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Sons of Anarchy Season 1 Ep 5 Review

Giving Back

Gemma runs a school fund raiser. A former SOA member Kyle (Brian Van Holt of ‘Threshold’ and ‘House of Wax’) asks to return to Charming to visit his children. But Kyle has ulterior motives. He wants back into the SOA from which he was expelled after he botched a job and caused Opie to be jailed. Also a parolee is protected by the SOA in return for money.

Everything goes to hell as the SOA withdraw their protection from the parolee after learning he lied to them and then the SOA learn that Kyle never had his SOA tattoos removed. So they remove it for him in gruesome fashion.

This was okay. It is clear that in Charming you don’t leave the SOA and your family better support the SOA.

Best Lines:
“My family plan is right out of the Sid and Nancy handbook.”

“Crazy knife man.”
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