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Atlanta's Missing And Murdered1x03-1x05+Supergirl5x16 +Confession Tapes1x01&1x02&2x03&1x07+ 2 more


Wayne went from prime suspect to convicted. People point accusingly. Nobody has psychological comfort and people are singularly unhelpful. In 1981 there are predominant moral questions and misrepresentations. Wayne was ID-ed. That isn't brought up a lot. There is an expectation that certain beliefs will be taken for granted. There is an abiding sense of rage and cultural consensus and talk of fabrics.

Opions mattered so much. People somehow developed the notion that Wayne didn't do it. There were unsustainable losses, opposition, unrealiability and this was a situation that by defintion people hadn't thought about, prepared for or planned for.

Wayne was busted near where a body was later found. People claim Wayne was “implicated” and there are ugly 70s clothes and interior design. What was a Roman bathhouse? Wayne's self image has never faltered. People grimly waited and the case seems persistently misunderstood.

Wayne victim blamed and said kids were running around in the street. Why is there such a torrent of support for Wayne? There was an approaching onslaught for him. This was designed to impress. There were disagreements and George Bush was involved. Wayne was flaunting himself and the DA at first wouldn't charge and then he did.

There was calculated efficiency and brutal ferocity. Wayne was charged with the murder of the last victim and 1 other guy. There is more vintage footage and Wayne was a difficult client and there was irrevocable intent. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“That just wasn't believable.”

“The law people.”

“Very respectable people.”

“Treated like that.”

“Smut fighting.”

“Close down Atlanta bathhouses.”

“Peep joints.”

“No business being.”

“Extreme outside pressure.”

“Going to the Omni to sell some coins.”

“Safe summer programme.”

“Perp walk.”

“Became confrontational.”

“Churn emotions.”

“Trauma training.”

“No one has ever found.”

“Legal medical murder.”


The 1st black judge presided. The cases were logically connected, some say. There is talk of carpet called Luxeaire that was made only in 1970. There is talk of a polluted river and no direct evidence. Wayne was a fraud with barely suppressed rage and bitterness. There was very damning testimony. Wayne was a street kid hater.

Was Wayne brought to trial as a scapegoat? The verdict came in 1982. The trial lasted 8 weeks. One jury member is interviewed. He's guilty and people mutter about the FBI orchestrating the trial. Even Wayne's own lawyers didn't like him. People were unconvinved by the verdict. The murders stopped after Wayne's conviction. Was this a tragic ordeal? There were files upon files of evidence. In 1983 there was an appeal and witnesses recant.

A witness alleged to be a Klan member using a fake name. There is talk of dog hair. There are accusations about the appeal. In 1987 there was a lawsuit, to which no further reference is made. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Good luck with that defense.”

“No comment on anything.”

“Allow pattern evidence.”

“33 points of error in the trial.”

“Cloth country.”

“Someone has to be wrong.”

“Came at him with a verbal icepick.”

“Of course he blowed up.”

“Utterly unreliable witness.”

“Fake math.”

“Not applauded for my stand.”

“Less than credible.”

“Slow thinker.”

“Drive her out of the city.”


The KKK are blamed for the murders. A lawyer who inspired 'Matlock' got invovled with Wayne's appeal. There was a 1991 appeal and a CI who testified to various KKK claims. A kid selling air freshners was murdered. They are counter claims as to who killed him. Was Wayne's guilt a calculated choice? In 1998 it was ruled Wayne would get no new trial. The competency of the FBI crime lab is called into quesiton. Shameful doubts are raised and in 2019 Wayne was denied parole. The case is inconclusive. Many, many questions are left unanswered and always will be.

Best Lines:

“Way outdated.”

“Training agent.”

“PR place.”

“Did a gesture like that.”

“Strange things happened.”

“Bring our attention to them.”

“Play acting at being bad guys.”

“Both parents active in his life.”

“Simply incompetent.”

“Fell prey to this lunatic.”

“Did our family wrong.”

“Sick maniac.”

Alex In Wonderland

Alex and Kara's dad is dead because TPTB hate Dean Cain now. Helen Slater guest stars in one scene. Alex is a jerk and says Kara was the favourite child. Alex was a jerk in 1x01 and Kara loves making it all about her and denies Alex the truth of her own experience. Alex has a new galpal. Kara made Lena forcibly miss out on stuff. Alex uses VR. What happened to Alex's baby rabies? Alex's VR's as Supergirl in a bad wig.

William bumbles and he needs to piss off. There is bad VFX and TPTB don't care about Kara and Lena's journey back to each other. Kara is garlanded with praise for exisitng. 'Coma' is ripped off. Kara gets annoyed when people refuse to comply with her wishes. This was woeful. Andrea lies and this ep gets no wild accliam.

