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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Blood & Treasure' promo


'McMillions' promo


Gluten free chocolate digestives – nice.

There is a badger in the Phoenix Park?

What are mountain cheese?

What are dove napkins?

TEN years since the ghastly 'Lost' finale aired.

I want to try a French custard flan and three-ingredient peanut butter cookies and garlic raita. I want to try various hot sauces: Smoker Hot Sauce, Crazy Bastard Superhot Fatal, Dark And Stormy Pepper Sauce, Widowmaker Hot Sauce, Fiji Fire, Headless Horseradish Sauce, Brain Burner Hot Sauce and Screaming Chimp suace and Habanero Evil sauce. I'd try basil panna cotta with smoked strawberry consume and brown sugar tuile.


What are Virginia Beach fried oysters or sumac onions?


I want a chopard white-gold, diamond and sapphire Red Carpet collection owl watch and a Dior white-and-yellow-gold Grand Soir Reine des Abeilles watch. I want Graff earrings and A Boodles walled garden ring and Gucci The Alchemist's Garden Moonlight Sevenade Acqua Profumata.

I am harrowingly single because my ex stopped engaging.

Who saw 'A Dance To The Music Of Time' or 'To The Ends Of The Earth' or 'Backbeat'?

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Anticaptory behaviour.”

“All my goals and dreams.”

“Cave spider.”

'American Housewife' Quote:

“It tastes like not carrot.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Too much, too late.”

“Growing public hostility.”


'Great Continental Railway Journeys' Quotes:

“Made a lot of trouble.”

“That are today ours.”

“Grim traditions.”

'Matilda' Quotes:

“He lived. If that's what you mean.”

“Festering ball of pus!”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“What year is it? An utterly crap one, so I suppose we're looking back at better ones.”

“Nostalgia has long been something that gladdens our hearts.”

“Turbulent and unsettled.”

“Gloried in the disapproval.”

“War of extermination.”

“Artefacts of our collective past.”

“More comfortable with slower, simpler times?”

“You might not be all that happy at how your life turned out in the end?”

“Sorcha's old man tuts. He has a habit of doing that whenever I speak.”

“Dreadful taste in television programmes.”

“Ability to offer help disguised as criticism.”

“Talking at great lenght and at high volume about an argument she just had with her husband.”

“Become a footnote in the history of the company she started,”

“How their good intentions were so painful for me.”

“Urgent need to redefine the role of our main streets and urban centres.”

“Literally a relic of another era.”

“Trading horror stories of their wretched upbringing.”

“Recreational distain.”

“Just how badly the fans were taking it.”

“Insisting that serious photography was essentially a black and white medium.”

“Sharing dingy rooms in an unsavoury neighbourhood.”

“Street toughs with guitars.”

“Art school bohemianism.”

“Witness to something dark occurring.”

“Why does everything that comes out of his mouth have to be so inane.”

'The Tommyknockers' Quote:

“As the centuries passed above it like minutes.”


'The Langoliers' Quote:

“Tends to turn away and curse loudly when he hears my name.”

'Kimmy vs. The Reverend' Quotes:

“Why bitch why?”

“Bindi Irwin ran long.”

“She brought an exra frog!”

“Camping trip sex accident.”

“Chuckling hard.”

“The candy won't melt and attract bees.”

“Director's cocaine wore off.”

“Marrying commoner trash.”

“Underground terror pit.”

“Prison gang name.”

“Sky car.”

“Filthy hill creature.”

“Mouth stuff.”

“Crank the skank up to 10.”

“Punch that smackface.”

“Went mad and became a hill person.”

“Plagued by dirt person.”

“Suspended from youtube for nazi stuff.”

“Insult comedy.”

“Scurvy lemon.”

“Not now drugs.”

“Drowned cruiseship birthday clown.”

“Go by my prison name.”

“I've done a lot worse!”

“Both monotonus and violent.”

“You were a car in 'Transformers 7'!”

“Custom made by Kanye for hiding upstairs when they tape the Khardasians.”

“Built a whole Ukranian village to blow up.”

“Topanga shoots heroin.”

“Tickle your listening holes.”

“I sure could use that money for opiods.”

“Buying or robbing?”

“Prisoner friend.”

“Move my court ordered ankle monitor around.”

“Like that show spooky mirror.”

“Want to play with daddy's lighter?”

“Guy off his meds is yelling about god.”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“Paper emails.”

“Old book smell.”

“Beat it summer school.”

