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Movie Review: The Pure Hell Of St Trinian's (1960)

George Cole, Sid James and Dennis Price star in this latest entry in the franchise. For a series of films about a GIRLS' school, men dominate. The entire school is up before the highest criminal court in the land for burning down their school.

The students have ongoing detertermination to be bad. There are more creepy pervy goings on, a 'Lolita' joke and the spiv flash Harry hangs out with underage girls unchallenged. The dreaded school goes on a roadtrip, there is talk of Baghdad university and quality is unachievable. There are predatory relationships and people claim teen girls make their lives a misery. This is creepy not appealingly playful.

When you think about it, this franchise has sexism, racism and sheer nastiness and in this film: more attempted sex trafficking. This was fundamentally flawed.

Best Lines:

“This appalling school.”

“This blasted school.”

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