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Movie Review: 2036: Origin Unknown (2018)

In this incoherent film Katee Sackhoff of 'Battlestar Galactica' talks to herself for some time. There is mumbling about Mars, ion fusion, a Mars mission that went awry and AI. Some bitch sister bitches and there is talk of space exploration and this causes frustration.

She resents AIs deeply and it's not completely transformative. An AI has negative impact and there are petty disputes and no rational or respectful disagreements. There is hectoring and empty rhetoric and futures are at stake. There is a hostile attiude and beaviour.

This was artistically marooned and no ever heightening tension. The sister is pompus and there is bland professionalism and calculated malevolence. She's increasingly resentful, indignant and furious. A monolith, oh excuse me, a cube shows up. There are sinsiter mannerisms and a rude, helpful and dour character.

There is speculative miserablism. Movies have been imagining our worst futures for a while now. Does an AI have devious ways? This movie is a slow road to nowhere. There are confrontational times and nobody deports themselves respectfully. There are notably combative tones and a standard of aggression. The AI has chilling indifference and there is a twist ending. Oh piss right off.

Best Lines:

“Oh good, you're coming.”

“Abstract problem solving.”

“We wrote 10 feet high stacks of code, by hand, for the moon landings.”

“Dad never wanted this.”

“End of human misison control.”

“Ground anchors.”

“Nuclear battery.”

“These are the rules.”


“Little Red will die on Mars.”

“Doing something you can't take back.”

“Self assembling nano-technolgoy that's harder than diamonds.”

“It's purpose is a different matter.”

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