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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'VE75 Liberation' promo

“Spared no enemy.”

'I Know This Much Is True' promo


'Motherland: Fort Salem' 1x09 promo


'Becky' trailer

Kevin James is a nazi. Okay then.

'Families Of The Mafia' promo


'Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity' issue 4 is out?!?! How?!?!

I knew people who had an avocado bathroom suite.

The 'Miss Marple' ep 'They Do It With Mirrors' was a lesser ep.

I didn't see the disastrous, heart ripping ending of my relationship coming. Nor my ex's machinations of indidelity and his lack of insight, interority or lack of emotion or introspection or response. My ex cannot or does not want to communicate, even now. I'm not his priority. Suddenly being ignored isn't pleasant. I feel emptiness and abandonment.

So has 'Star Trek: Picard' made the 'Star Trek: Titans' novels non-canon?

I'd try lahmacun and paak and chocolate almond cake and sourdough toast with dark chocolate and a soft set chocolate ganache with a salted caramel glacage.

RIP The Northside People and The Southside People.

Who saw 'Diner' or 'American Graffiti'?

Who read 'Carrie's War' or 'Stig Of The Dump'?

'Dateline' Quotes:

“The horror they wrought.”

“In search of direction and purpose.”

“Circus of weird.”

“Media frenzy, 1969.”

“Free life.”

“This I'd rather not discuss.”

“Weird homicide.”

“Out of her mind crazy.”

'Robin And Marian' quotes:

“What enemy? There are so many.”

“Have you ever tried to fight a legend?”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Risked their lives to make ours possible.”

“Victory that shaped modern Britian.”

“Loves to look back when it suits.”

'Kong: Skull Island' Quote:

“Were they ever good?”

'VE Day 75' Quotes:

“Moment of rejoicing.”

“A great deliverance.”

“Take up new roles and skills.”

“The end distant, the outcome uncertain.”

“The cause was right.”

“That terrible conflict.”

“Died so that we could live as free people.”

'Star Trek' Quote:

“Disaster beacon.”

“War uncounted years ago.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Crowd diseases.”

“Too late in a lot of cases.”

“Community farms.”

“Expunge those apocalyptic scenes.”

“Aesthetic mission.”

“The likelihood having come to pass and our experience of dealing with it.”

“Miserable 1950s expectations of what their lives could be.”

“Accepted historical consensus.”

“Concerned with self-preservation.”

“Lasting image.”

“Did not brook opposition.”


“Unity of purpose.”

“A disreputable occupation.”

“Pages of the diary which had not been eaten by the rats.”

“Completely alone without a single supporter...”

“Remain unchallenged.”

“Publish provocative letters to powerful dignitaries under his own name.”

“(Apparently) simple ideas.”

“Unviable form of protection.”

“Generational trauma.”

“A related failure.”

“Retain a modicum of personal liberty,”

“Carried the fate of freedom.”

“Elaborate plans.”

“Famine-era reputation.”

“You have to have a weapon on you at all times,”

“Place themselves at the centre of the drama.”

“Prompted all sorts of dire predicitons.”

“Smoking like a focking gorse fire.”

“What the fock is going on under my own roof?”

“Intergeneratioanl moments.”

“Rigorously thought-through modus operandi.”

“The child you will never sire.”

“Welcomed at least one maniac into the Oval Office.”

“Lives that have changed utterly in just weeks.”

“Doesn't know what the future holds for her.”

“If you want me for something, just text me the details and I'll decide if it's important enough for me to come downstairs.”

“She's doing it because she wants people to think she's a good person...she's doing it for Likes and Reposts on Instagram.”

“Not expecting an answer.”

“Idea of a international tale was to have a gig in England.”

“Legend in his own head...”

“A lot of journalists use side doors in interviews.”

“A terrible clique. There are certain people who are trendy and cool, and certain people who are not...”

“The media have never been popular with me.”

“Sooner or later, in one way or another, it will end.”

“Challenged accepted notions of fashion and taste of the time.”

“Seeks out ridiculous situations and beer (mainly beer).”

“Having your map eaten by a deer.”

“Not like that other hussy from up the road.”

“Classist unfairness.”

“Enemy of all progress.”

“Tourist-focused business.”

“At higher risk than usual of encountering normal people.”

“Share an opinion with you.”

“Personally curated motivational soundtrack of the movie starring you.”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“Bore me so more.”


“Shouty guy on our rowing team.”

“We did not establish what 2 coughs means.”

“Charge me a stalking fee.”

“Something exciting's happening at the church.”

“Bring out the piety.”

“You did not do well today.”

'Snapped' Quotes:

“Terror stalks its fields.”

“Darker forces at work.”

WB Yeats Quote:

“For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand.”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“Less intelligent, less trustworthy and less likeable.”

“Cliched piece of middle-class clutter,”

“Live in constant contact and constant fear, guessing at Henry's moods and each other's machinations.”

“Rising social pressure.”

“Millennial, Narcissist Swine.”

“Self-styled citizen activists have used drones to monitor spaces.”

“Disapproving comments.”

“Crisis mode.”

“Intellectually easy...”

“Alarming insight into the motivations of prosecutors who are, at times, desperate just to see someone, anyone pay.”

“Attempted to run him over in a car, leading to fist-fight between his father and the driver.”

“Turned supposed master criminal.”

“Failed by the people around him.”

“Talents to please difficult masters frames a disquieting complicity.”

“Disconcerting remains an unapologetic supporter.”

