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The Cult Of The Family (2019) 1x01&1x02+TNG 4x20+Outer Banks 1x10+Supergirl 5x17+Star Trek 2x15 🔱🧜

Unseen, Unheard, Unknown

This is a bizarre documentary about a bizarre cult which had raised suspicion in Australia for years before finally resulting in a police raid in 1987. A compound near Melbourne was raided resulted in the rescue of a number of abused stolen children. But the path to justice for them was long and twisted.

The children had bleached blonde hair to make them look like 'Village Of The Damned'. There was 1970s decor and people were seriously worried about the life threatening degredation and apocalyptic meditations the children had endured. Still there was a 'Children Of The Damned' headline. The cult was lead by a horrible woman who kept her members under duress and who presnted her toxic beliefs for years unchallenged.

The leader, Anne, had bizarre expectations of family duty and a lasting negative impact on others. She invested herself with omnipotence. There is an enduring legacy of the cult. Why was she unaccountable for the potentially irretrievable damage she'd done? So many people were deeply in thrall to her cult. Her followers burnt the records and she had 80s and was very fond of children.

Anne began as a yoga teacher and then she co-founded the cult with a demented physist. This is like an Adam Nevill novel. She assembled her cult in the woo woo 70s. The now grown children tell of their abusive upbringing and what is psycho-social dwarfism? There was a harsh uncaring environment.

What became of the cat? There was a 'Yoga Cult' headline. People who tried to leave the cult were given ECT. The cult had media friends and the cult known as The Family had tentacles in the judicary and cops and the cult co-leader knew a former PM. The children were made to take drugs. The cult had their own private funny farm and Anne broke up a marriage and had the wife locked up in a nut ward so she could marry the husband. She ruined many other marriages. There was human trafficking and how did she have such power over so many people?

There was mumbling and talk of a heresy trial re: the cult. What's a photostat? The child minders were called Auntys and one child escaped the cult triggering the 1987 raid. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Sect doctors.”

“Child born. Child taken.”

“Came loudly down the stairs.”

“Earn your money. Retire. Die.”

“Making the gravy for the dinner.”

“Dyed blonde hair.”

“Von Trapp clothes.”

“Be a part of anything.”

“Scared of them.”

“Something really wrong going on.”

“Sect nurse.”

“Trying to burn down dad's house.”

“Really really angry.”

“That kind of nasty allegation.”

“Respectable citizens.”

“That's what happened. Nothing.”

“End up in Newhaven and crazy.”

“You'll be there for years.”

“Into all this weird stuff.”

“Growing unease. Things were not as they should be.”

“Couldn't be wrong.”

“Did awful things.”

“Kept running.”

“So many bizarre stories.”

A Question Of Identity

We get background on adoption and single mothers in the 1970s. A silly nurses hat is seen. Adoption was normal for single mothers in the 1970s. A doctor who partook in baby stealing attacks a journalist and cameraman in vintage footage. Anne was a cold, clincal Pauline Hanson lookalike. Born in 1921, her name was really Evelyn and she was working class and mentally ill. Anne had issues, a dead 1st husband and a daughter. Anne changed her name, had cosmetic surgery and elocution lessons and changed her name and faked pregnancies despite having a hysterectomy years ago.

We hear of the cult's house buying, partner swapping and drug use. A man relates an inevitable tale of abuse in which the accused's name is beeped out. There are lasting consequences to the cult. Anne had 50 million earned via tithes and dues. Some children were taken to America as she tried to steal members from another cult. There is talk of black magic and Anne is a psychopath. People handed over their children and someone from the police leaked to the press about how the cult investigation was being sabotaged. This was mmmm.

Best Lines:

“The end of it.”

“You're an embarassment to me.”

“I heard a cry and then I heard a door slam.”

“Little illegitimate bundle.”

“Never set eyes on him again.”

“I didn't even know how to cross a road.”

“Get bloody lost!”

“Expectations of money.”

“Peacock feather wand.”

“Every messiah has to have a Judas.”

“Why wasn't she being brought to account?”

“Not one charge has been laid.”

“Right a very horrible wrong.”


Picard's much hated skank galpal Vash shows up (she was banging Patrick Stewart in real life). As does Q. Crusher is envious of Vash as is Q. The 'TNG' reboot books had Picard marry Crusher and spawn something 'Star Trek: Picard' thankfully retconned out of existence. This has no ageless wonder. Riker mansluts. Zip up your mickey Riker! Picard is so stiff and mouths off to the wonderfully menacing Q again. His judgement is now in question. Picard doesn't live a fulfilled life. There is no truthful or indepth conversations. Picard has enduring hostility and is incapable of engaging in any kind of constructive critical analysis. There is no concept of infinity. Picard says so many unhelpful things and so many horrid words – he deserves moral repercussions from Q.

Picard prances around going on about how decision making authority was confered on him. He is so BORING! Q has the crew cosplay Robin Hood. Who is running the ship? This was not beyond compare and Picard cannot make the slightest effort. This was not absolutely glorious and Picard nags ceaselessly. Picard repels. Vash runs off with Q. Picard weenie waggles and Crusher and Troi infamously did no fight scenes. This was rubbish. Q's in a disruptive mood. There is a quick cessation of interest and no stunning immediacy.

Best Lines:

“You have your orders Commander!”

“Bio functions.”

“It's dull, plotting, pedantic; much like yourself.”

The Phantom

There are no friendly attiudes to John B who is judged harshly and justly in this terrible final ep. Will there be a second season? I could care less. John B has more enemies than friends. There is nothing special about the long neglected John B. He never did acts of kindness toward other people and has no social connections.

