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