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Book Review: Five Dark Fates

Five Dark Fates by Kendare Blake

After 'Three Dark Crowns', 'One Dark Throne', 'Two Dark Reigns' and The Queens Of Fennbirn' comes this wrap up to the story of the morally tainted sisters. The overthrow of the undead queen is plotted and what will replace her? Not social liberalisation. This was not very adored. Idiot plots are predicted on absolute chance. Idiots have hate in their hearts and how is queenship morally sustainable?

Rebels wreck stuff the undead queen cares about. There is no reciprocity, fairness or secret code of the cosmos. Sisters killing each other is deemed a terrible necessity. This isn't macabre just boring and the dullness is a disicentive to care. Nobody takes a moral stand and the unbroken line of queens goes on. There are no layered meanings as the undead queen's chance of reprieve disappears.

This is not meritocratic creativity as the undead queen's power wanes. People ruminate obsessively and talk down those who don't fit what they think is the right way of a human being to exist. Reading this is not an enormous pleasure.

There is a high level of mistrust and people doing their crying act. Logic is insufficiently rigorous. The 'heroine' has involvement in so much chicanery and low moments, you hate her. This has no transcendental menaing. This was of generally medicore quality, it was not innovative. The undead queen is treated with blithe disregard as she acts in an increasingly bellicose manner. People battle for ideological and political control of the drab, dehumanised and contactless island which must never had prosperity or stability.

Reading this is not an urgent necessity, I'm sure the negative legacy of the queens will squeeze another book out of this tired series. Did Katharine never figure out her pet snake was her familiar? The sisters were fuelled by an innate desire to find meaning in disorder. The vile Pietyr gets to be a karma Houdini. There is no steely determination or peaceful clarity and this fails to convince anyone.

Best Lines:

“Her blood is up, and the dead quees are swirling through it like a school of rotting fish.”

“She is the darkness the mist reaches for.”

“Quick to hate.”

“Did not strike me as someone to be mourned heavily.”

“She challenged him to find a sewing needle in a bowl of grain using only his tongue. She made him try for an entire day.”

“Method of my downfall.”

“How has it come to this?”

“Be allowed to feel nothing but regret.”

“They're past saving.”

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