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Supernatural Season 3 Ep 16 Review

No Rest For The Wicked

Dean is having nightmares, considering that the majority of season 4 was dreck that was probably foreshadowing. Bobby pulls another plot point out of his ass. Ruby the “Miss Universe of lying skanks” continues her manipulation. Dean says Ruby works for Lilith, he was right it just took another full season for Sam to realise this.

Sam and Bobby are idiots. Why is Sam stupid enough to believe Ruby? Especially after what happened to Ava when she used her powers. Sam has his ego stroked by Ruby. Lilith torments a family. Bobby needs to shut up. The brothers face down a neighbourhood full of demons.

How did Ruby escape from the Devil’s Trap? Why did Sam never wonder? Bobby creates holy water sprinklers. A lot of this ep makes no sense in the light of season 4. Hellhounds kill Dean. Sam sniffles and then in season 4 wasn’t glad to get his brother back. Dean goes to hell.

This was good but I really dislike the angel storyline, this show has evolved so far past its original premise.
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