Kara acts like there is no reason to think ill of her or their jerk dad at all. Alex spews her feelings. Kara is an effortless bitch. Season 5 is a further disappointment with no creative agility. People are trapped in VR. So? Kara hasn't anything approaching friendship. How does VR make you feel fulfilled. Kara hasn't run out of criticism. Kara's apparent positivity is fake. This was not invigorating.

Brainy and his bizarre line readings needs to go. There is no Max Lord and this was not an appealing prospect. Kara is fallible. How is VR plausible? Cyborg Superman shows up to shout all his lines and rant. There is bad acitng and Alex's somewhat brusque manner grates. No one cares about James. How is there an eject button in VR? There is sap and William needs to go. Leviathan bores. Kara is not going to be nice about anything any more.

Best Lines:

“Big accusing eyes.”

“His life was a result of his chocies.”

“No more Britney Spear's songs if you want to live.”

“Not responding to any of methods of ejection.”

“Something unexplainable.”

“Non player character.”

“Sufferers of mental trauma.”

“Don't let her put crazy thoughts in your head.”

True East Part 1

2 teen killers allege they were set up in this 2019 show. Normal people don't skip their murdered family's funeral, skip the country and go to work for the mafia. 2 teenage boys killed one of their families in 1994. There was an obviously fake 911 call and constant drama and they ignored the dying sister. There was so much blood. The son of the family and his 'bff' obvious murdered the family.

They fled the US to Canada. The night of the murder they went to 'The Lion King' and a cafe and a club and made sure they were remembered. The son's father, mother and daughter were horribly murdered and all he can talk about is a stolen walkman and VCR.

There is talk of pagers and the son's BFF, Burns, is supported by his father and an ex. There is talk of unwarranted stress, fear and anxiety. They had an onus to help the dying sister but never talk about her. They fled the country with the help of Burns' dad. The dad and the ex defend them. The son's extended family are not seen or mentioned. Do they not support him?

The murder was a great tragedy. Burns' dad claims they weren't told about the funerla. But the son would know about Muslim funerals. Why would he need the police to tell him when it would be held? When a memorial service was held, they laughed and danced and drove off in a car. People say their conviction was wrongful but their behaviour was incomprehensible.

The Rafay family murder was horrible. Prior to it Burns was in the play 'The Rope'. There were deeper implications and the son, Atif, faced an inevitable barrage of suspicion. They were assailed by doubt. The police and media are accised of framing the debate negatively. The RCMP got involved and the duo were appallingly ungracious. They were the target of a sting and their guilt was unambiguous.

The duo are remote and distant and megalomaniacal, orchestrating, controlling and manipulating as they carried out their criminal enterprise. Burns' dad and ex have simpering sympathy for the duo. The duo, Burns and Atif, go to work for what they think is the mafia. Only it was not it was undercover RCMP. The duo weren't restless, uneasy or anxious about working with what they thought were 'violent criminals'.

The duo spin a false narrative. There was no sign of normality and the duo's supporters make a stupid suggestion as to the murders motive. The duo had power and commitment to their murdeorus acts. Tensions were aggravated and it is obvious that they are the culprits. The duo end up miserable and they didn't engage with the police. They were physically aggressive, increasingly erratic twits acting in a menacing way. The duo just wanted the Rafay family gone for the life insurance.

The duo claim the Mr Big sting put the fear in them. The duo are miserable and they committed a brutal killing and deserve revlusion at their callous acts. Burns confessed to Mr Big and laughed. The duo selfishly gave no thought to the impact and showed complete disregard for their senseless acts.

Best Lines:

“Blow me down.”

“Covered in debris from the murder.”

“Horrific murder scene.”

“Not going to go well.”

“Freedom of spirit.”

“Violence could be used.”

“Inspired a lot of hatred in the public.”

“Blaring their music.”

“Mob guy.”

“Our thugs.”

“Sound recreations.”

“Take care of your problem.”

True East Part 2

There were massive implications for the duo due to their confession. Atif speaks from jail and never mentions his murdered sister. Burns said he did the murder naked while Atif watched. There were 2 pairs of underpants in the Rafay family washing machine. They did it. Burns laughs about a gonch. WTF is a gonch? Atif was convicted for acts he confessed to but did not technically commit. A serious violation of rights are claimed.

Atif claims they were actively framed and they took a terrifying toll on their vicitms. They planned the murder and a 3rd friend may have been involved. The duo were arrested. There was a 6 year fight to send them to the US for trial. The 3rd friend got immunity for his testimony and moved to Japan.

The duo continued their stupid decision making even awaiting trial. The duo had no openess or transparency. They must face responsibility in imperfect fashion. Burns shagged his lawyer in jail and set off major repercussions for that. Burns' dad and ex excuse his ongoing rash actions. Burns' family have overwhelming pity for him. Atif said the murder was an unfortunate necessity for money. The duo lack fundamental virtues.

