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Stumptown 1x02 + Batwoman 1x07 Reviewed

Missed Connections
This was not thrilling or riveting, it was rather absurd. There is a flashback and there is no unshowy competence. Dex has an uncompromising attitude and irritates just about everyone. This was not an emotional drama. This was full of horrible people. I'm done.

Tell Me The Truth

Alice continues her deranged malice and TPTB do a flashback to retcon Sophie's catastrophic decision. Sophie causes burning irritation. Jacob is more concerned with himself than Alice or his bitch wife. Jacob is incomprehensibly idiotic. Sophie stole Kate's Crows job and threatens to tell Jacob who Batwoman is. Sophie is appalling and cruelly pathetic. She doesn't regret anything.

This is not an enticing insight into Sophie. Where is Robin? Why isn't Robin mentioned as someone Batman trusted? Luke bores and Sophie's capricious nature is noted by her useless husband. She's a liar. Some bint named Julia Pennyworth shows up. The ruthlessly cruel Catheirne is awful with inexhaustible zeal. She left Beth in the hands of lunatics and tried to kill her, she has not a word of apology.

Sophie is antagonising and hypomaniac and she has pretentiousness and narcissim. Her relationship with morality and truth is tenuous. Sophie is all twisted malignity and makes no sincere attempt to behave benignly and is an arch-hypocrite and attracts a scorn that is supersized. There is no grace or subtlety. Sophie is deliberately ambitious and there is no goodwill or patience.

This is not an addictively witty narrative and it isn't compelling, audacious or brilliant. Jacob is awful. There is no urban dislocation. Sophie has preposterousness that evokes hostility. There is no nostalgic trip down memory lane. There are no serious splits, tensions or divisions. Sophie causes resentments. Tyler is turgid and catatonia inducing.

Kate has impudent defiance. Will Mary go away? She's hypnotically inane. Catherine is toxic and unedifying and full of poisonous arguments. Sophie is awful and doesn't put any effort in despite TPTB calling an audible in the writing room to retcon her crap. Sophie isn't how Kate wanted her to be. Catherine is awful. Who gives Alice orders? This loses all sense of narrative drive. This ep was absurd triviality.

Best Lines:

“Married a woman who preyed on his grief and convinced him I was crazy.”

“Degenerate sinners.”

“Trust be damned.”

“Delicious family drama.”

“I'm not judging his chocies.”

“Cadet Kane doesn't go here anymore.”

“As smart as she is unforgiving.”

“Chose my future over her.”

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