John B withdrew from his friends for Sarah for good or ill. Sarah ditches family, freinds, education etc to run off with John B in just the Daisy Dukes she is standing up in. Sarah and John B plan to run off to Mexico, they're 16!!! John B is incapable of a truly selfless act. This was mercifully the final ep. Why does Sarah have intense fondness for John B? Where are the kids parents? This was unenthusiastic and inconsistent. People are irate at the irreversibly vilified John B. There is no chilling shudder of plausibility.

Pope is angry. This was very boring. This show was of varying quality. John B is dubious. John B's 'murderous ways' have become established fact. So much of this mess is attributable to John B's rampant studpidity. Ward stirs up discontent. His bimbo wife has an irreverent attitude to murder and greed. The gold is lost to them. What does Ward plan to do with it? There is public hostility and a shattering assault. Ward has wilful, targeted hate. What is John B's enduring fascination for Sarah? Pope bitterly resents everything. Every mistake of John B's is amplified by his enemies. Sarah's indefensible brother is an abject horror.

This was farcical. There is no psychological punch. Sarah has hysterics, she cannot spit anything out when she tries to tell the cops who killed the sheriff. Sarah is a dim bitch. There is no lovely tension. There is no very intense scrutiny when Sarah says who killed the sheriff to law enforcement. I didn't necessarily enjoy this. Ward claims Sarah is bipolar and the cops act like they never heard her speak. Sarah's bro wants cocaine.

There is no empathy, trust or properly functioning society. The drug dealer is a veteran. Grave concerns are stoked. John B sullies honour. An unholy alliance between the dealer and Sarah's brother takes place. There is lots of motorbiking. John B has no mental agility and he makes gaffes. There is pervasive concern. Rich, arrogant and condescending jerks jerk. Pope's dad berates him. John B does unedifying treatment of his 'friends'.

John B is madness making and Pope fist fights his dad. John B's gang steals and this was not strikingly effective. John B plans to steal a boat, he also wants to steal other stuff. He is so stupid. I don't care about John B's lonely struggle. JJ's dad has the DT's. The cops realise something big is going on. John B is mean spirited and causes undue harm and steals a police car. Will the cops SHOOT him?!? John B smugs and there is a fight.

John B heads out to sea with no ID and just the clothes and underpants he has been wearing for some time now. Ew. John B will end up as street trash. Sarah's brother is now owned by the drug dealer. John B acts petty and Pope gets some. Will John B's friends be arrested for helping him? This was absurd and not tense. Are they arrested? Another storm blows in and John B's on the higher end of recklessness in the extreme. This was a load of crap.

The friends are in trouble for aiding and abetting a suspected murderer. John B does not help himself and is not conciliatory. This was unconvincing. John B does not express regret or offer an apology for anything. John B drives an open boat into a topical depression. JJ blames the cops for John B's crap. There is no grave danger. John B and his pals are morons and John B does not care about the consequences to his friends. Send them to juvie! John B wrecks the boat and they have no boat, food or fuel but Sarah hung onto that melted hunk of gold. They are rescuced and John B smugs. Will they be arrested? How did Sarah hold onto the gold during a storm and the boat sinking?

Best Lines:

“Homicidal individual.”

“Doesn't even see him for what he is.”

“I don't got anything in here.”

“I'm out bitch!”

“I done worn.”

“Nut up.”

“Bitch ass.”

“I'm squeezing it!”

“Rather die than be without you.”

“I own you now.”

Deux Lex Machina

Eve resurfaces and Kara is a twit who think she's eternally admirable. There is a brief glimpse of Tom Welling as we see how post-'Crisis' Lex (and his bat ears) had a cunning plan. Lex won Sexiest Man awards. Brenda Strong guest stars. Lex isn't the original Lex? Lillian isn't the original Lillian?

Lex is unreformed and plans a dark reality. Lex has a streak of barbarism. Kara isn't sympathetic. Lex reworks the narrative. His dream soon takes a darker turn. Eve looks like Taylor Swift. Kara shrieks joyously about how she farts rainbows. You're not engaged. There are no moments of significance. Lex remade his image so audaciously. Lex is clearly not serving Lena's interest. We see how Lex's plot unfolded over season 5.

This was pretty dreadful and it has a lack of plausibility. One is not truly transfixed. There is no heroic optimism. Lex is deliberately cruel and this was not absolutely brilliant. I wish William would go away. I'm not interested. What is the point of Andrea? Lena reaches out to Kara who throws it back in her face. Kara incurs displeasure as she has a heart of pure marble.

Lex had Eve kill Lena and Alex's daddy. Kara does not invite Lena to her dumpling eating. Brainy is on about a mortality code. You can see Kara's baby oven. Kara is a massive hypocrite. Lena stomps into the Fortress. Kara is a snotty cow. An old face shows up. Kara showboats and glory hogs. Lord I hate her. Martians can breathe in space? Did Kara have a baby sun eater? It is only 90 days since 'Crisis'? We see Leviathan via bad VFX. Lex wants Kara dead. Lex breaks Eve's heart. Lex stomps into the Fortress. Die already.

Best Lines:

“I'm not the son you raised.”

“The world's saddest urgent care centre.”

“Sun eater.”

“I feel nothing for you.”

“You do what you want!”

“I've always been the hero.”

“She will always foil the plan.”

“You don't need friends.”

“How could I not love you?”

“Sparkling distraction.”

“I am a god! You are nothing!”

The Trouble With Tribbles

Exposition. Tribbles. Shatner coated in orange fake tan. The Klingons insulting of Kirk is so the writing staff taking pot shots at Shatner. Some obnoxious middle management annoys. This was not so good.

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