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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Tenet' trailer


'The Old Guard' trailer

Immortal mercenaries? Mmmm.

'Inheritance' trailer

A rich man leaves an unholy legacy to his daughter. Creepy.

'The Vikings' promo

“Put an age to the torch.”

'2036: Origin Unknown' promo


'Antebellum' trailer


'Infamous' trailer

A 2020 Bonnie and Clyde.

No 'Wonder Woman: 1984' until december!

WTF is the crayfish plague?

Ruby Rose was FIRED from 'Batwoman'!

Tony Slattery is a trainwreck.

I heard Anthony LaPaglia's real accent.

'Prodigal Son' renewed, now must watch it.

Easi Morales in the new 'Mission Impossible' film?!? I'm there!

Who saw 'Chopper' or 'The Shadow Of The Tower'?

'RTE News' Quote:

“Swim and go.”

'Derry Girls' Quotes:

“The drummer is at least 30.”

“Rides aliens in a telephone box.”

“Intellectual connection.”

“She has no respect for herself.”

“That's the sort of relevant bit.”

“You may leave this house and never return!”

“Notion taking.”

“Get funny about this type of stuff.”

“That man didn't have much luck did he.”

“Dead strict about swimming caps.”

“Most godawful song ever written.”

“Gives the pope ideas.”

“Are you on glue?”

Roddy Piper Quote:

“I will not hurt you. Much.”

'BBC News' Quote:

“Beach etiquette.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Irresponsible advocacy.”

“Urban neglect.”

“Nobody talked about it publicly and intelligently.”

“Foreign filth.”

“Permitting obscenities that are unheard of in nomral society.”

“Preconditioned to such behaviour,”

“Oxygen of acceptance or silence.”

“Accpeted unprecedented restrictions.”

“Unanimity of purpose and principle.”

“Contest for the allegiance of third parties.”

“Cultural attraction.”

“Moral compromises.”

“Ran out of countries that inspired to their patronage.”

“Usefulness has been served.”

“Sense of siege.”

“A terrible state of affairs.”

“Adding ominiously.”

“Motivated by selfish political ideology.”

“Inherited communal wisdom.”

“Blame should necessarily be attached to the worst outcome.”

“National mythologising has been pervasive,”

'Cold Justice' Quotes:

“Rough men she was hooking up with.”

“Drifter lifestyle.”

“First happy thing that happened in her life.”

“Did something terrible.”

“Ran a rural compound.”

“Cirumstances in life.”

'Dead Of Winter' Quotes:

“Everybody feared him.”

“Unfortunately for society.”

“Not to be messed with.”

'David Stratton's Stories Of Australian Cinema' Quotes:

“Kick out notice.”

“Sneer sneer nudge nudge.”

“As was government thining at the time.”

“Where's your modesty?”

“Your body is your worst enemy.”

“This one's for the raincoat brigade.”

“Burning rivers of the dead.”

“Mental bitch.”

“When this film was made: Hollywood didn't even exist.”

“I'm inviting you to bite your bum.”

'Invasion!' Quotes:

“Obliterated from memory.”

“Really bad stuff.”

“Now that I've got it, I shall hold it.”

“Faded into memory.”

“Base things.”

“So terrible that it echoes through the ages as a low point in England's bloody history.”

“Worst king England ever had.”

“Far less popular then he thought they were.”

“Grew tired of his guest.”

“Miserable end.”

“Intent on power himself.”

“Longed for the old days.”

“Dodgy cause.”

“Folk demon.”

“Invasions we have chosen to forget.”

'Murder She Wrote' Quote:

“I don't care about dignity!”

'Irish Daily Mirror' Quotes:

“A world may be forming.”

“Running in circles and baying in distress.”

“Cause maximum damage to their good names.”

“Pathways of entry.”

“Karate-kicking her golf bag.”

“See everyone's concern.”


“Become estranged from his own family from his own doing.”

“Appreciating all the things he thought he hated.”

“One of those people everyone likes and respects.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Very horrible.”

“Coping energy.”

'Baby Driver' Quote:

“The killer dude from 'Halloween'!”

'Harley Quinn' Quotes:

“Hell portals.”

“Seedy bars.”

“Greased up nipples.”

“We're tolerated.”

“A long time ago, way back in the 80s.”

“Klepto aunt.”

“At least I'm not the street turning tricks for cash anymore.”

“A male super-villain can literally look like a deformed penguin!”

“Chain smoking book and trick turning cookie.”

“Least employable person on Earth.”

“Hot southern bartender character.”

“Petty personal vendettas.”

“Your fancy way.”

'American Housewife' Quote:

“The closest I got to fresh fruit as a kid was Wild Cherry Coughdrops.”

Explosion - Addams Family Values GIF - TheAddamsFamily JoanCusack ...

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