“It bet they use their garage for cars.”

“Phones are for looking at.”

“I requested no conversaiton.”

“She'll kick your face off!”

“You're acting like a rando!”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“Biological archaeology.”

“Sudden elevation in social status.”

“A yeanring for physical affection.”

“Vague jolliness.”

“Incredibly happy ending.”

“Ruled by a military caste obsessed with honour and titles and willing to use extraordianry violence against civilians to remain in power.”

“Strips away any nostalgia we might feel for the system of power that kept the Habsburgs incarnated.”

“Horrors that were to follow.”

“Nothing of her taste.”

“Suspicious civilians.”

“An idea of universal dominion.”

“Rightly conquers all.”

“No empire at all in any formal sense.”

“Did not correspond to their territories.”

“Cultural experiences.”

“Intellectual and cultural atmosphere of the times,”

“Prisoners of war didn't amuse themselves with escape committees and counterfeit documents; they ate their friends.”

“Terrible moment of realisation.”

“Thickened into certainty.”

“All the terrible things we'd done.”

“Knew that retribution was coming and what it looked like.”

“Shame can't be atoned for; it is a debt that cannot be paid.”


The distance has intensified.”

“Life beyond conventional respectability.”

“Signifiers of stardom.”

“Social minutiae.”

“Wistful glane back.”

“Lost all reverence for facts.”

“Covered in resentment and grime.”

“Moment of reckoning.”

“Elaborate bowing routines.”

“Nefarious hands.”


“Most people in history pass without leaving a trace.”

'Law & Order: SVU' Quote:

“He gets blamed for everything.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“A man of limited talent and imaginaiton.”

“Dying magazine world.”

“What I contend with concering this very, very meaningless person.”

“Fraternising with the wrong people has the potential to be hugely damaging to their image and plans.”

“Consumed with bitterness at what they saw as their mistreatment.”

“Dubious friends.”

“Snob culture.”

“Offered them everything.”

“Convinced there was a conspiracy against her and so she basically put herself in isolation.”

“Weren't wanted in England.”

“Hadn't done their duty.”

“Whom she accused of carrying out a whispering campaign.”

“Too serious to be ignored.”

“Judgmental atmosphere.”

“Morally illicit.”

“Detrimental to its reputation.”

“A positive force in society.”

“Angst-ridden silences.”

“Prefer books to people.”

“Opened up our choices to the scrutiny of everyone around us.”

“Always carried a feeling of never quite fully fitting in whenever we find ourselves.”

“My worst nightmares include being looked at by more than three people at once or being complimented for any reason.”

“Don't have to take the expectations of others into account.”


“Fitting in wasn't a priority.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

“National outpouring of dislike for him.”

“Hanging out with homeless people.”

“Hostile social media encironment.”

“Who is and isn't accepted in social and tech spaces.”

“One of life's victims, it was all she knew. If she was ever honest enough to take responsibility for her own behaviour, she would probably die from the shame.”

“Patriarchal words.”

Watched 2 'Star Trek: The Animated Series' eps, the first one was 'Bem': there is a dearth of new cultural material and a new alien. A mission to a prewarp planet goes awry. Bem says Kirk is called the best captain in the fleet. James T Kirk's middle name is revealed. Bem is intolerable. Kirk reacts negatively and angrily. There is uncertainty and an underlying irritability and a low mood and existing tensions. This was bad and there was no McCoy. Recall that the ship is a large community and not just those 3 guys and a few others who get the odd line.

Best Lines:

“Mr Scotty.”

“You haven't done any observing at all.”

“Thought that you were worth rescuing.”

“Unconcerned as to the fate of this one.”

“Colony creature.”

Then I watched 'Albatross': McCoy is arrested by a race who want to put him on trial for causing a plague 19 years ago. They are anti-vax nutters. McCoy emotionally endures. There is a damaging message from the misinformed. Poor McCoy is always treated as less worthy of respect, more deserving of judgement. There are new frontiers of discomfort and an alien causes tensions. There are idealistic notions and Kirk turns blue as does Sulu as plague raddles the ship. This was not hugely ambitious and McCoy stands firm. Woe besets the ship. There are sly remarks and McCoy has salty wit. How does an aurora cause a plague? Twice?!? McCoy has spikiness and contrariness and tribulations. McCoy goes on about being in jail again and not wanting Spock to recuce him. Come 'Star Trek VI', well; this was okay.

Best Lines:

“Live here, in dsolation.”

“Regular vitamin rations.”

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