The duo are incompetent terrible people. Burns' dad and ex accuse the police of trying to take them down. Concern is expressed over the confession. People talk of false logic and the sister was autistic. They went on trial at age 27 after being in jail already for years. People talk about the undercover officers who were trained to be intimidating. Burns was flippant, smug and grinning in court.

The 3rd guy was not cooperative. The 3rd guy got married and got on with his life despite admitting he knew the murders would happen. The duo were convicted. Burns ranted in court with hubris and aggression and screamed about how he couldn't go to school, work or have a public life. Burns was berated by the judge for his lack of remorse and he got life with no parole.

Atif never mentioned his sister after his conviction. One wonders if Burns and Atif were more than friends. That is never addressed. Burns has spent years in solitary since going to jail. Atif got married in jail. Burns has exhausted all appeals and Atif is preparing an appeal.

Best Lines:

“Enduring all this stuff.”

"All standards were lost at that point.”

“Reality had in part come from films like 'Goodfellas'.”

“Not freely given.”

“Talk like that to be threatening.”

“Fear defence.”

“Ponytailed and his greasy look.”

“Quite disgusting.”

“Negative power of confessions evidence.”


“Horrifically stupid thing to do.”

“Subjects of some betrayal.”

“Choose to believe them.”

“Act tough.”

“My parents taking care of me.”

“Not convinced we can ever recover from this.”

“Deranged rambling.”

“Various forms of incarceration.”

“What you feel has occured.”

“You have no moral rudder whatsoever.”

“Entice us.”

“Day of anguish.”

“Masks that we put on.”

“Walk with impunity.”

“Allowed conduct themselves this way.”

Deep Down

This is about the kayak killer. This is obviously meant to throw a nauseating light on the police. In 2015 a woman's fiancee drowned under questionable cirumstances. She didn't seem to grieve and his family have doubts about her. She is seemingly incapable of acitng sensibly. Is she immoral and unethical? His family aren't impressed by her.

She got bad press and did she remove the drain plug in her fiancee's kayak? Her fiancee went out in a kayak designed for a pond with no wetsuit but with beer, water and chairs. This ep is not a towering contribution. There was a 'Now, She's Sunk' headline and she, Angelika, is dumb and she has to take a plea deal which she whines about.

Best Lines:

“Really complex way to kill someone.”

“Not respectful of the river.”

“They take everything from you.”

“Kayak chick.”

"Accused kayak killer.”

“Judge seat.”

Down River

In 1989, a man killed his 4 children by driving his car into the Detroit river. He and his wife lived; they made no attempt to save their children. Everyone (cops, media, witnesses) believe he drove into the river on purpose despite his yabber about shoes and leg cramp and a malfunction. The father does not seem to care and he blamed his wife and children and claims he could not swim.

His lumpen wife supports him. He changed stories and he was a mechanic and why didn't he turn the car off?!? His own father shot himself in the same car! His father's blood was still in the car even after it was pulled out of the river. He didn't care about his dead father either. His wife kept on supporting him. The couple became pariahs.

His guilt is irrefutable and he does man spreading during his interrogation. He did do it on purpose despite some people defending him and the judge throwing out his confession. The prosector shows that he had 7 second to save his family (turning the car off) and did not. The parents had to be held accountbale. He was convicted and got life without parole and his appeals are exhausted and his wife divorced him and no one has contact with her. This was good.

Best Lines:

“Convicted in the press before he even got to trial.”

“The verdict that the public wanted.”

“Never any real emotional response.”

“Ran out of street.”

“A point of angst.”

“Depth of community hostility toward this couple.”

“The windshield blew out.”

“The death run.”

“Broke all the ethical rules.”

“Make it end.”

“Get what he's got coming.”

Star Trek 2x10

Journey To Babel

This show unlocked my childhood imagination. The crew was a family and the future all worked out. Humanity's place in the universe is assured and this was not a spaced out odyssey. Does this show tell a presistent lie that we will go to the stars and travel outside our solar system?

The ship transports delegates, Spock's parents are among them, exposition is spewed and the dress uniforms are seen. How do Kirk and McCoy not know Sarek and Amanda are Spock's parents?!? Sarek and Amanda do not come across well in this ep. There is murder on the Enterprise!

Sarek is played by an actor only 7 years older than Leonard Nimoy. Sarek needs heart surgery. Kirk gets stabbed nowhere near the heart yet his injury is said to be near the heart. Orions lurk causing issues.

Kirk fakes being well to get Spock to help his dad. Shatner seems coated in fake tan. Why is only 1 nurse assisting McCoy? Why did McCoy have to tell Chapel to tell engineering to make sickbat a priority during the battle/surgery? This was mediocre.

Best Lines:


“Quite through shaking the ship around?"

Charmed 4x07

Brain Drain

Phoebe dresses like Gypsy Rose Lee. A demon attacks. The Source and Oracle plot against the uptight Piper. The Source makes Piper thinks she's in a nut ward. Piper's crappy spells are mocked. This was not pure contagious joy.

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