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The Boys (2019 - ?) 1x01+Star Trek 2x11&2x12+TNG 4x19&2x16+The Blacklist 7x05 Reviewed 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️🦸‍

The Name Of The Game

The opening logo seems to mock Marvel. Superheroes are real including Homelander and Queen Maeve (obvious Superman and Wonder Woman expies) and there is a sight gag of Homelander apaprently murdeirng a mook and nobody cares. A goob, Hugie, sees his galpal Robin killed in utterly violent fashion by the speedster A-Train (obvious Flash expy). A-Train ran THROUGH Robin.

A hero ingenue named Starlight (Supergirl expy) shows up and joins The Seven hero group (the Avengers expy). Simon Pegg makes a cameo as Hughie's useless daddy. Is this set in the 80s or now? Heroes are into branding and money. Who are Vought (the superhero backers)? The Deep is a jackass, he is a pervy Aquaman knockoff. Who was the Lamplighter? There is an invisible superheor with diamond skin. He can only turn invisble by getting naked. He is also a perv.

Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) shows up 24 minutes in. Hughie describes Butcher as looking like he's “starring in a porn version of 'The Matrix'.” Urban's accent is all over the place. Is he meant to be British? The Deep has a themepark. Robin was stuffed in the fridge. Butcher obviously lies. The supes are hypocrites and A-Train is not sorry he killed Robin, in fact he had a good laugh about it. Starlight is told to “clean herself up” after a nasty encounter with The Deep. Who is Madelyn? There is a Black Panther expy. What is Compound V?

There is a Batman expy called Black Noir. The Seven HQ looks like Avengers Tower. The invisble perv loves hanging out in the unisex loo and then he has a fight with Hughie and Butcher. Homelander downs a plane. Jack Quaid, Chance Crawford, Elisabeth Shue and Ann Cusack appeared in this medicore ep. I was less than impressed and disappointed.

Best Lines:

“Kick his door down like Homelander.”

“They're all like that.”

“Full PR support.”

“Super Abled.”

“Little Miss Hero Pageants.”

“Working with a police scanner that I bought on ebay.”

“What have you got to lose that you ain't already lost?”

“The capes for christ guy.”

“Earth's most mighty, champions of the innocent!”

Friday Child

The crew visit Capella IV. A planet that breeds such dysfunctional behaviour in its citizens. Why are they hanging out with a prewarp society that fight with swords and knives? Spock is a hybrid cultural being.

Klingons show up to annoy. There is a pall of perfidy as Klingons make mischief. Kirk is a pompus windbag and he needs a rare mineral and a mining agreement. This tries for intensity and McCoy calls Klingons “sworn enemies”. 'Star Trek VI' had a callback to this moment. Klingons are forceful and vicious. The natives are very brutal and one is a disloyal self seeking bastard and a gutless wonder.

Kirk berates McCoy and dislikes Klingons. McCoy calls Kirk “Captain” to show he is pissed off at Kirk's snotty attiude. The baby born in this ep would feature in the novels. Kirk smarms and why weren't Kirk and Spock briefed about the customs? Julie Newmar of 'Batman' (1966) guest stars as a pregnant widow in peril. Someone wants a status gain and silly outfits are worn.

McCoy and his patient have a slap fight, a bad slap fight. The birth is unmessy. Scotty ends up in command and the baby is named: Leonard James Akaar. Mmmmm.

Best Lines:

“Totally uninterested in medical aid or hospitals.”

“I lead the Ten Tribes.”

“Bargained for our rocks.”

“Earth Federation.”

“Earth vessel.”

“The sick should die.”

“Offer us amusement.”

“The sky does not interest me.”

“It might amuse you.”

“Eventually find us, by scent alone if necessary.”

“I will allow only your touch.”

“Is this what your sworn word means?”

The Deadly Years

Rapid aging strikes! The cast get talc in their hair to look old. Kirk is removed from his command. McCoy's accent gets thicker to the point of incoherence. This was silly.

The Nth Degree

Lt Barclay is the focus of this ep. Why do the crew stage plays other than as an excuse for the actors to show off their ACTINGS? Poor Barclay, nobody spotted this potential. Jim Norton and Dwight Schultz gues star. Riker manspreads and Barclay uneasily goes along. Poor Barclay ended up off the Enterprise and working on the Pathfinder project. The crew distain Barclay. Has he no friends?

