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Fringe Season 2 Ep 5 Review

Dream Logic

Olivia and her Yoda git do stuff. I can’t stand the Yoda git. A man has murderous hallucinations and then has flickering eyeballs; the eyeballs thing is never explained. Peter and Walter move into their new house.

Agent Kashner babysits Walter and ends up being experimented on. Walter has no ethics whatsoever. A sleep researcher is stealing dreams via biochips. Peter tells Olivia he used to have terrible nightmares every night until Walter trained him out of it. So for over ten years, Peter doesn’t remember his dreams.

Olivia mourns Charlie. Nobody is dissecting the shape shifter. Olivia saves the day via a sudden deduction. In the final scenes, Peter dreams. Is it of his abduction or something unpleasant about his true father? When he wakes up, Walter is worried. He knows what Peter was dreaming out. If Peter was dreaming about his adduction it is clear that he remembers what happened but Walter has brainwashed him to dismiss it as bad dreams. That’s sick. When the truth comes out not only will Walter have driven Peter away, again, but the revelation will destroy his relationship with his fake son.

This was dull apart from the Peter dream and final scene. Of note in the young Peter’s bedroom there is a poster of the space shuttle Challenger which shows that in the other reality its fate may have been different.

Best Lines:
“Once you get used to the smell it’s really quite something.”

“I screamed like a little girl.”
“I’m sure that went over well with the rest of the passengers.”
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