“Reclusedom forced upon her.”

“Adoring paean.”

“Intended to shock.”

“Gratefully remember.”

“Artless groupie.”

“Covertly imposing their worldview.”

“Most loyal allies.”

“Hauled out of his baffled parents' house.”

“Hauled up on charges befitting of a Bond villain.”

“The broader consequences of his actions.”

“Seemingly unable to understand how much trouble he is in.”

“Domestic hygiene.”

“Rise and reign.”

“Distressed by its absence from the modern childhood.”

“Cast out again.”

“Even the paranoid can have real enemies.”

“No legal conequence.”


“Sole means of revenge.”

“Comforts and sustains.”

“Commands his dire and respect.”

“Instruments of ambitious men.”

“In fierce competition.”

“They barter their virginity and fertility for favour and safety, only ever as free as their husbands, fathers and rulers permit.”

“An aide hoveirng out of sight carrying the things you might need.”

“Prohibited zone.”

“Promising more than it delivers.”

“Basking in the attention of the media.”

“A less than subtle signal of intent.”

“Braced for a betrayal.”

“Unlikely that department stores will ever regain the place they long held in the US consciousness.”

'American Housewife' Quotes:

“Loser talk.”

“Are you popular at school? I can't tell.”

'Daybreakers' Quotes:


“So's walking aorund without a pulse, but here you are.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Reflexively negative way of talking about her.”

“The less impressive person...”

“Blur into insignificance.”

“Finds her unlikeable.”

“Evil was more convincingly passed off as good.”

“Appalled by the regime he serves.”

“A romanticised, nostalgic and unrealistic take on country life.”

“A new kid in class whose strategy was to make a name for himself by picking as many pointless playground fights as possible.”

“Means every rant sincerely.”

“Enemy of the country.”

“Sauntering around on TV in sunglasses.”

“People's patience with celebrities.”

“You put seeds in the ground, weather happens and food grows.”

“A constant dribble of socialism coming from Radio 4.”

“The court of public opinion.”

“Showed them goodwill.”

“They won't take our help.”

“To say we were furious is an understatement.”

“Stands in the spotlight of history.”

“I am not someone who particularly likes other people.”

Watched more 'Star Trek The Animated Series' eps:

'More Tribbles, More Troubles': Kirk sounds bored, Sulu is there and Klingons annoy. Uhura mumbles about “robot ships”. Klingons wear purple and I don't see this ep as a particular achievement. Jones shows up with pink tribbles. This was not crap.

What rank is Bones? He was an Admiral by the 'TNG' era. Klingons, tribbles and grain – it is Scotty's worst nightmare. There is no security and no growing sense of fear. There are ugly theories and a serious and rapid deterioration in safety. Klingons engage in a deliberate policy of harm. There is no harsh and painful reality. Klingons have violence and aggression. Kirk is depicted as a redhead.

Best Lines:

“Could always throw rocks.”

“Ram the Klingon ship!”

“Could always throw tribbles at them.”

“Seems logical.”

“Thank you.”

“It is not a request.”

'The Survivor': Kirk asserts himself constantly. A missing man with a mustache shows up. McCoy mentions his daughter. Spock is on about identity tapes. McCoy is hostile and the man is a famous trader. McCoy always seems to be coldly furious (which was finally explained in 'Star Trek V').

Things are not ethically complex. The man is actually an alien pretending to be the man. Nurse Chapel has big hair. The ship heads for the neutral zone and nobody exchanges pleasantries and the man attacks McCoy. The man deters any attempt at communication.

This was slightly soul destroying. Kirk sounds increasingly detached. This is a remnant of the past. Kirk challenges a biobed to a fight. The alien is a shapeshifter. McCoy has sceptical wryness. The man/alien attacks Kirk, McCoy and Spock. The Romulans show up and want to seize and impound the Enterprise. M'Ress lurks. This was egregious and Kirk exclaims in near horror. There is no creative ambiguity and this tries for solemn and grand. McCoy's accent was thicker than ever in his 'TNG' cameo in 'Encounter At Farpoint'.

Best Lines:

“Commanding this vessel.”

“Rescued a living legend.”

“His word is considered good.”

“You are a man of curious habits but I have never known you to nap on the laboratory floor.”

“Jim's talking to a table.”

“Deceit as a way of life.”


'Once Upon A Planet': the crew go back to the Shore Leave palent. It's turned hostile and dangerous. Alice, the white rabbit, a dragon and other things run around. This was heinous and there are unpleasant consequences. The planet can't be trusted to behave. This was pretty bleak.

Best Lines:

“Female started shouting.”

“Content to amuse.”

“Sky machine.”

'The Ambergris Element': there are aqua shuttles on the Enterprise. Kirk and Spock go missing and turn up as fish people. McCoy has a medical log and McCoy builds them a tank to live in. How can they speak? They have webbed fingers and Kirk has resolution. Mer people lurk. This was an absolute chaotic disaster. This was not new or thrilling. Kirk is unabashedly macho and has flamboyant showmanship. There are amoral vicious enemies and this was risible. There are petty insults and vindictiveness. Only McCoy calls Kirk by his first name on a regular basis. This was a pallid non-entity. There are no daunting obstacles. Kirk and Spock find unrotted paper from under the sea. There is ill fortune and Kirk talks in pompus fashion. This was a moral mistake.

Best Lines:

“Go away air breathers.”

“Nothing will save you again.”

“Airbreather enemies from the surface.”

“Surface places.”

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