Barclay is smart but now has complex and non-normative thinking. Nobody makes appreciative noises or winds him into their narrative. Poor Barclay is not good with friendships and has solitude. People treat him with derison. The ship attacks an alien probe. Barclay expresses what he thinks, whenever he thinks it due to the probe's influence.

Picard thanks Barclay in snotty fashion. People have determined, unreasoning rejection of him. The ship repair a telescope which later gets forgotten about. The crew are appallingly crass. There is no solemnity. LaForge acts jealous of smart Barclay. Troi dresses like a saloon girl.

Barclay is not urgent or a priority to anyone. The crew come across as nasty bullies. Crusher has 80s hair and the crew are elitist. Why doesn't Troi have an office or a staff? Barclay was rejected by his coworkers. LaForge gets snotty about his own sudden irrelevance. Is there no privacy on the holodeck? People can just barge in.

LaForge causes vitriolic division, recall how he treated Scotty? This was crass. Barclay got a brain upgrade/boost. People act like lazy pastiches. Nobody has critical ability. Picard is motivated by a natural instinct for compliance. There's a music school on the ship? People have legitimate fear and sterotype Barclay. They're uninterested detractors. There is nothing edifying about Riker.

People are unconcerned about the bullying of Barclay. This has no profound relevance. There is no cultural criticism. There is no freedom of thought for Barclay. Poor Barclay and his alienation. There is no moral thinking and nobody blends ethics with psychology and neuroscience. There is no transhumanism allowed. Picard is stoic and boring. There are unknown emotional and psychological aspects of this.

Barclay has mind-bogglingly complex thoughts. Picard rejects them and that has a predictable negative impact. Barclay's emotional and cognitive resilence was worn down by stress, bullying and adversity. No one cared. Was Barclay a mocking of fans? There are no social contacts for Barclay. This was insufficient. Picard fears a significant cultural shift. Barclay can alter subspace to go beyond warp speed. Picard is not interested.

The crew are buffeted by events beyond their control. Barclay is an unwilling focus of interest. Why are they frightened of Barclay taking them to a new part of space? You're explorers! EXPLORE! Picard blusters and nobody mentions the events of 'Star Trek V'. They end up in the centre of the galaxy. An alien pops up, the ending is an ass pull and the alien was never mentioned again. Troi and Barclay seemed to be friends in 'Star Trek: Voyager'. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Always wanted to earn your respect.”

“I understand your duty...I will in no way take your actions personally.”

“Remove yourself from the computer system.”

“Exceed their own limits.”


Picard mouths off to Q who introduces the crew to the Borg as payback. Q is sinister and this was not enthralling. The Borg are thrilling and threatening. This was a morality tale and Q is dastardly. Picard was asking for it. Picard has no individual responsibility. Picard has what he thinks is exceptionalism and a defiant spirit, he's just an arrogant jackass. The Borg are indifferent and their ship is a cube.

Guinan sounds bored and flags concerns. In this ep, the Borg only want technology not drones. There is no respect or dignity. Picard has irritation and no real sense of urgency. Troi uses the term collective. Wesley (a teen in a space onesie) is driving the ship during this. A chunk of the ship is carved out by the Borg, it was fixed off screen. The VFX in this ep are dated and bad. Sonia is a guest character, after only 1 more apperance she was never seen again.

Q is motivitional. The Borg provoke fear. Q has charm. Riker leads an away team to the cube. Interesting chess figures are seen on the Enterprise. O'Brien lurks. The Borg are in conformity and we see a Borg baby which is one of many that Riker and co just leave there. The babies were no doubt abducted and being matured into drones and Riker and co LEFT them there. Data uses the term regenerate. This was okay. Picard's cold reception of Q backfired. Why is the shrink on the bridge? Where are LaForge's staff? Where was Pulaski?

Best Lines:

“Visual survey.”

“Laser beam.”

“If I were you, I'd start back now.”

“You're nothing to him.”

“Oh please.”

“Give you a taste of your future.”


“They keep coming...they are relentless.”

“What makes you think I'm either inclined or capable to terminate this encounter?”

“I wouldn't go there if I were you.”

“Born as a biological lifeform.”

“Let's get the hell out of here.”

“They will be coming.”

“Then you will be theirs.”

“It's not for the timid.”

Norman Devane

A man uses disease as a weapon. There is a boarding school. I've no idea what is going on. Ressler has lost any personality he ever had.Why isn't Red arrested for meancing Ressler with a gun and murdering a guy? Is Red sick? The FBI look the other way again. This is a sordid tale of self annihilation. This is the tv version of anal worms.

Best Line:

“She cares for no-one.”

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